Chinese officials respond to protest outside Chinese Embassy in Antigua


Statement by the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy

with regards to Mr Elton Ryan’s Concerns on 28 April 2022


The Chinese Embassy in Antigua and Barbuda noticed the concerns expressed by Mr Elton Ryan on 28 April 2022 regarding the CCECC.

The Embassy wishes to reiterate that it has always been the requirements of the Chinese government that the Chinese enterprises abide by laws and regulations of the host country in carrying out economic activities and avoid any negative impact on local environment and people’s livelihood.

The Embassy hopes that the issues in question be properly resolved through a fact-based and cordial consultation process between the CCECC and Mr Elton Ryan in conformity with the laws of Antigua and Barbuda.



Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Antigua and Barbuda

28 April 2022

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    • Politicians must always stand up for people? Antiguans are too cowardly. Follow this man’s lead and learn to stand up for yourselves. When the UPP call a picket it’s the same people who cry “where is the UPP?” that never show up. Just give me a break!!

      • @I…the “politicians” bring in the crooks under #ALL forms of disguises, to create havoc and mayhem amongst the vulnerable and unsuspecting, as these foreign entities and crooks fund their political campaigns, to become the Ruling Arm of Our government, to repeal, set, rescind, enact policies which govern the people while their cronies and campaign donators get a free pass.

        We know why the UPP, and even the DNA will not touch any issue regarding the Chinese. They’re all, beholden and obligated to these same Chinese.

        If it’s left up to the #INDIVIDUAL(s) to deal with the diplomatic nightmare and mayhem caused by our politicians, then GEORGE WENHER needs to find another hobby roaming the Nation, and posting issues relating to what he and the UPP perceives, as corruption by the ABLP.

  1. “The embassy HOPES…”
    Well, Mr Ryan keep hope alive while your flock continue to die.

    It appears that you are one of the cost of doing business, regrettably.

  2. Antigua people FOOD is the next world war not Cement. 1. Minister of Agriculture needs to STOP THE CHINESE ON AGRICULTURAL LAND!
    A real country would have an island development plan, but with our cartoon leaders we have government giving a permit for Chinese building a cement plant upwind from an active farm with animals, above-ground and root crops. Clearly this could not be ignorance by our Minister of Agriculture, more like a personal enrichment strategy of someone to get the farm lands for the Chinese expansion.

  3. A nameless letter without a letterhead, denying wrongdoing, promising nothing. Hoping to resolve this behind closed doors by pressuring the man? That is what we come to now? Well, the don’t even have the decency to pay the man to hush his mouth. Where is the department of environment? Too busy with Climate Change???

  4. Love and respect to this man. Corruption throughout the islands. Self enrichment for politicians’ at the expense of the poor. Money, lining the pockets of those who pander to the tax evaders and accept aid from China. Soon… Antigua will be run by the Chinese and no soul will be entitled to protest. The politicians will flee with their millions and the poor will suffer. This is the truth.

  5. Does anyone notice there is absolute silence by the government? Is it possible that the Chinese have them in their back pockets and can bribe them for what they want? The Chinese have destroyed and polluted the African people’s lands with their illegal minerals and copper mining. Do you think they give a darn about black people? Let the Chinese keep smiling and Gaston keep taking their money and see if Antigua doesn’t become Sri Lanka.

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