Choksi legal team releases videos and photographs to prove he was kidnapped from Antigua


A U.K.-based law firm looking after the case of fugitive diamond trader Mehul Choksi on Monday released images and videos purportedly showing individuals including Indian-origin men involved in an elaborate operation to take Mr. Choksi from Antigua to Dominica on May 23.

Justice Abroad, the law firm has claimed, Mr. Choksi was kidnapped with the help of a female acquaintance and men who gagged and tied him to a wheel chair and used at least one unmarked boat to transport him from Antigua to Dominica.

Michael Polak of Justice Abroad has said the intention behind the entire episode was to “whisk away” Mr. Choksi to India by shortening the legal process.

“The evidence in this case shows that Mr. Choksi was kidnapped from Antigua, where he had outstanding cases before the Courts, and unlawfully renditioned to Dominica.

We believe that the aim was for him to be whisked away to India bypassing the proper legal processes in Antigua and Dominica,” said Mr. Polak in a statement.

In documents and photographs seen by The Hindu, the legal team fighting the case in Dominica shows a few men who appeared to be of Indian origin on the deck of a boat that was allegedly used to transport Mr. Choksi from Antigua.

Two videos shared by the legal team show an unnamed boat allegedly carrying Mr. Choksi moving faster than the permissible limit of 8 kmph.

The boat was not carrying a flag at the time of its movement from Antigua’s Jolly Harbour North Finger to a rendezvous with another boat that eventually took the fugitive diamond trader to Dominica.

The legal team of Mr. Choksi claims that he came to the beach front villa in Antigua of his recent acquaintance Barbara Jarabik in the evening of May 23 and soon was overpowered by a group of men who “rushed out and beat him” . He was “gagged and tied to a wheel chair” at knife point and placed on the unmarked boat.

This boat next placed him on Calliope of Arne which took him to Dominica. One of the photographs of Calliope of Arne shows passengers with South Asian features.

Reconnaissance mission

Mr. Choksi’s team maintains that the kidnappers carried out a reconnaissance mission in early April and travelled from London to Antigua and Dominica.

They claim that the team involved in the kidnapping that travelled between London and Dominica consisted of four individuals. The argument is aimed at countering the case in a Dominican court where Mr. Choksi is being tried for entering the island illegally.

The legal team shows that Mr. Choksi was kidnapped and gagged and then handed to the authorities in Dominica who denied the due process of law to him for days.

Mr. Choksi’s team has been claiming that he belongs to Antigua as he acquired citizenship of that island in 2018.

India however has maintained that he remains a fugitive who should be brought back to face justice for defrauding banks. The CBI and the Ministry of External Affairs have filed affidavits in the case providing documents showing Indian citizenship of Mr. Choksi.

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  1. Even a second year law student knows Dominica only has to determine that he was kidnapped or not and he must be sent back to Àntigua . WHERE IS THE SO CALLED ATTORNEY GENERAL he’s too CUTE TO FINALLY DO SOME REAL WORK . THIS FALLS ALL UNDER HIS PORTFOLIO.
    Kidnapping on Àntigua SOIL and nothing to say to the public the only rumbling of course is coming out of the MOUSTACHE and it has nothing to do with the KIDNAPPING .
    No updates
    No news conferences NOTHING WOW .
    These criminals came in here and yes they are criminals kidnapped and tourture and that SHOULD BE THE BIGGER STORY .

  2. Where is this woman or has she too been kidnapped? Where is the boat captain? where is the boat? Where are the people who brought him to Dominica? Have they been questioned?

  3. Just a Bunch of second-rate policing From st Vincent to Antigua to Dominica and you guys expect to be rated highly what a joke most police forces in the Caribbean are watchdogs for the party in power and not the people they are suppose to be protecting and serving. When it come two cases like this stick with the facts and use your common sense and just put politics aside for just a moment you would see so clearly the wrongs and the right but as soon you put politics in your judgement it’s all cloudy and foggy I wouldn’t give you a plug nickel for a politician.

  4. Stanford and Leroy King were not kidnapped from Antigua to the USA. Mehul Choksi did say he was kidnap from Antigua to Dominica by a boat. Leroy King went through the entire Court processes for about 7 years. Before he was extradited to the USA. Further more he like Stanford are both citizens of the USA.

  5. So many fools on here that have no idea how anything works other than their foolish simplistic view of send him back .
    Lol you’ll took the man’s money he became a citizen now you don’t want him .
    Can’t have both ways.

    • no one “took the man’s money”

      If anything Choksi is the one who took people’s money at Punjab National Bank in India. If he so innocent, why not return to clear his name and answer to any charges?

      A 3/4 pants and some old time Bata looking shoes is what is acceptable attire in court these days in Dominica?

  6. And what’s all this “girlfriend” crap all about. I thought he was presenting himself as a married family man with values???

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