CMO concerned about coming flu season

Chief Medical Officer Dr Rhonda Sealey Thomas

Pointe Express: Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Rhonda Sealy-Thomas has said that she is very concerned about the upcoming influenza season in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sealy-Thomas said the flu season occurs annually and added that its symptoms, which are similar to COVID-19, include fever, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath.

According to the CMO, she foresees that clinicians will be challenged when faced with determining whether a patient has influenza or the coronavirus.

The CMO is urging the public to get vaccinated against the flu in order to assist healthcare professionals in diagnosing the flu and COVID-19.

“Flu is seasonal and every year there is a different flu vaccine and if persons would have been vaccinated against the influenza then clinicians would more than likely be convinced that symptoms being exhibited are related to COVID-19,” Sealy-Thomas said.

“So what we have planned to do and started the process is to increase the amount of influenza vaccines that we get into Antigua and Barbuda, and try as much as possible to vaccinate most of the population so that they would be immunized against influenza, so if a person shows up with symptoms of the flu or COVID then clinicians would be able to differentiate if it is flu or COVID.”

She is encouraging persons to continue to follow the protocols which have been put in place to protect against the coronavirus.

These include hand washing, making sure surfaces are clean, wearing masks and physical and social distancing, all of which protect against the influenza virus as well.

“But we are encouraging you more now as we get into the flu season to do that even more,” the CMO advised.

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  1. Don’t worry, the fooly people will wear their masks under their noses and COVID will take good care of them.

  2. Covid will still get the blame for the normal flu. People need to realize what is happening their motive is pushing for a mandatory vaccine . People are still dying from other ailments or sickness but covid has been magnified. Diabetes, cancer, Aids, heart attack, asthma people die from daily, we are not informed every time and put up a board that reflects the death of these other sickness. People tend to fear of the unknown, worrying about virus ,Dont Worry! Research for food that build your immune system and start building your immune system that is how your body will fight off alot of sickness. We were wonderfully made in past for the present and future the Almighty foresee all the destruction of man and create ways for healing in the herbs of the field, but man try to tamper with the creations to destroy, divide and provide vaccine as the cure . Man create the problem and try find a solution for enrichment and population control.

  3. The #FluSeason has morphed into #AllYear Flu.
    Everything is now COVID-19 related.
    You can’t even enjoy a good meal with some hot pepper sauce, and burp, to remove the gas from your stomach.
    The whole room/restaurant looks at you, like👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀a #Tsunami is coming out of your mouth!

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