CMO gets the first dose of Oxford/ AstraZeneca Vaccine

Dr Rhonda Sealey Thomas receives COVID AZ vaccine (February 17)

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Rhonda Sealey-Thomas became the first medical official to take the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine in Antigua & Barbuda.


Dr. Sealey received the vaccine at a public event at Mount St. John’s Medical Center on Wednesday morning.


“I want to say thank you to the nurse who administered the vaccine. I barely felt the stick,” the CMO said after receiving the vaccine”.


“I hope that this will serve to encourage members of the population to get vaccinated. It’s the final public health measure. One of the most important public health measures that will control COVID-19”, she added.


The CMO also encouraged the public to “continue to practice social distancing, wearing of our masks and obeying the protocols but I encourage everyone, please, get vaccinated. We’re not protected until all of us would have been vaccinated.”


The CMO’s vaccination marked the start of the government’s vaccination programme utilizing 5000 doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine, which the Dominican government donated.


Frontline workers including doctors, nurses and police officers were selected to be a part of the first batch of recipients for the vaccine.

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  1. This should have been Gaston Browne being the first to publicly take the Astra Zeneca vaccine for all Antiguans and Barbudans to see. Instead, he chose to take the vaccine like a thief in the night and tell not a soul. Now that he has been called out, he is making stupid statements about “sovereignty” over his body and health. Well done, CMO, for setting a good example. Show the PM how it is done. Gaston surely has no clue.

    • If you ever look at his Facebook page, it’s pretty obvious.

      Very devious though like narcissists tend to be.

  2. Minister of Health. Your arm is up next. Unless you were apart of the clandestine operation to be vaccinated with the moderna brand.

    • TABOR
      Well, well, well, whatever you have against gaston Browne cant be healthy for you. You have to let it go before the envy and jealousy consumes you.

      • J.T.Gotten have you ever heard the saying that “a guilty mind needs no accuser”. Is Gaston Browne the only politician in Antigua and Barbuda? What envy and jealousy would I have against Gaston Browne? One is expecting that even the Minister of Health would be closely following the CMO to further allay the fears of many in the society.

        • Come on Tabor…….J.T baited you and you took it hook, line and sinker. Don’t sink to their levels. Rise above that man. Let them wallow in the mud alone.

          I expect better from you next time…..

    • Tabor I know you spew a lot of nonsencical so called legal arguments here on the website, but I never expected you to go on the radio and do this for the entire nation to hear you. Any way you are a pretty sad case for a bush lawyer. Do you really understand what powers a government has under the state of emergency?

  3. Yet the dictator and traitor Gaston takes Moderna. Another blaring example he is only in it for himself and not Antigua. The dictator and traitor only continues to use us the people as his personal bank account and those who vote him in are good with that. The sooner dictator and traitor Gaston is removed from office the better Antigua will be. There are many others who need to be removed too but we have to start somewhere.


    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?

  4. @ TABOR

    Tabor when are you going to take the vaccine ? I agree with J.T GOTTEN.You are always minding People’s business and not yours. This is a Pandemic. Tabor take the vaccine and leave Others alone. Hon. Gaston Browne took His vaccine already. That is what in your UPP CRAW.


    Why don’t you mind your own DAMN business. Hon Gaston Browne does whatever He feels. Hope you take the vaccine and SHUT UP.

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