UPP welcomes decision on unvaccinated Antiguans returning home

Opposition Senator Demani Tabor

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is pleased with the Cabinet’s decision to allow unvaccinated nationals to return home, Senator Damani Tabor confirmed today, February 19.

Last year, during a heightened period of the pandemic, Health officials decided that unvaccinated nationals and citizens living abroad would not be permitted to return home.

However, at its sitting on Wednesday, February 16, the Cabinet reversed that decision, and affected Antiguans and Barbudans can now return, provided that they take either a PCR test or a Rapid Antigen test within four days of coming home.

On arrival here, they must agree to spend seven to 10 days in quarantine, wearing a tracking bracelet, and to take another test before reuniting with family and friends.

Tabor, expressing satisfaction with the decision, says the barrier should not have been erected in the first place.

The Senator says that better policies should have been implemented instead, since there is no difference between an unvaccinated national living abroad and one living here.

Last Thursday, the matter of nationals being marooned abroad, because of the Government’s policy, was raised in Parliament by Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle.

The decision to remove the restriction reportedly came after consultations with the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Terri-Anne Joseph, and Chief Health Inspector Sharon Martin, and with safety and security serving as underlying concerns.

Reports are that discussions on relaxing the restrictions for tourists will continue.

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  1. At least This Guy agree to something. Damani please answer the questions from Darren Matthew Ward and stop your RECITATION . Damani , What are your thoughts of PETER WICKHAM assessment of the UPP ?Let me remind you.

    Peter Wickham said UPP lack Leadership. He also said UPP believes that JAMALE PRINGLE is NOT capable.
    These are DAMNING for the UPP.Also UPP would never win the election. UPP slate is alot of noise no substance.
    What are your thoughts Damani.

    • Do you really think that Peter Wickham, the moral leader of the Caribbean, should be cited as a source?????? Come on.

  2. The wicked ALP government imprisoned its citizens abroad. Citizens! Your “navel tring bury yah” yet you cannot return to your home. This is all the proof any right-thinking Antiguan and Barbudan needs to VOTE DEM OUT! There is no perfection under heaven, but the time has come to GIVE UPP A CHANCE!

  3. UPP, a who pee-pee pan R U, and wake up R U lakkah, rain a fall pan yard fowl, dat dem run fu cover, undah ole house!

    Grannie wuddah say, “goh wash r u lousy, loussee kin!”
    R u no min say kra-nah-nah to rass, wen de top dawg, from Point a try PISS PAN R WE, cause, R we min done kno COVID-19 a de biggest SCAM pan HUEMANITY, just lakkah war. Yes, to rass, dem virus real and deadly no blurnclath, a germ warfare e be, fu corral HUEmans lakkah sheep, but plentee a we min dun kno.

    But r u rass kip R we fram wey r we barn. Gud fucking gad, Annah hollow tree drap r we dey a grung!


    Who ever PP’d on the #PP in UPP, and woke them up like rain falling on fowls/chickens, maybe it’s the Top Dawg from Point, who had the nerves to keep Us from Our HOMELAND, simply because we refused to be totally controlled by this ongoing SCAM and war on HUEMANITY.
    Yes, their virus is real, true and fucking deadly, as with any weapon of wars. However, many of Us have being proven to be correct when we realize early in the announced pandemic(it started way before those #WHO’RE aligned with WHO, WTO, NWO, UN etc announced it to the sheeple), again there are many who recognize the fallacy’s would follow the release of their viruses.

    Go ahead, say the vaccines or the flu shots save life’s etc, that’s fine, since, any scientist has the reverse order of the chemical equation or any equation for that mattter of fact, therefore, the antidote was not far behind the poison which they labelled COVID-19.

    Yes, we know that we have to comply with certain rules, regulations, guidelines, mandates etc., but this one, barring US from our LAND OF BIRTH, good fucking satanic order, mofo UPP/ALP/ABLP, and any other political party who supported the Gaston Browne Administration on this one, personally, I pray the P, from the Top Dawg’ P will serve, as Robin Yearwoods second or third or fourth shower per day.

      • @Murial…Who’s phucking you?! e, cause it sure ain’t me. Therefore, take complaint(s) to your fing god, ‘cause mine will tell you to go f yourself, preferably on or with a #dildo of this nature.🌵🌵

  4. We will all soon forget how easily our freedom was taken…..It doesnt matter the cause. It was always about the right to choose. Just like abortion.

  5. @ DAMANI TABOR , as a young Person you are very NEGATIVE. Hope you start a Family soon in order for you to share some love . What a NEGATIVE Person you are ….Your Father Charles Tabor must be very upset with You.

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