CIU denies that PM Browne gave directions to hastily accept Russians for citizenship


The Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU)  rejects completely the untruthful report in the online portal, Real News Antigua, which claims that the Unit has been instructed by Prime Minister Gaston Browne “to proceed with haste, regardless of the state of the due diligence process” to approve Russian applications for Citizenship.

Real News Antigua attributes this malicious story to sources “in Washington” and “in the diaspora”.

No name or agency is identified or quoted by Real News Antigua because,  in reality, they do not exist. The story is evidently contrived by Real News Antigua for unscrupulous purposes.

The CIU dismisses the fanciful allegation that it has been instructed by the  Prime Minister or any other policy official to discard due diligence processes, which it staunchly applies to all applicants.

The CIU maintains strict and unwavering procedures by its in-house team of compliance specialists, in conjunction with international due diligence providers, and global law enforcement agencies.

These procedures are mandatory, and no exceptions are made.

The Citizenship by Investment Unit is unwavering in its protection of the jurisdictional reputation of Antigua and Barbuda, as well as the integrity of the nation’s passport.

In this connection, we deplore this deliberate attempt by Real News Antigua to sully the good name of the CIU and its staff.

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  1. Sadly, our Prime Minister is an utter FANTASIST and continually puts Antigua & Barbuda in increasing harm at home and now internationally as well.


    If, as he says he loves his country, then the best thing for Gaston Browne is to step-down and RESIGN forthwith, so that we can find someone capable (like a Mia Mottley type – that the world respects), who will lookout for ALL autochthonous citizens interest and well-being.

    Gaston’s policies and politics have hit rock-bottom, and his leadership is becoming more and more untenable – Antiguans deserves better!

  2. … And furthermore, if Gaston Browne’s acolytes and sycophants think that I’m being to harsh on their idol, Brixtonian has another brilliant idea for them to consider, as they love he so much.

    Here goes:

    If Gaston steps down, you can make him your king👑 then you’ll not only continue to worship him, but also you can build some sort of Obelisk 🗿or shrine 🥸 to show your love for his BROKEN PROMISES to the country as well!

    Kaboom 💥 mi ah tell unna …

  3. Antigua stopped accepting Russian CIP applicants due to the Ukraine war and then Cabinet agreed to resume accepting Russian CIP applicants in spite of the Ukraine war and sanctions. Gaston did not know about this resumption? Hmmmm….

  4. Just so you guys know – I am currently in the process of obtaining Antigua and Barbuda citizenship through the CIU – it is a very long and precise process. I am not even joking – I had to submit around 200 pages of paper work to pass the due diligence checks. Even then – there is more clarification that they need. I just want to say that the CIU is a good tool for Antigua and Barbuda – they take their job very seriously and that makes me even prouder to one day be able to call this twin island state my true home.

    God bless Antigua and Barbuda

    • The due diligence in your application is correct @ Future Antiguan, that’s why autochthonous Antiguans are very angry and want answers about the Africans being trafficked into our country recently.

      We have no problems with people following the due process in becoming citizens, however, we don’t want the country becoming a human dumping ground for any illegals.

      • I am very much not a fake – I am a person that loves Antigua and Barbuda. I see it as my home – I want to watch to develop and grow throughout my life time.

        I have invested my time and money into this country because I truly believe in it and it’s people.

        My only intention is to contribute to Antiguan and Barbadian society and bring in my skills and experiences to improve the quality of as many of my fellow citizens lives as possible.

        I have experienced racism all over the world – but Antigua and Barbuda is special – the culture there feeds off of ambition and motivation. I want to see it become what Malta is to Europe – at least I will do all that is in my power to contribute to its development.

  5. Russian don’t needed in Antigua and Barbuda they or war head they kill Soo many Ukrainian family and chidl
    Including nabour country Belarus

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