Church brother allegedly impregnates underage girl


A church brother has been charged for allegedly impregnating a 15-year-old member of his congregation. 

According to reports, the man is accused of one count of unlawful carnal knowledge of the girl who is now said to be carrying his child.

It is also reported that the incident occurred two months ago. 

The issue came to light when the child was discovered to be with child.

The charge comes mere days after a businessman was accused of having sex with two 13-year-old girls. 

He was granted bail just over a week ago and is awaiting his committal later this year.

Unless convicted, the names of the accused cannot be published as mandated under the Sexual Offenses Act.

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  1. I wonder if she told them she has been running a racket in the village and she called many names before? So much more to this story.

  2. A what de ass ya…so they put to go mess with other people children..what really wrong with the law in this place..

  3. What a sick person. The devil really goes to church. Instead of going to hear the word of God you gone praying on little girls. You fu get 25 years to life you devil.

    • I wonder how many of you were young teenagers and waited until you were 18years old to have sex??? Yes the law says 16, however in reality teens can be fast. How I see these things if the girl or guy wasn’t raped or forced you can’t lock up the person who was older. It’s funny society would have charged the same girl if she had murdered someone but because she went and had sex long before him n with him people want to say he is the devil etc etc. Why all this come out now? Why weren’t the names of the other people she had sex with called? Why only single out him? Many questions left unanswered? I wonder if he goes to jail if she will still be having sex and is the norm? I wonder if a test woild prove he isnt the father? She was reported “missing” last year because she “ran” away from home. Again to many questions about this. All parties are to be blamed.

      We need to start teaching our young girls to value themsleeves.

      • My someone is touchy. Before you come on defending the alleged perpartitor why don’t you go and read the sexual offences act and get knowlage the fact is he is a grown ass man going to church and can only see to trouble little girls. Them fu lock he ass up an throw way de key.

      • @Duks in a Row- While we are teaching our young girls to value themselves,maybe the adult Men should help us by leaving the young girls alone,no matter how promiscuous they may appear to be.. The law says a minor cannot legally consent to Sexual activities,so when a perverted hypocrite so called Christian involves in those activities with a minor,he has broken the law and should pay..When our young girls are delinquent and get encouraged by others whom they should be able to look up to as an older brother or Father figure -should we just give them a slap on the wrist and let them off? Many people these days are using the Church as a cover,putting on a cloak of Righteousness while their hearts are as Dark as Tar..

      • And when are so called MEN going to practice self control and be protectors and not predators. Just in general …its against the law so back off. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
        If the girl is promiscuous like that obviously she got problems some where and a grown man should not be taking advantage of it.

      • @Ducks is a row- Look at you defending pedophilia. Number 1. Your ignorant ass should know that the age of consent is 16. At 16, you can have sex with anyone of any age and although it may not be moral to some, it would be legal. Your ignorance of the law is evident. Also, a girl choosing to have sex does not mean she does not value herself. We need to stop with these archaic, patriarchal views. The real issue here is that by law- the girl CANNOT give consent. Not if she’s willing to have sex or whether she values herself. The law says regardless of if “She’s fast” and “Lub man” she cannot give consent. Men seem to always want to shun responsibility for their actions. Di dutty man fu go a jail.

  4. They both gonna pay the girls family plenty money and get off. Just like the last set that buy the girl the suv from Harney motors

  5. Why…… is only when she was found out to be PREGNANT its been mentioned now..

    Why….. when he 1st had sex with her didnt she said SOMETHING

    Questions questions..

    If he raped her why he wasn’t charged ….
    Did he not pay the wager ….so now disgraced him..


  6. @ducks in a row- you seem to kno this guy personally and seem to be going all lenghts to defend him. No matter what this girl did she is under the age o consent and the man as a grown adult should know better and leave her alone. I’m not even touching the fact that he is alleged to be a friend of the girl’s family and they attend the same church. That just make it worst.

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