Citizenship by Investment Unit pays $3,207.60 to accommodate and feed Mike Tyson


The Citizenship by Investment Unit has published a report detailing how funds raised by the programme are being spent.

The report shows that $9,948.34 was paid as insurance premium for Hon. Maria Browne in 2018. The full report is available of the CIU’s website. Other payments include:

  • $70,806.90 — Koffee initial deposit for One Nation Concert.
  • $250,000 — One Nation Concert 2019.
  • $32,310.00 — Medical treatment for Denise Francis.
  • $136,012.50 — Medical treatment for ava Charles mc Kenzie.
  • $95,259.00 — Medical Treatment for Tiffany Piper.
  • $29,591.66 — Installation of recycle bins in St. John’s.
  • $23,760.00 — Farewell dinner for Chinese Ambassador.
  • $421,200,00 IP network links for 4th UWI campus.
  • $50,000 Straffies Funeral Home  for storage of dead bodies since 2014.
  • $3,207.60 — Accommodation and dinner for Mike Tyson.

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  1. Sensational News Portal. It seems to be more important for the editor to highlight the dinner for Mike Tyson then to highlight the amount spend for UWI.

    • @Sidelines:The rich gets richer.While the poor gets poorer.Suffering in the land.Is Maria Browne still on West Indies Oil Board? I am asking you.Because of your status within the Browne’s inner sanctum.

      • I was not aware that I have any status in the Bowne inner circle. You must have given it to me. And furthermore I don’t know anything of the WIOC Board. But since you are curious to know why not follow the proper channels, check the Company Registry. These things are not secrets, companies do filing each year to state who their directors are. You just have to pay a search fee.

      • @BLACK-MAN you have a way of throwing dirt that no doubt your family members did not enjoy, when they served. The PM spoke of the importance of all of us (yes including ministers) investing in A&B. You have decided to turn that into something negative when the truth is globally this happens. Most US, UK etc politicians have investments. Recall the Walter’s family having a farm. Recall H. Baptist biz continuing. Cort & Simon & Lovell biz continued. Other than bad-mindedness on your part, what really is your issue?

    • Why the CIP Fund was use to pay for Maria Browne’s Insurance Premium. Is it because her husband controls the purse strings. Something is awry here.What else we do not know about the use of the CIP Funds?

  2. Personally I don’t see a problem with that amount spent to accommodate Tyson and his team. He came to make an investment in the country so of course the government wined and dined him. Nothing at all wrong with that amount especially compared to what Koffee was paid. You didn’t need to make Iron Mike the headline just to grab attention to it. Not cool. Careful your headline doesn’t become a turn off to Tyson and other investors.

    • They wine n dine him and got no investment in return, that’s a problem if you ask me. Why didn’t they spend it on developing the nation human resources, use it to offer some sort of customer service classes since the nation depends so much on tourism industry, which is lacking.

      • So now it’s about Nickle and dime politics to see what we got for spending dinner on someone. Its like you take a girl out for dinner and if she didn’t end up in your bed it wasn’t money spent wisely. Give me a break.
        That was a very cheap dinner if you ask me. I have spend more to investors to invest with the company I was representing. Not to mention paying for their flight first class or private jet. It takes money to make money

  3. Instead this news agency give us some good news in these times like the almost half a mil spent on UWI, they chose to highlight the 3200 for mike with is a mere drop in the bucket compared to the other positive spendings I see here. The press in Antigua is becoming more and more untrustworthy.

  4. Editor of ANR: Why did you leave some names off the list? For example.Politicians.I have the list in my possession.
    If those monies in the above captioned were spent by Harold Lovell.All of you would be up in arms.However,because those CIP funds were spent by the Gaston Browne Administration.It is okay.He gets an A grade for doing so.You Labor Party people are really weird and hypocritical.
    By the way,in regasrds to Mike Tyson.He is a convicted rapist.He raped a young black girl.He was sentence to 10 years and spent 6 years in Prison.I personally have no kindness for Rapists and Child Molesters.My weapon is always at the ready.
    Sidelines:I do not expect any thing better from you.Your head is so far up Gaston’s.You know what.When he passes gas,your head is seen.

    • Very tasteful. How low can you get. And how low can ANR get. Decent discussions are out the window I guess. Throw all you got at it.

  5. Outrageous! The country is broke and this is what the ALP is wasting Antigua people money on? Mike Tyson, Chinese ambassador and a music concert? No money for pickey head smaddy to survive the pandemic, but nuff money for Mike’s belly and raga raga music. The Indian man in Guyana sharing out nuff money to every Guyanese and cut VAT while Antigua people can’t buy a bag a sal’. Where is the Leader of the Opposition?

      • From The Sideline come on man! I expect better from you. It does not matter whether the money was spent last week or 5 years ago. The issue is what the money was spent on. Take the Mike Tyson payment for example, yes it is peanuts but Tyson came here as an investor. Did we invite him here? If we did not then why the hell should we pay for his visit. Should we pay for Bill Gates or Michael Zuckerberg to come here if they want to invest in some kind of software business? Stop trying to defend the indefensible.

        • why are you making dumb statements time and time again. Do you how much more it would have cost if we had to pay for Mike to come here. He came here on a private jet. You ever took a client out for lunch or dinner. In the accounts its entertainment expenses. You don’t think the PM can entertain investors. Well lucky he is a cheap PM because I know PMs in the region that go all out when investors visit their shores. And I was part of many investment groups. Especially when Stanford was here. You know how much a bottle of good wine cost at The Pavillion Restaurant. And not to mention the dinner cost. taking Mike Tyson our for dinner is a normal part of doing business and as I said already Gaston is so cheap he hardly takes guests out for dinner. I hope Max or Chet do that, as they at least have a portfolio in which they meet and greet these high net worth individuals. In the old days you took your clients either to French Quarter or Le Bistro. You guys really have nothing else to do with your time. I expect better from you Tabor but then again you will oppose any and everything against Gaston.

          • @Sideline. It pains me to address this as I have with some of your other posts but your knowledge of how things work properly in government is sadly short. Each office from the PSs to the PM gets an entertainment allowance, and can draw from their ministry budget for planned activities. Why CIP monies have to be used? Is it a personal piggy bank of the PM to used however and whenever he feels? If so, no wonder they want no board. Either way its mismanagement and I am surprised that you think that this is good and proper behaviour. This is especially so since in another post, you regard school meals, uniform and other things that poor people benefit from as waste spending.

    • Money wasted even if it was a hapney spent on that americsn person. No good will come out of it. All you will regret.

  6. Why is CIP paying her insurance premium? With the high monthly salary she gets paid, all the MPs get paid, can’t they cover their own expenses?? It’s just not fair but in Antigua anything goes and nobody says anything

    • I agree. Why is CIP paying for anyone’s expenses? Is it available to all citizens ?? Shouldn’t there be a cap if they are assisting ?? If they are simply assisting then why pay over $100 000 for one person… Corruption at its finest

        • @Sideline. Take off your clouded UPP glasses and the true picture will be clear to you. With all of perks and allowances, free this and free that, and the public is still called to pay personal insurances?

  7. Are the CIP Funds a personal ATM account.Is it owned and operated by one person.That person could spend those funds at his whim and fancy.Take some of those funds and spend it on your citizenry.Some are really going through very hard times.Give some of the CIP funds in Global Bank of Commerce to Social Insecurity.So that their Pensioners are paid within a reasonable time monthly.Not 15 to 20 days late every month.Be fair,be wise,be creative,excercise care for your older members of the society.For they have given their sweat and tears and deserves much better.Pay them on time.There are 7 days left in September,2020.Plans should be in place to pay those Pensioners on October 1,2020.

      • The thing is tenman they ask for transparency but then when you give them the information they don’t want to read it and when they do read it they don’t even understand what it is they read.

    • Sad when you don’t even know who has authority to spend monies from the CIU. I guess you guys like to run your mouth without actually making sense

    • @hypocrisy. No! An Asot Michael and others before that. Your memory only seem to function in regards to UPP. In addition, Jackie’s assistance was not for cosmetic surgery.

  8. Without proper checks and balances, oversight and accountability our resources would continue to be squandered.

    • Cabinet has oversight. The box stops with them. Who else do you want to put above them. Cause they table the accounts every six months in Parliament and your representative can ask questions on your behalf or even the opposition. And then you have the Ombudsman and the Audit Committee. Led by the leader of the opposition.

      • From The Sideline just a simple question for you: please tell me when was the last time CIP accounts were presented to Parliament and if you need help you can get Tenman Hughes to assist you?

          Tabor I’m getting tired of you. Are you too lazy to look things up for yourself. You know it is a requirement by law that they lay the reports in parliament. If you don’t follow the parliamentary procedures go and ask Pringle. If you don’t want to ask Pringle go to their website and read them yourself. This government does not hide things. They are fully transparent. But even when they do it is ad if you guys still are ill informed.

      • @Sideline. Oversight of oneself is not oversight. Also, after-the-fact information is not oversight. Having a board does not prevent the PM from using the CIP, or any funds, but it does allow for greater discussion and transparency.
        On another note, and only beacuse you like to use such words as dumb, I have notice you consistently refer to ‘buck’ as ‘box’. I am drawing this to your attention since our posts are read around the world. The complete phrase is: ‘ the buck stops with….’. Don’t take this as a rebuke.

  9. Nurses still making less than $3000 a month. Y they couldnt give us an increase. We cant even qualify for a mortgage. When we leave they talking about brain drain. They need to get their priorities in order. Even a minister’s secretary or PS secretary make more than us. Smh

    • Some of y’all nurses are very unprofessional, lacking COMPASSION and knowing how to treat people with DIGNITY, KINDNESS and RESPECT. No amount of increase in salary can teach you those basic human principles and values.

      I listened to Sassy’s account of her experience with one of y’all right before she was flown out to Trinidad. Thank God for the male orderly who had a heart and prayed with Sassy.

    • I know the world is not a fair please. Some professions get paid more then others, that is why you should chose your profession base on what salary you wish to make in the future. if not you will live with whatever it is they market pays. You know gardeners making more money from cutting grass then a university grad. They get $200 paid for cutting a yard that takes them about two hours work. The going rate for an office job is about $15-$20 per hour.

  10. Sick o’dem, until covid, no one cared about nurses’ salary. It is so easy, retention of any worker means that s/he must earn a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. Creative enrichment is gonna have to save some of their lives come winter cause the nurses and some of the good medics will be long gone.

  11. So in this unequal world of politics BLACK-MAN and his fellow stooges are up in arms about insurance premium(s) for a minister of the current administration. I guess that their foul mouths were filled with moldy cheese when a certain minister was illegally granted $100,000 by the MBS Board during the reign (of terror) of their obviously preferred administration – UPP 2004 – 2014 to take care of a medical problem NOT covered in such amounts under the said Scheme!. Shamelessly partisan.

    • Has JACKIE QUINN-LEANDRO repaid any of taxpayer’s money she was spoon fed by Medical Benefits Scheme? Can the “average pickeyhead person” receive such “assistance” when faced with a similar health issue?

    • Sometimes you have to keep reminding them of the horrors of their time in office. And the secrecy in which they did everything unless someone blow the whistle on them.

  12. Good job labourites,because all now ahwe can’t hear about “romantic rhythm” money but dem upp people pon yah ah run up dem blasted mouth. Pick the beam outta ahyu eye fuss,bunch a hypocrites.

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