Choksi says he was abducted from Antigua; Taken to Dominica on a yacht

Wayne and Cara-Photo by Carlisle Jnobaptiste

Dominica-based lawyer Wayne Marsh: “When I saw and spoke with with Mr. Choksi he was obviously distressed.

It took him a bit of time to get up from on the floor on a mattress on which he was lying. He had several bruises about his body. His eyes were seriously swollen. His hands, his body had several marks.

I asked him what had happened to him. He tells me that he’d been abducted on Sunday at around 5:30 thereabout in Jolly Harbour.

He said that he was on his way to have dinner with an individual and persons, who he identified based upon the sound of their voice, as Indian and Antiguan police officers, grabbed him, put a mask over his head and beat him severely and placed him on a boat.

The boat, he said, is a 60-70ft yacht, a sailing vessel and it beared a Dominican flag. The boat he said took him to the southern tip of the island. He remained there until Monday evening when the Coast Guard came.

He said that the Assistant Commissioner of police was there with the Coast Guard and then they took him to the station in Roseau. He remained there. He’s not been allowed to speak with anyone, not his family, despite several requests that he be allowed to his family and his lawyers.”

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  1. All you looka trouble ya!!! If he is not guilty, why he is causing so much headaches to the Authorities? Me small a diminutive Indian rat.. Go and face the Courts in India, you have plenty money.

  2. This is a real horror story. If true !! What the hell is going on in Antigua not Barbuda. Is Choksi saying that our Law Enforcers were part and parcel to his alleged kidnapping. That does not speak well of our Police Force. If that story is real. If the Police were really involved. Whose biddings were they carrying out. I remembered that a top Politician in Antigua owned a yacht in the Jolly Beach area. Folks let us look back,then come forward. Did India give us those Vaccines as a bribe for Choksi? I am just asking a question.

    • If it took his statement for you to realize that the police can’t be trusted, then you must have just came to Antigua or you were under a rock
      The whole system is dirty.

    • Do you seriously believe one word that falls from his lips??? Give me a break. Send the guy back to India so he can have some peace.

    • Don’t ask we, ask them, who them me na no, ar fu to know, and them to find out, ask the police.

  3. I tell you! How did we get involve in all of this? All this does is give Antigua a sore eye. His story sounds a little hollow but who I am to judge? Now the saga continues with this man and by the look of things, he might continue to be our guest for a long time in the foreseeable future.

    • Why does it sound hollow because you can’t believe such a thing would happen in Àntigua ?

  4. Corruption in high places.
    An officer was kidnapped by 4 men then executed last year

    Now choksi was abducted
    What do choksi know ?
    Did choksi give people here in high places some of his money he got from fraud?

    Every time a man with a strange moustache like choksi talks about corruption something always surface

  5. Where do we go from here?

    The legal saga has just kicked off and obviously some people will be rattling in their shoes wondering how this will all play out. They may need a third and fourth covid jab.
    This is how life becomes when we dabble in corruption and sleaze.
    As I said earlier to a previous article, it will all come down to how well the warring parties play their hands at this game of chess and jigsaw puzzle. The attorneys representing Mr. Choksi seem to be at the top of the game at this point.
    A drowning man fighting for his life in the open ocean; will not let go of even the thin water-rotten log he has grabbed on to.

    All being said, the legal ramblings must be allowed to take their full course or else international standards could be flaunted and that would bring people and nations into disrepute with proper legislative procedures.

    This can become a classic case study.

    Sadly though, the government at the forefront of this saga remains completely SILENT. The major stakeholder: The attorney general and minister of Foreign Affairs of Antigua & Barbuda are muted.

    If it turns out that Mr. Choksi was indeed abducted from Antigua and beaten….. well … the situation would have really crossed into INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL JURSIDICTION.

    My lovely, corrupt island caught in a TANGLE once again.

    As the world turns, so does the mess we weave for this poor nation.

    We just cannot take it anymore.

    Mr. Minister of Foreign Affairs; Mr. Attorney General: Coast Guard: QUESTIONS ARE ASKED AND ANSWERS MUST BE FORTH COMING.



  6. A point to ponder:

    Why would I leave my country where I am a citizen and have legal protection; to enter another jurisdiction where I have no legal standings.

    It would seem rather strange that one would make such a foolish move; given the fact that he has case in the courts that could be prolonged for months to come.

    Heaven forbids that this man was indeed abducted from Antigua.

    It is quite ironical that the prime minister of Antigua has made himself so readily available for interviews by WION news. It is like a case of getting my story out there first before the real truth surfaces.

    Yet…the attorney general, minister of foreign affairs, coast guard and police commissioner are all MUTED.

    Dominica must step really diligently and cautiously in this situation.

    To the prime minister of Antigua: “on a private jet back to India within 48 hours” — not so easily or so quickly. The truth MUST be told first. When the truth is made pellucid; then and only then this could happen.

    Let the international community get to the bottom of this situation and determine whether or not an abduction took place.



    1. Who is the owner of the yacht/boat that was used to take this man to Dominica ?

    2. Where is that yacht/boat now ?
    3. From what area did the yacht depart Antigua ?
    4. Where is that yacht registered ?



    1. Who is the owner of the yacht/boat that was used to take this man to Dominica?

    2. Where is that yacht/boat now?

    3. From what area did the yacht depart Antigua?

    4. Where is that yacht registered?

    A thorough investigation must be carried out before any extradition can be done. The quick move to get rid of the evidence is a trick that must be stopped forthwith.

    Let us face truth: Once Mr. Choksi is back in India. AMEN! Story closed! India could care less how he is able to be removed from Antigua. Their only concern is to have him back there. International regulations say otherwise.

    All evidence must remain so a proper and complete investigation can be done. NO COVER UP.


    • Asked yourself these questions. Where is the yacht ? Did it evaporated in the sky? Did the police in Wadadli and Dominica conspired to beating him up? Did the cost guards from both countries and USA seen this yacht? Did anyone heard him screaming for help at jolly habour? Was there any other yachts around? Be careful you are not Con by a Con Artist? We have tendency to believe others but not our own mainly because of the dirty Political game.

  8. The cameras in Jolly Harbour going to prove this man to be a liard- wait for the release
    Hold my beer

  9. “…Indian and Antiguan police officers, grabbed him, put a mask over his head and beat him severely…”

    Good that he is safe. But lots of missing information.
    Hopefully the investigators get this info.
    Are the “Indian” and “Antiguan Police Office” the ones he was to go to dinner with?
    How did he know that one is a Cop? Was he in uniform?
    Why did they beat him? Was it for money or something else?
    Why to Dominica Vs the closer Montserrat, SKB, or over board, etc..?
    Was it a skip town deal gone bad?
    Lastly, is he telling the truth?

  10. The man said “y’all looking for scandal.” This will dwarf any scandal that the man has accused the UPP of being involved in. This one is on your watch Gaston. You’re a lame duck Prime Minister. TIK TOK!

  11. With the Nigel Christian execution style Mafia murder and now Choksi’s abduction, I believe that Antigua and Barbuda is a perfect location for a 007 James Bond thriller. I would love that so much since I am a big James Bond fan and I have seen them all. Looking forward to one filmed in Antigua. Our young screen writer who just won an award in London (Kirshner’s son) should look into that.

    • No when a woman can get shot in broad daylight, in Heritage Quey, while 3 cruise ships was docked passengers in town and nobody even got locked up, never even had a suspect then thats was the perfect “Mission Impossible ” scene that happened under UPP watch…. the poor lady’s children heard nothing about Justice

      • Charles Tabor have selected amnesia. He cannot recall events from the time period of 2004-June 14 2014.

    • Pure Political nonsense and bafoonery. Your absurdity is beyond some one like you, who is a UPP bootlicker. Be careful of Karma. This is a classic example of the dirty UPP Political game, it’s your MO, you all did before and some of us were blind folded. Never again we will bamboozled.

  12. It is generall a reckodnised fact that Aians especially high caste Asians even when lipreading tell lies.

  13. From the Interpol website:

    “A Yellow Notice is a global police alert for a missing person. It is published for victims of parental abductions, criminal abductions (kidnappings) or unexplained disappearances.

    The Yellow Notice can also be used to help identify a person who is unable to identify himself or herself.

    This is a valuable law enforcement tool that can increase the chances of a missing person being located, particularly if there is a possibility that the person might travel, or be taken, abroad.”

    I find his treatment very interesting, because this is an alert that goes out for victims, not criminals. Yet they don’t want him talking to his lawyers or family. Know what else is funny? how they knew to call Interpol instead of searching the country first… for a man last seen driving his car. Like you already knew where he would be found.

  14. This just smells of World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne all over.

    Same as Nigel Christian and his execution style murder.

    Could it be World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne wants to keep Choksi from talking like Nigel Christian about the “forged” signatures?

  15. 🌴🌻🌻👊🏾it’s a sun shinny day in Antigua.
    Just another episode in, #DaDeadly #Dadli Connection.

  16. Hi..

    I am from India. One of the victims of his fraud. You cannot trust a word of this guy. He is a big cheat & very intelligent crook. Apparently He lotted about usd 4 billion of Indian public savings from banks & escaped from country to avoid procicution.

    He got Antiguan citizen ship with false declaration saying he did not have any pending criminal cased in India against him at the time of citizenship application. He also managed to get a police clearance perhaps by bribing concerned people..

    Where as since 2014 itself there were almost APX 30-40 criminal cases running in India against him & his companies in various courts all over India. There were pending arrest warrents. Despite this, he made false declaration & duped Antiguan authorities to get his citizenship. This information is available all over the net /Google & Indian authorities. Hense Antiguan authorities can check n easily cancel his citizenship which was based on his false declaration only.

    Nobody should trust anything he says as he defrauded 100s of his investors in India & about 20 banks & financial institutions & 1000s of his employees.

    People from Carabean islands may not be aware of what all he did.

    So best is to revoke his passport & deport him to India. Hope this will be done..

  17. This situation should cause Antigua and the other Islands engaged in CIP to review their background practices; had they conducted through/rigorous background check, they might not have considered Choski’s citizenship…or would they?
    Choski’s past was wide opened but they want to blame the granting of citizenship on the clearance they received from India’s police report. This only confirms that corruption is rife in Antigua, and there are those who benefit and will look the other way, hoping that it does not return to haunt.

  18. Allot of you clowns in Antigua really believe everything what Gaston say?! Pathetic!!! I hope choksi is telling the truth cause antigua and Dominica will be the talk of the talk on international news y’all go ahead🤦🏽‍♂️. I know one day Antigua politicians and law enforcement officers gonna mess with the wrong man.

  19. So your you were supposed to meet with the indian and antigua police at dinning and your telling me ,you know their voice and dont who they are????

    So iam suppose to believe somebody who committed a crime at his country and fled to previous countries…..

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