Choksi again denied bail by the High Court in Dominica


Mehul Choksi was on Friday been denied bail by the High Court in Dominica.

His application was denied on the basis that he’s a flight risk, he has no ties to Dominica and the court cannot impose any conditions that will assure it that he wouldn’t abscond.

Choksi was represented by Cara Shillingford-Marsh, Wayne Benjamin Marsh, Wayne Norde and Julien Prevost.

The 62-year-old, who is wanted in his native India in connection with a massive bank fraud, will appear before court again on Monday on a charge of illegal entry into Dominica.

Choksi denies the charge, and claims he was kidnapped and taken there by force.

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  1. Pls pack this innocent-looking, mega-scamster and billion-dollar criminal to India: lock, stock & barrel! Why unnecessarily prolong the shame and embarrassment of having such a scum on our land.

  2. Why Denied bail? What has he done to be considered as a menace to the society? If he flight risk, Science & technology is so far advanced, why not use a tracking bracelet on him, monitor his movements and even put him under house arrest rather to incarcerate him…. THe man is proven innocent until proven guilty

    • He has absolutely no ties to Dominica, so in jail he must stay until he is deported. And if he is returned to Antigua well……..

    • If he should flee, so what? At least Dominica will be rid of him. He has committed no crime in that country and it is highly probable that he was kidnapped and brought there.

  3. Supposed at the end of the day he was really kidnapped and taken there by force I bet you antiguans would have kicked up a ruckus, oh I’m sorry I forgot he is a Antiguan (CITIZEN) well maybe that’s just the way you do business in Antigua and Barbuda THE EYES OF THE WORLD ARE ON YOU el dictator better play straight with the TRIADS because they don’t forgive.

  4. Yep, he needs to also know that if he is returned to A&B, since he is clearly a “flight risk”, there also will be no bail. Its only those who into conspiracy theories who believe the story he is peddling. This man lied or at least provided incomplete info in his CIP application. India points out there is clear evidence that he has been involved in fraud. While in A&B there is an accusation that he at least gave a suitor fake jewelry. One wonder’s if his prior A&B lawyers did not part company with him due to some bad play, perhaps a bounced cheque ? The kind of drama he brings, India media seems to enjoy. Clearly he needs to go back home to continue the clown show

  5. No bail in Antigua for Choksi? What crime will he charged with if he is returned from Dominica to Antigua since he is an Antiguan and Barbudan citizen? Before the alleged kidnapping Choksi was roaming free in Antigua. Perhaps the Scotland Yard investigation will shed some light on all the political intrigue and interference in this matter.

  6. Can someone tell me what is this egregious crime that Choksi committed in Dominica? If he is being accused of entering illegally, why not just deport him? Dominica is digging itself deeper and deeper into this cesspool. It only shows just how corrupt they are as well.

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