FULL POLICE REPORT: Choksi Details His Alleged Abduction In Police Report


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  1. This ought to go to the “GENIUS BOOK OF RECORDS”!

    A notorious criminal and global fugitive, who looted $ 1.3 Billion (almost the entire GDP of our small country of just two big islands) from the PNB Bank (poor and middleclass Indian’s savings) is now complaining that $1500 was robbed from his wallet.

    Most shrewdly stage-managed his ‘transfer’ to another country because after the US was about to deport, he sought and literally bought refuge in here, thanks to the most corrupt and misused ‘citizenship by investment’ scheme. Just when Antigua & Barbuda was about to deport him, he claims he was ‘kidnapped’ in a comatose state to Dominica, on way to Cuba.

    Is now blaming everyone from unknown people to cops in Antigua & Barbuda as well as Dominica police to even his own beautiful mistress!

    Has no bank accounts, no off-shore firms for money laundering, not a single penny and is broke!

    Finally, the best part, based on previous documents submitted in the courts, I am told that even his signature on the complaint is fake!

  2. So much drama. What a story. Just let the man go home to India. They want to welcome him home properly. Safe journey sir.

  3. The hearts of men are desperately wicked, it seems to be a pattern with kidnapping in this little country, I am not against him going back to India it is a process, but I am against corruption in high places, a lot of people are involved we will be surprised when we find out. He have a case here and leaders are very vocal “send him back to India” but when he was here they didn’t seems so vocal.

    About 1 year ago a customs officer was kidnapped and executed, it is said by 4 men they only caught 3, what happened to the 4th?
    Could it be the three guys was the scapegoat?
    Who was the most vocal person to bring the news to the table again that an arrest would be made.

  4. Liar! Looks like every form of torture was practiced on this sick individual Choksi , he was severely beaten by 8 strong men to the point of almost getting comatose, was blindfolded and gagged yet he recalls with clarity the circumstances surrounding his abduction. I guess his Rolex is one costing US$50K……..

  5. They really need to plan better next time. This whole operation flap whey. The private jet was to have been on the tarmac waiting so when the coast guard ‘escorted’ him ashore he should have been taken directly to the airport and carted off to his birthplace India. Somebody really fumbled the bag here.
    Lol @ the higher ups acting clueless. They really think people dunce eh?

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