Closing arguments in Michael Browne case on Friday


Former Education Minister and Member of Parliament for All Saints West, Michael Browne, took the stand for the final time on Wednesday in the High Court, as the proceedings into a criminal matter against him winds to an end.

Browne was charged back in November 2020 with a serious criminal offense – which cannot be disclosed for legal reasons – and gave sworn evidence to the court on Monday.

The offense is said to have been committed one month prior to the charges being laid.

In April this year, Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards sent the matter up to the High Court after deciding that there was a prima facie case against Browne, and when the MP pleaded not guilty to the charges in July, the judge-only trial was set for November 26.

The case was adjourned by Justice Colin Williams until this coming Friday, December 10, when both the prosecution and the defense are scheduled to make their closing statements. (DAILY OBSERVER)

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  1. What he accused of? I cannot recall any case EVER going to trial and not knowing anything about the charges. HOW?


    • Stupes y’all sickening with this bs now. The media hype up this case because of who it is and the media knows damn well what the laws says pertaining to this case. But they do it because idiots like u will give them the clicks and likes.

        • The questions you asked in your first post have nothing to do with freedom of speech. If you understood the law then you wouldn’t ask such questions.

    • Yes (certain) politicians are exempt when it comes to certain things. You think you or me could have converted a government gift given under Grant Aid 2008 into a stripper pole bus??? You think the average pickeyhead person could’ve been “gifted” US$500,000.00 if we had cancer??

      • @Smh
        Yes politicians are exempted from certain things. Do you think we could have stolen or attempted to steal millions of dollars from the children’s e-books acquisition and no charges laid? Why are you so one eyed. Our country is being destroyed from corruption. Help us save it.

        • I don’t know of any charges laid in what you’re referring to. I’m aware of a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE who is now a big frontman on radio with Missa Knight. Would you want your 13 year old daughter near him??

          • You are dumber and less knowledgeable than I thought. Or are you pretending to be not knowledgeable when it suits you? Who is paying you to post all the crap?

      • @SMH: You keep talking about Conversion.Have you ever listened to those IHI TAPES? They did speak about the millions of US $$$$.A Senior Minister’s daughter never worked a day in her life.She was able to buy a property in Miami,Florida for US$5 million,according to an episode on those tapes.The people monies converted into their personal accounts,through dummy companies set up by sitting ABLP MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT AND IN THE CABINET.I am not saying that Gaston Browne did partake in the scandal. However,he was in that Administration as a Member of the Kitchen Cabinet.During that time,not one damn word was uttered by Gaston Browne.Did he see corruption and turned a blind eye? Did he hear of corruption and put in ear plugs to curtail his hearing? Did he know that a Company was set up by the name of Bellwood Corporation to wash those dirty laundry US$$$ with Bleach through the Bank of Bermuda? He should be answering those questions.

  2. If you are charged with certain matters under the Laws of the Land. It cannot be revealed until found to be guilty by the Courts. In this and all other cases,we the people know the matter in those cases.

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