Choksi’s case adjourned


Roseau, Dominica:High Court Judge Bernie Stephenson has adjourned the habeas corpus hearing of Mehul Choksi.


This is to allow lawyers for Choksi and the Dominica Government to agree on the language to be used with respect to the injunction filed to prevent his removal from Dominica.


Both parties are expected to meet to discuss the matter and to inform the judge, who will set a new court date.


Meantime, a small group of anti-government protesters have picketed the Court for the truth in the entire Mehul Choksi saga.



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  1. This is so stupid, not even the lawyers can find the proper wording to construct the injunction document. Why is the judge helping? Just throw the case out!!!


      The ‘Constitution’ likened to that of ‘…Antigua and Barbuda,’ it states that a person charged with a criminal offence, shall be informed:

      (i) ‘…Orally; (ii) …In writing; and (iii) …In a language that he understands.’

      If he/she doesn’t understand ‘…English,’ then in his/her own national language.

      This may require a ‘…Translator’ who would subscribe to the ‘…Oath/Affirmation’ to assist both the ‘…Accused and the Court.’

      Except, ‘…Professional Ignorance,’ see no darn difficulty with this.

  2. Is something “political” going on here? Get that chubby Choski to the airport, and place him in chains on the plane waiting to take him home to his beloved India. He must go.

    • @CErmle Like it or not, Choski is still a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda and a government’s job is the protection of its citizens and hence Choski deserves protection as a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda.

      Once we allow persons to become naturalized citizens by what ever means, we are open to receiving the good, the bad and the ugly. In this case, I don’t know in which category we want to place Mr. Choski. However, our processes of naturalization should try to protect us from receiving the bad and the ugly. If this process is still outputting (bringing in) the bad and the ugly, we need to examine the process and fix it.

      Giving citizenship to an individual is a serious matter and should not be seen as just something you can take back because you are not in favour of the person anymore. Our country also needs to show its strength to its citizens and therefore grant its citizens the respect that we deserve. Our country should make every effort to represent its citizens when our citizens are in foreign territories.

      Our citizens are children of our country, you don’t throw out your child because they may not fall within your expectation.

    • No boy,let him come back to his money bought country Antigua, if you have money you can bye ablp Government.

  3. @CErmle:When you were taking his money for those Passports. You did not say one damn word. All you saw Money,money and more money. Now you want to place him into chains. Some of us as Nationals have no damn shame.

      • @Jack the Ass: Support UPP,you say.I have never voted for the UPP,ALP and or ABLP. So who the heck are you to say which Political Party I support.

    • Please send your PROOF of “military corruption” to the Editor at ANR. Voicenote, text message, pictures, video footage, recordings. Hurry up and send your PROOF and expose the claim you made.

  4. Who paid for the boat to take Choksi from Antigua to Dominica? I do not believe. The boat owners gave those on board a free ride. Dig deeper all of you Journalists.

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