City South Residents Oppose the Nomination of MP Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin for a National Award


Increasing numbers of residents in St. John’s City South are opposing the nomination of their parliamentary representative, Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin, for knighthood.

A petition to the National Honours and Award Committee from constituents now in circulation, outlines grave concerns about the bestowal of the highest national honor to Benjamin.

Residents cite the MP’s alleged involvement in nefarious activities, charges of criminal conduct, bad advice provided to the government and poor representation of the people, as the main reasons why the nomination should be rescinded.

Residents are particularly outraged that a national honor would even be considered in light of current poor conditions throughout the constituency.

Under Benjamin’s 30-year tenure as the representative, residents claim that their standard of living has deteriorated and the city of St. John’s has fallen into a state of disrepair.


“What we allow is what will continue. Benjamin’s consistent and troubling track record for over thirty years, render him unfit for this national recognition. By honoring Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin we would be rewarding bad performance and reinforcing a culture of entitlement. This sets a poor example for our constituents, particularly our youth. It also cheapens the concept of national service and erodes our national pride,” said Onekha Elvin, UPP Branch Chair for St. John’s City South.

Residents are encouraged to sign the petition to express their disapproval to the National Honours and Awards Committee about bestowing the honorable title of “Sir” on Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin.


To sign the petition, contact

Onekha Elvin at 771-1865/ 723-7958

O’Neal Elvin 784-9968

Mervyn Richards  772-2022

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  1. It’s my understanding that the Attorney General’s nomination for the nation’s top honour has been approved by the Nomination Committee. If the constituents did not approve their petition should have been submitted before the Committee began it’s deliberations to decide. The public should pay attention to get what they want.

    • You’re wrong- there was a petition was sent along with the nomination documents to the honors committee. These 3 upp supporters I just 3 disgruntled people living in the constituency; upp’s radio personality “theEagle” 2 children (one a ghost worker in Government) and the other a troubled boy, the 3rd person is a failed upp candidate that unsuccessfully ran against the Honorable Steadroy Benjamin soon to be Sir Steadroy Cutie Olivero Benjamin.
      The three of you should now go get Franz and lay down beside it.

      • @Jahwa
        You ought to be ashamed of yourself to even be in support of Cutie. I struggled terribly to make sense of what you wrote but I guess the last bit tells me that you are in fact applauding this decision of his Knighthood since you made a point of calling his full government name. Have you no NATIONAL PRIDE?? ANTIGUA IS NOW NOTHING MORE THAN THE CARIBBEAN LAUGHING STOCK at the way we have been doing a lot of things lately. Other than him being in Politics for more than 30yrs WHAT ARE HIS ACHIEVEMENTS?? WHY SHOULD THIS HONOR BE BESTOWED UPON HIM?? GASTON BROWNE NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND HE IS NOT RUNNING HIS HOUSEHOLD SO THESE DECISIONS NEED CAREFUL CONSIDERATION AND NOT JUST HIM PATTING COLLEAGUES ON THE BACK FOR YEARS IN POLITICS. 42yrs of INDEPENDENCE and we just seem to be trodding backward sometimes even being stagnant causing us to be as stink as St.John’s City oh dear that’s CUTIES CONSTITUENCY isn’t it?? You within your heart (if you even have one) can look around St John’s and want cutie to be knighted?? You look at the CORRUPT RPFAB and tell me u would in good conscience say yes to cutie being knighted. Ah hope he fall dung when he step up to go get the honor bestowed. A NATIONAL DISGRACE IS WHAT HE IS!!

  2. How is it that for 30 years the standard of living has deteriorated and persons voted him back in this year January. If things were so bad in his constituency, he should have been voted out. The math is not adding up tarl

    • @Diamond (that’s not shining very bright)
      ARE YOU SERIOUS??? The more I come on this good book it’s the more I’m amazed at people and their level of thinking. You just born??? Wtf you mean by if the levels have deteriorated so much how people voted him back?? IN CASE YOU NEW TO THIS OR JUST BORN ANTIGUANS VOTE COLOR AND WHO THEM CAN SAY “when me need a likkle ting ah he me can go to”. WE SUFFER FROM THE WILLY LUNCH SYNDROME (look it up, reading is fundamental). Rome could be burning to the ground under Labour and not even piss them can produce to help out the fires REST ASSURED AH LABOUR SUPPORTER WILL VOTE LAYBAAA. Dats why St John’s City South will forever be stink stank stunk because the lowlifes keep CHOOSING the stagnant non-progressing SELFISH politicians in RED. Memba dem say me barn laaayba and me go dead laaayba. Stupid set ah people

  3. This is the typical badmind of the UPP and its operatives on full display. Badmindedness go assassinate ar’you.

    Mervyn, Mervyn, Mervyn…. Mama Gerthel must be turning in her grave to see the way you’re desecrating the family name.

  4. Who put out the petition? Don’t just say residents. I’m soooo tired of us as a nation. When the people we support are not the ones recognized, there’s always an issue. We don’t love our own in thus nation. Politics and gossip rule and not facts! Let us be reminded that whatsoever a man sow, that he also reap.
    When we as adults dig ditches for each other, we must remember our children have to inherit where we live. Remember unto the 3rd and 4th generation. We are too consumed with hate.

    • @hmmmm

      I’m glad you mentioned facts because THE FACTS REMAIN THAT CUTIE IS ENSHROUDED IN SCANDAL AFTER SCANDAL and it is laughable to have this man bestowed any national honors. Ask he why he wont dare go on US soil 😂 JESUS CAN YOU HEAR ME??? PLEASE HELP THE CITIZENS OF ANTIGUA/BARBUDA TO TAKE THE BLINDERS OFF. OPEN THEIR EYES AND THEIR BRAINS PLEASE. PRETTY PLEASE 🙏🏾 my gosh I hate it here ugghhhh

  5. Nothing that was highlighted is unfounded and if nothing else, out of his many infractions, the PASSPORT issue should be an automatic disqualification. He should be in prison and waiting to be released in 2030

    • Look the upp was on a witch-hunt and there are documents to prove that there was no separation between the Executive and the Judiciary under the upp. Facts
      The passports charges were trumped up charges.

      • #@Jack Daniel
        You are a jackass. How come the mother of the boy went to jail? I guess she went there on trumped up charges.

        • Because she deliberately misrepresented who was her son and did a good job at fooling Cutie to sign the picture claiming it was her son that Cutie saw her with years ago now all grown up….. who is Cutie to tell her its not her son??
          And if that is not understandable to you,
          I think you’re the jacka”s

          • @jackass oops Jack Daniel
            Did you just say she did a good job at fooling cutie??? So this bunch of guys in this administration just walk around being DUPED by any and every one??? Herein lies our problem, they are JUST AN INCOMPETENT BUNCH‼️One would think with Cuties “years of expertise” the first thing would be to have ALL parties before him when signing documents of certification no??. You lot jus full of excuses for this Cr!minal elements stupes


    There are so many other deserving individuals (especially in the charity sectors) that are way way ahead of Steadroy Benjamin. This self indulgence reeks of ‘insider collaborations’.

    I for one would make an award and recognition to the team that cleared up our sister island of Redonda, and brought made many native species thrive again.

    Benjamin doesn’t even come close …

  7. What has Cutie accomplished? There has been no progress in City South in 30 years. St. John’s which is part of the constituency, is run down and looks like a Shanty town. What is he being honored for? He has done a piss poor job.

    • A former police living in Belmont stole evidence (counterfeit $100usd) and used it to pay a young girl to have oral sex with her.
      You know that former police?

    • @ PartyPolice 345

      he is being honoured for people smuggling and signing passports and his ‘honesty’ in robbing his clients

  8. Congratulations to the Honorable Sir Cutie Benjamin. Sir, tell dem it’s all about love. Badmind can’t prosper .

  9. Antigua have more so called knights per capita than any other country in the world. This so called replica of colononial honors will soon be meaningless.
    At the rate thing are going the dawg will soon be knighted. What a joke!

    • No. The Dawg does not want a knighthood. He is giving this to his cronies because when he demands to be made a NATIONAL HERO, not one of them can object.

      NATIONAL HERO. That will be his.

      What a country.

    • No. The Dawg does not want a knighthood. He is giving this to his cronies because when he demands to be made a NATIONAL HERO, not one of them can object.

      NATIONAL HERO. That will be his.

      What a country.

    • Lets not forget the same was done under the UPP administration.. Anything good doe the goose is good doe the gander…

  10. Must be Franz and his UPP members. But don’t worry they are in the minority. That is why they lost the election.

    • @ From The Sideline

      The same election that the DAWG admitted to stealing by transferring voters between constituencies to make the ABLP win government.
      How can you guys sleep at night?

      • @T Rose
        They don’t sleep at nights that’s why they come on here and make these irrational pronouncements 🤣😂

  11. Ok, let me get this straight. The same city south people who voted him in office for 30 years are now opposing his award.
    Is this article representative of the majority of city south

    • 3 upp supporters
      Just look at the upp supporters here, when they disagree with you your called the worst names just because you disagree with their opinions

  12. There are more “ SIRS” in Antigua than sands on the Beaches.Looking back in History,many of them were glorified thieves for their Countries.Then they used carbolic to clean up their dirty ways and be sanitized.

  13. Everyone of you know deep down in your hearts that this man do not deserve knighthood. The most diehard ABLP supporters are saying for what? Many of us knows score of people that deserve national awards ahead of this corrupt guy, much less to knighthood. He does not deserve any natural award. For getting elected for all these years, he will get a big fat pension in full .

  14. Cutie has done nothing for Antigua or his constituents for the past 30 years, but he will be knighted because the same constituents continued to vote for him election after election. Antigua people ar’u vote fu dat!

  15. This is ALP doing what they do. They gave Pussy Salad a knighthood. For what? They gave Molwyn Joseph a knighthood. For what? Why not Steadroy Benjamin? But, for what? All you Gastonites and Labourites, instead of your usual mudslinging and character assassinations, tell us, rational, thinking Antiguans and Barbudans what Steadroy Benjamin has done to merit this award.
    The man is a failure that befits his size. He has embarrassed the office of AG leaving us with $120,000 weekly bill because of his poor advise. The man has fraud charges hanging over his head and God knows what other corruption charges we know nothing of.
    Awarding this man is just as low as it gets. But, that’s ALP doing what ALP does. Reward failure.
    The composition of the committee must change and a set of guidelines established to objectively guide the committee or else any government in power can do this with impunity.

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