Church Leaders Against PM’s Decision To Fire Pastor



We, a Concerned Group of Ministers, members of a ministers’ fellowship who meet monthly and is drawn from across various denominational bodies wish to express our abhorrence of the recent virulent denigration on one of our fellow ministers by the Prime Minister on one of our members.

Such attack cannot be left unchallenged since an attack against one is an attack against the entire clergy men and women who have faithfully discharged their calling with much integrity and giftedness.

The Constitution of our beloved nation is clear and without ambiguity as it relates to freedom of expression and association. As a consequence, therefore, any person of whatever persuasion is entitled to this guaranteed freedom.

Ministers of religion are called of God and He has placed certain gifts in the church for the edification and the perfection of the flock. Additionally, they are the watchmen and guardians of the nation to ensure that Biblical principles are advanced in the state. They are to ensure that righteousness, justice and equality are promoted for the well being of all.

Ministers of religion stand in the gap representing the nation before the throne of God. They officiate at functions to offer prayers when this is necessary. They sign off on certain official documents, often times without any financial gains.

Ministers of religion preach the Gospel, the good news of salvation. The Gospel is about change and transformation. The Gospel tells us how we should live and how we should conduct ourselves. The Gospel is about relationships and the types of stewards we should be. The Gospel speaks about right and wrong. The Gospel is what Jesus and the Apostles and early Church preached.

Ministers of religion must be concerned about the governance of the country and the type of leadership which prevails. Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance”.

“Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it; except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain” (Psalm 127:1).

So the question is what role should the church play in politics and what is politics? When we speak of the church, we mean both the individual believer and the corporate body. Politics relate to activities relating to building civil society. Scriptures and history clearly support the church’s involvement in politics. Joseph, Moses, David, Nehemiah, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego were all involved and spoke of social concerns in Israel, Judah and surrounding nations. Jesus Christ and his representatives in the New Testament spoke about abuse of power and tyranny.

Also in the New Testament, we have Sergius Paulus, the Roman proconsul who was converted to Christianity and remained in office. Jesus said that Christians were to be salt and light in the world, the yeast of the dough of society. We are to exercise kingdom influence for the benefit of all.

William Wilberforce was an English Christian politician who abolished slavery because of his strong Christian conviction. If Christians stand for truth and justice, they cannot but help, become involved in politics.

Consequently, politicians should not attempt to stifle the church, but, rather listen to the prophetic voice of the church. The church should become involved in politics when the good of the people is in jeopardy. The church has a moral obligation to be the voice of the voiceless Looking back in history, figures like Romero and Belo became involved in politics because of a corrupt government. A dictatorship’s strongest weapon is fear. When the people have their rights stolen, the church must intervene and give back the voice to the people.



  1. What has become of “BISHOP DORSETTE”?? He learned the hard way not to mix politics with religion UPP-style.

    • Go back and listen to some “pronouncements” Bishop Dorsette made at political rallies. There is a reason you haven’t heard such “pronouncements” from him after that faux-paus. He learned the hard way.

      • Yep I recall the one where he suggested prominent opposition member(s) will die shortly. Unfortunately it just so happened that a UPP prominent member was the first to go. It then so happened that another of their own then followed suit The followers then started to wonder

      • The question was what has one to do with the other. Do you have an answer or you are one of the choir members whose mission is to deflect and muddy the waters.

        What does Dorsett have to do with Andrew.

        Absolutely nothing.

  2. Religion has absolutely no place in Politics. Politics cater for all and religion only a part of us. If you allow religion to control or influence politics, then all religions faiths should be included and the atheists as well. Things will sure get messy, as if politics isn’t messy enough.

    • Agreed. The PM has every right to get rid of the man. Christians are too entitled and they provide no real value to the nation.

  3. The official document that the minister sign who produce it or what is it’s origin?

    Did it come from God?

  4. who ever wrote that press statement need to shove up their ass!! with that religion bs. try still enslave people

  5. Look what happened to all the Godless leaders down through history: Pharaoh- drowned in the Red Sea!
    Hitler, Saddam, Osama Bin Ladden, Khadaffi, Idi Amin! Listen when warning is sounded! Prime Minister, repent! The kingdom of heaven is at hand!

  6. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a perfect example of what a member of the clergy can do in the political area. He changed an entire nation.

    Don’t forget our own Rev. Terry Miller of the Sharon Gospel Hour, father of Sharon Miller Tazewell of ABS, who was very close to the political leaders of Antigua (V.C. Bird, Tim Hector and others) and went on to become an elected member of the House of Representatives from South Dakota, where he was acclaimed “the Conscience of the House”, jointly recognized as such by the leaders of both parties. Rev. Miller marched with King as a youth, in the Civil Rights and Anti-War movements, and broadcasted the Gospel on ZDK here in Antigua for forty years, and on ABS television.

  7. Pastors,as we called them are humans first.The have all of the rights given to us by God and our earthly Constitutions.They have the rights to speak out on all matters good and or bad affecting the people.They have a right to be in disagreements and or in agreements with any Administrations.No one has the right to tell any Pastor what to say or not say.For instance no one could me as an individual what to say or not say.As long as I am not assassinating anyone’s character without reason.As long as I am not saying things about anyone falsely.A Pastor could support any Political Party in Antigua and Barbuda,he or she wishes.He/she should be able to do so without fear of victimization.Is Gaston Browne going to take away things exempt in Law.From Churches whose Pastors say things he does not like.That would be rather juvenile,in my opinion if that were to happen.I would call it suppression of free speech.Something that he exhibits weekly,freely,on Pointe FM.His Radio Station.Where he could say anything about all and sundry.WITHOUT FEAR,BECAUSE HE IS THE “TAP DAWG”HIS OWN WORDS DESCRIBING OF HIMSELF.

  8. Hypocrites is what most of these people are.. Leading people astray with their fake religiosity.. They bank accounts growing in leaps and bounds on the backs of their congregation,some of who poor as Job last Turkey Cock.. How can you go into a Cabinet , say you are praying for a sitting government then go protesting against them the next day..What did you pray for then? That they should fail? Simply means the words that came out of your mouth when you say you prayed,were not sincere,that makes him a real hypocrite.Well deserved what he got,if you’re doing Gods work,do it and stop dabbling in politics..You cannot pray for someone and still prosecute them at the same time,its either one or the other..Let the bashing begin from all the other hypocrites,i said what i said..

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