Christian Council Suspends Services Until Further Notice


The Christian Council in Antigua has decided to suspend services in all member churches on Sunday March 22nd and 29th. A further review will take place after the period.

This decision was made in keeping with the recommendation for “social distancing” in an effort to stem the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

The ACC is made up of the following denominations – Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Moravian and Salvation Army.

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  1. A who really control the church?

    Did God say to lock down his house?

    Is the council making decision for God?

    Why don’t they use the oil and forget about the hand sanitizers, soap and water…..

    Strange eh?

  2. Times have changed, and the council no longer represents the majority of Christians in the island, but they do have a few of the oldest denominations in their membership. So they do not speak for all, or most Christians in the country, nonetheless their decision is a wise one and should really be supported by all Christians, whether in their “council” or not.

  3. While the Church does great Community service work, in more ways than one; it’s times like these which shows us, that to know, and fear the Unknowing God, one does not need to go into a building.
    The church(the building) is a well organized business entity which should, and must be taxed like any other business.

  4. Great! Churches do nothing but lip service. “God” will not heal members if they get sick so it’s best they stay home.

  5. Why is the Christian council representef by only 5 denominations when there are so many churches in Antigua….?? This clearly shows there is very little solidarity among the churches which may be resulting from the politics & selfishness within the churches???

    • Most denominations in Antigua have nothing to do with the Council. The huge majority ae not involved in it. It’s not usually seen as a spiritual entity, but more like a good old boys club, and they don’t seem to really want the other denominations to join up away. They are a minority group and only speak for the leadership in their club, not the members of their churches. They mean well, but have no real spiritual power.

      • …”good old boys club,” the gates of windsor to the catacombs of rome to the surrounding walls, of the flavian dynasty and the altars of Hyram, still dictates, for the most part, the direction(s) which their subjects must take!
        These “good old boys club,” the unseen hands pulling the strings, of Our leaders aka politicians.

        It’s The PERFECT STORM for a People’s Mental Revolution!

        • The Council actually speaks for nobody but themselves (“the good old boys club”). They don’t even speak for their church membership in the pews. Government should keep in mind they ARE basically “a good old boys club”, and their interest is self-interest. MOST believers in this country do NOT belong to churches that belong to this Council. The Council is a minority group. I think they generally mean well, but may be too self-absorbed with too much self-interest. Again, they have some good people (not all), and simply want to do something. Perhaps fasting and prayer would be what is most appropriate.

          • 🤔🤔🤔🤔they are?

            COVID-19 should just, mutate into the Unknowing God…I wonder where, many men, many such men would run and hide, for there is no “self isolation” to mitigate that.

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