CMO announces standardized program for those who are infected by the Covid variants

Dr Rhonda Sealey-Thomas

Cabinet Notes:

The CMO and her Deputy announced a standardized program for those who are infected by the Covid variants.


Persons who are positive for COVID-19 should remain in isolation for 7 days.


Once asymptomatic on the 5th, 6th and 7th days, they can be released from isolation with a negative rapid antigen test.


If the test is positive, they should remain in isolation for a further 3 days until the 10th day when they are released without a test.


For those who are not positive and are in quarantine, the duration of quarantine is as follows:

Unvaccinated 14 days


Fully vaccinated 10 days


Fully vaccinated with a booster 7 days


The CMO informed that 15 additional samples have shown that the Omicron variant is present in Antigua and Barbuda, and children are infected.


At least 1,000 active cases of Covid are being treated in Antigua and Barbuda.

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    • Exactly… I have to wonder and ask myself what is so wrong with the unvaccinated people, were these people not once unvaccinated 10 – 15 years ago? What has changed now? Oh yh I forgot divide and conquer, but what they put pan paper don’t make no logic sense. You can really see the snake head rising so quickly, just remember you have families too you people that is in government. Where is Mr. Speaker to speak you not hearing him, I don’t know why he doesn’t come out and speak truth.

  1. Meanwhile, a study done in Japan just showed that omicron infection persists longer than previous versions of COVID, likely due to its increased resistance to the immune system.. Maybe they should try reading actual journal studies instead of just coming up with BS pulled out of their rear end. Resolution of a Covid infection has no standard timeframe, it varies from person to person… that IS the science. If it was that simple, the dashboard would be showing far larger numbers of resolved infection on a daily basis. Yet you want to let people just walk off without a test after 10 days? Just ASSUME that they’re not infectious any more? Are you people crazy?? Didn’t you hear that omicron is likely the result of someone with a weakened immune system being infected for several months, with the virus reemerging from that person to cause today’s Covid mayhem? This is precisely how you create the next omicron. SMH

      • The time frame being used is merely based on a desire to protect economics rather than based on science. Omicron is significantly different from Delta. The severity and extent of the infection is not equal in everyone and our immune systems are not equal. There’s even variability by age group that’s being ignored. Degree of symptoms has nothing to do with ones ability to spread this virus because most infected people don’t even have any symptoms. That’s why our dashboard still has most of the people who got infected well over ten days ago still on there – symptoms diminished or gone but they’re still shedding the virus. Infection process is not something that can be rubber stamped, especially when you’re dealing with multiple variants. In the real world people suffer setbacks and relapses which stretch out the disease beyond any timeframe you can come up with. A group of infected people isolating together can reinfect each other and extend the time taken for each to clear the virus. These are the reasons why you test and keep testing. The bottom line is that there are many variables that have not been taken into account. You can’t solve this problem by pretending it’s the flu or that it will become like the flu.

        • An infection from a virus will be infectious/ transmissible during the replication phase and a short while after that. You don’t remain infectious throughout the entire disease process. A positive test after a certain period does not mean you are infectious. You can test positive for covid 3-6 months after infection but that would just be dead neucleotides. You cannot transmit dead viruses. And the test can’t tell the difference between live or dead viruses. Some people take longer to clear the virus from their system but it does mean they can infect you. Yes, there are some rare instances where some infectious process lasts a little longer but that’s the exception – not the rule.

        • Let me clarify that I’m talking about unvaxxed people. I cannot speak to the workings of the immune system of the vaxxed – as these are not traditional jabs.

    • Omicron has always been around but we’re not certain how bring it out until now they have stepped in their own mess

  2. Typical Marxist approach to problem solving… one size fits all !
    This disease exists in relation to an individual and should be treated as an individual case where everyone is different. Some people are healthy and some are sick, some are young and some are old. Regimented routines won’t cut it….

    Early studies show Omicron appears to be less virulent (Proportionally, fewer of the people who catch it wind up hospitalized or dead.) form of the infection. The antibodies it confers upon the recovered individual will make them immune from further variant infections.
    Omicron MAY end up being a blessing in disguise as it usually has a high survival rate.

    Laboratory rodents infected with Omicron don’t seem to be getting all that sick either, perhaps because the new variant is less adept than Delta at colonizing the lungs, where the wildfire-like inflammation of serious respiratory disease often ignites. Similarly, researchers are finding that Omicron isn’t keen on infecting human tissue extracted from the lung, and may prefer to cloister itself in loftier sites like the throat, Ravindra Gupta, a virologist at the University of Cambridge, said. What happens in a rodent or a plastic dish can’t recapitulate what happens in a human body. But Iwasaki still thinks “there is something intrinsically less virulent about Omicron.”

  3. It is quite interesting to hear from the CMO & other medical professionals of the number of days one should stay in quarentine or isolation if they have become exposed or infected with the virus.. However why aren’t we be told what home remedies we should use while being in such confinement

  4. Exactly… Not one word about natural remedies, all they want is to suck souls. People we ought to use wisdom in these times .

  5. Look pan all them experts ya. Wonder where them get them degree from the university of google or the facebook university

  6. @covidiot
    Sorry for you…. some people we will never be able to save no matter how hard we try.
    Free choice can be a bitch, as some of you are about to discover firsthand.

    • As I said look ah experts wonder where dem get them degree from google university or Facebook collage.

      • You don’t need a degree to be able to take care of the flu. Omicron is the flu — and for some, it’s a bad flu — but that’s nothing new in the winter season.

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