CMO says store for second dose, Cabinet says continue vaccinations


CABINET NOTES: The Chief Medical Officer (CMO), the Principal Nursing Officer (PNO), The Director of the MSJMC Laboratory, the Person On Staff who has Responsibility for Organizing (POSRO) the services at the vaccine centers, and the Director General of Information (DGI) were all invited to Cabinet to provide updates and to be questioned by the Cabinet.

i. The CMO informed that 852 Covid-19 cases have been recorded in the state thus far; while 74 cases were detected in January 2021, 545 cases were detected in February 2021, and 75 cases thus far in the ten days of March 2021. The number of infections is not decreasing, the CMO reported. Obeying the protocols is a first step in decreasing infections, especially the wearing of masks.

ii. More than 18,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine have been injected in the arms of the elderly, teachers, hotel workers and other select groups since February 17, 2021, when the first dose was administered; only 22,000 doses remain in stock. AstraZeneca is a two dose vaccine; and, since 40,000 doses were imported, and since no precise date for delivery of a second batch of the AstraZeneca is fixed, the CMO proposed that one half of the total be stored so that the second dose can be on hand to be administered in May and in June 2021.

iii. The Cabinet debated this important proposal and decided otherwise. Seven to ten thousand additional doses will continue to be applied, with the expectation that at least 14,000 doses will be secured through COVAX of PAH0/WHO by the end of April 2021. Antigua and Barbuda has contracted and paid COVAX for 40,000 doses; the AstraZeneca is in very high demand globally.

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  1. Ok… what if COVAX does not come through on time with the promised supply of vaccines. Doe it mean that the persons who had gotten the first jab will have to start the process all over again.
    Though the government has gotten monetary donations from bank and businesses to purchase vaccines, it is pellucid that demand presently is far greater than supply and hence there is no guarantee that one can purchase vaccines at will. Or maybe the rich family may be able to use their status and get some just as it has done previously.
    Let us watch how this plays out. It is a tedious storyline that merits careful and meticulous maneuvering.

    Government should let the medical professionals do their work though. Allow the science to function.

  2. I thought the herd was suppose to listen to the experts and follow the science…..

    So it’s actually ok not to take expert advice, thank you Mr PM for leading from the front and letting the herd know the expert’s advice is not perfect.

  3. New developments: Both Austria and Denmark have suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccines. Appears like other countries are doing the same.

    We need to watch this space as more countries are becoming cautious about this particular vaccine.

    • It is reported that the reason for the suspension is that the vaccine is believed to cause blood clots. How is the government going to be dealing with this situation? A wise decision would be to hold off on further vacations with AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine and save what is on hand for a second dose if the issue is cleared up. More of this vaccine may not be available. This vaccine may be suspended worldwide. The government needs to keep abreast of this situation.
      Why is the cabinet not listening to the CMO. Do these people ever take professional advice, or do they think they have superior knowledge on everything including medical issues. I know who the ring leader is.

  4. Well that’s surprising. Politicians hearing advice from the educated professional experts of a particular field and deciding to do the opposite of what they say. This is so unusual. NOT!!!!!!!

  5. Cabinet are a bunch of clowns!! I promise you that if it comes time for my second dose and there is none because these jackasses gave it all out in first doses, I will do what I have never done before and vote against the ABLP!! How in the world do politicians know better than the medical experts? Cabinet says they “expect” Covax to provide the second doses? What if it does not come through in time or at all? Then we are ALL back to square one with the vaccines weakening and wearing off. What a set of jackasses who think they know better than the medical experts. SMH

  6. If no more Oxford is available for second doses or there is not enough to give everyone a second dose, I do not want to see anyone in Cabinet getting a second dose before any member of the general public. If those members of cabinet can make such a stupid decision then they should not be eligible for the second dose if there is a shortage as a result of their foolish decision.

  7. Maybe they plan to mix the astrazenica with whatever other vaccine they receive. I hope they realize people are adamant about receiving the second dose from astrazenica

  8. I was having this discussion with a few friends a few days ago and I was telling them that I was in disagreement with the government because at the time it was being said that they were going to store 20,000 doses of vaccine while waiting on further vaccine to arrive.

    I am glad to see that the position has been adjusted.

    Why would I store 20000 doses of vaccine when 20,000 persons have acquired ‘some level of efficacy’ when 60,000 persons (for who choose to take it) are ‘left without any efficacy whatsoever’?

    That makes no sense to me.

    It is true that the first 20,000 persons would want to complete their program, but they have gotten some level of efficacy when a majority would not have and remains totally exposed.

    I don’t see this as any disrespect to the ‘technicians’. The technician’s job is to advise the Cabinet. I stress ADVISE. That is just Real Talk.

    It is the Cabinet who ultimately makes the final decision. Real Talk again.

    If for whatever reason, the people agree or disagree with the performance of the Cabinet, then the people know what to do when the opportunity arises.

    I hope and Pray that we will be able to acquire the vaccines we need on a timely schedule but when I look at the big picture, in my humble opinion, the interest of the majority is ultimate.

    • @Beef
      Use the 40K of AZ for 40k of the hero’s first dose,
      COVAX delivers 20k doses of AZ,
      100k doses was requested from China?

      Additionally Cuba and Russia is expected to join the party please explain this adhoc decision, thank you.

  9. Moderna vaccine clearly impacts critical thinking ability in the PM.
    Without an on-time second jab of same AstraZeneca risk is high for mutations creating more deadly and/or efficacious transmission = trouble, more LOCKDOWNS, more red-listings, more economic pain down the road.
    Lawd help us if an ANTIGUAN VARIANT is named, as that will be the kiss of death to the tourist dollar for a long time to come.

    PM do not come with some crap about having Sinopharm as the second shot for current first-jab AstraZeneca people – that is downright disrespectful mister 2x Moderna. Remember, many of currently vaccinated people were hesitant and medical community did great job of explaining… but it won’t wash if you change the goal posts against medical advice. Who the hell you think you are?

    The first 5,000 Frontline workers are due their second AstraZeneca around mid May and from 21st May onwards the public who were vaccinated’ from March 1 onwards are due their second jab. We expect PRUDENCE in light of GLOBAL shortage of AstraZeneca in our elected officials decision making to ensure our peace of mind. No fudging or delaying.

    MISTER PM , SIR HEALTH & your merry band have today caused a NATIONAL surge in hypertension by your fooley words – RECANT NOW!

    Hold 20,000 for second jabs!
    Work hard to procure more AstraZeneca landed here! (Don’t count on it til it’s at VCBIA)
    Work hard to make good on your chat of different vaccines being delivered & approved for use in Antigua!

    • The uk just reported than An Antiguan variant must discovered in two individuals who recently visited Antigua. What is next?

  10. Hummm…there’s not half of the doses left anyway!!! Don’t forget the government already gave 5,000 doses away to another island. So with a bit of math, half has already gone.
    Trouble ahead

    • And what about the 5000 that they got from the Dominica govrnment does the not balance it out🤔

  11. The uk just reported than An Antiguan variant was discovered in two individuals who recently visited Antigua. What is next?

  12. In the above picture.Are those persons waiting to be vaccinated.If so,they are not social distanced.By the way.What is Molwyn Joseph doing there.Is he micro managing the process.Is it a photo op.I went and got my 2 Moderna shots.I did not even see the shadow of a politician there.All Medical persons and other volunteers.Them politicians inna Antigua always wants to be in the front and center of most things.

  13. Comments from one article about countries stopping use of AZ, and here concern over second dose.
    Possibly those countries who have halted AZ use will sell that stock to us.

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