Circulating “the list” is unlawful says senior cop


The Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda in warning people in possession of or circulating a list of alleged homosexuals, that they could be breaking the law.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Everton Jeffers says these people may be liable under the Electronic Crimes Act which came into force here in 2013.

The act prohibits the sending by electronic means material that is false or causes insult or injury.

“Those persons who are sending around could find themselves in trouble,” the senior cop said.

Two lists, one with about 50 names and another with the names of alleged gay police officers are in circulation via Facebook and messaging app What’s App.

The officer says while he has not personally seen the lists people sending them should stop.

He told statement that an investigation into it has not commenced.

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  1. Lol all these police bull like that just look at him lol lol the list is real and robin need to realese the video wirh who all he d e a l

  2. Our people like ugly except when they are the victim. The deputy in this article was merely trying to provide guidance to the law so that we do not continue with the low level mentality of passing arourd a list defaming and possibly hurting others. But rather than taking guidance, we start to personally attack the officer without even knowing the man. My people, rise up from the gutter and follow the rules of christianity. Do not do unto others what you would not like to be done unto you. We are all gods children and hence we are all brothers and sisters. We have all sinned and will have to deal with it on judgement day. So why do we want to crucify others here on earth. Consider what impact your action have on the victims.

    It certainly does not make us closer to god to hate out gay, bi or lesbian brothers and sisters. If you cant love them, whom you can see, how can you love God? God is love.

    • The bible did not love them so what you talking about,if u clearly read the bible you would not be talking ABOUT loving no gay man pounding each other it is sick sick sick,well if u think the list is fake so let it be ….but it was probably a scorn batty man put it out…….no fury like a woman’s scorn …….love each other yes …..but that system is wrong …..thanks to the officer for TALKING out and advising…….but

  3. The funny thing about this list story some of you here who have the most to say about this list are very ones on the list. 2 things
    1 who the cap fit make them wear it
    2 a guilty concious don’t need an accuser.

  4. Who cares about a list of supposed gays. Who gives a crap about them. This is just a person looking attention. Like a few years ago when a certain media house ran a stroy about a young man who claimed to have slept with over 300 men an there was this big public uproar woop tee freaking doo. Who want bull ah them business that. Leave them to answer to God.

  5. Dave, i think you are misunderstanding the bible. God loves us all: the straight, the gays, the bi, the lesbian, the thieves and even the murderers. What he hates is the SIN. So while the bible is against all sin including homosexuality, he loves the individuals and if they repent, they will be forgiven – just as how you will be forgiven of your sins when you repent. Remember fornication is a sin as well and most of us commit that Sin.

    Very important to remember, the bible speaks of the seven abominations that will not enter heaven. And you better believe that hatred is one of them. So if you decide to carry hatred of these people, you are preventing yourself from entering the kingdom.

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