Clare Browne expresses disappointment over decision by CXC to delay exams

Clare Browne

Director of Education, Clare Browne has expressed disappointment over the decision by the Caribbean Examinations Council to delay the start of the upcoming CSEC examinations and CAPE. Click here to join our WhatsApp Group.

CXC Registrar and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Wayne Wesley announced a decision of the council to delay the start of the examinations by three weeks, citing concerns over the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the education system.

The examinations are now scheduled to begin on May 23, 2022 and the results expected in late August or September.

There has also been a two-week extension to the June 30 deadline for the submission of School-Based Assessments for both CSEC and CAPE.

Director Browne explained to ABS News schools in Antigua and Barbuda were ready to go ahead based on the initial schedule.

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  1. Is this a serious disposition or just a want-to-look good stance for the rest of the CXC member territories to look on Antigua/Barbuda with some form of jealousy?

    I would think that however prepared our students are; extra time given is always much welcome to facilitate further revision and fine-tuning of essential skills to maximize their potential to be successful at the examinations.

    So I find that the statement from the director of education is really aimed at making a good show to the rest of the Caribbean.

    The director should spend his time in consultation with stakeholders of education to ensure that our students are given fair opportunities for their educational development. An honest diagnosis must be done on the CCSLC programme; which is a failed system that does more harm than good to our students.

    A serious education plan must be implemented in order to provide life skills for our young people; who are not able to maneuver the academic roadmap for CSEC. Too many of our young people are being disappointed by the system that does not cater to their needs.

    So instead of making a fool of yourself by proclaiming that our students are ready for the CSEC and CAPE examinations, you should deal with the basic requirements that should be in place to ensure greater success in the development of the education system in the nation.

  2. I really really hope students will be better served from the next school year onwards.

    The poor planning of CXC council is shocking.
    They knew schools were unable to start this school year in ‘normal, pre pandemic circumstances’ yet they wait until 2 school days before CXC start date to pull this stunt.
    Talk ’bout stress ???
    I’m not buying what the council are selling.
    100% the Chair & councils fault.
    Any normal person with an iota of intelligence & common sense would have set June exam dates before Christmas, so every stakeholder could plan accordingly.
    But we seem to like it so, this last minute crap, and then beat our chests at how thoughtful, mighty & successful we are when we ‘ pull it off’.
    Appalling role modeling for our future leaders & professionals.
    Howabout a shake up at all these educational boards and have some ‘real world’ people participate? Our students & their families may be far better served.

  3. Wha has become of the UPP puppet X-foot jacinta pringle? she can help the dead dog pringle to read and write

  4. I think that this is a good move, some students may have been weakened due to the pandemic
    But their is also a growing concern where some teachers are no applying themselves to help these left behind.SOME JUST DONT CARE HOW OR IF THEY PASS.TOO MUCH YOUNG IMATURE ARROGANT TEACHERS ARE IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS…..
    there is not really a rush if it is benificial to the child

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