Choksi Invokes His Rights As A Citizen of Antigua & Barbuda


The Cabinet was informed that the Indian fugitive from justice, one Mr. Mehul Choksi, has asked for a hearing in keeping with the requirements of the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Act, under which his Antigua and Barbuda citizenship is to be revoked.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne said today that Mehul Choksi – “will be repatriated; it’s not a matter of if, but when.”

The businessman commenced a suit against the Head of Government who has the sole discretion to grant citizenship or to withdraw citizenship.

Choksi is accused of knowing that he was being pursued by law enforcement for fraud and kept that fact concealed, allowing him to access Antigua and Barbuda citizenship.

The authorities in India also gave Choksi a clean record, allowing him thereby to meet a requirement for citizenship. India has sought Choksi’s extradition.



    • It’s called due process of law and the presumption of innocence. Every citizen of Antigua is entitled to exhaust all legal mechanisms. I personally think Choksi is innocent.

  1. Choksi is innocent and it’s so obvious that his persecution in India is politically motivated. My view is that any Antigua citizen, regardless of how citizenship was obtained, is entitled to the full presumption of innocence.

    It’s our duty to protect Choksi from improper persecution in India.

    PM Browne should ensure that our CIP citizens don’t lose confidence in their Antigua citizenship status.

    Our CIP citizens should feel they are full Antigua citizens and that they have confidence that such citizenship cannot be easily revoked.

    • How do you know Choksi is innocent? Is that not something for the Court to decide? And if he is innocent, why not return to India and clear his name?

      It is frustrating to hear apologists/red cool aid drinkers try to justify the action of their leaders in attracting crooks/criminals to our shores, under the guise of investors. There are at least 5 (known but could be more) such cases involving CIP citizens. The same way you are defending Choksi, is the same way you defended Stanford, even after he was convicted of fraud. Will you guys ever learn?

    • So you don’t think Baldwin Spencer made the right decision in implementing the CIP? It’s a part of his legacy- CIP and Mount Obama to name a few.

  2. It seams that this person has the PM in his hand clutching onto his you know what. If he squeezes, all the dominoes will fall and that is the transparency the PM is avoiding at all costs.

  3. Them people so desperate for money that they will sell anybody a passport. Especially if they get some money for themselves.

  4. Let the legal process work. It too 10 years, but Stanford’s financial advisor, Leroy King, was finally extradited to the USA.
    The Indian Government gave this man a clean record, but now want him.
    Let the process be exhausted or run its course.

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