Chinese company offers new town for Barbuda

Chinese cities (stock image)

A Chinese firm specialising in energy and housing met with the Cabinet of Antigua & Barbuda on invitation of the Minister of Works and Housing Eustace “Teco” Lake on Wednesday.

The company showed interest in constructing a new town in Barbuda, according to Cabinet notes.They proposed to construct a complex of several “high-rise apartment buildings” that could resist hurricane winds exceeding 200 mph.

“The complex would be self-contained, meaning that it would contain a supermarket, cleaners, a drug store, a restaurant, a movie theater, clothing stores, a church, car parks and other kinds of amenities that are common to new complexes,” The Cabinet notes by Chief of Staff Lionel “Max” Hurst read.

Representatives of the Chinese company agreed to return in a week with costs. They assured the Cabinet that the firm could arrange low-cost financing and construct living spaces that would be within the reach of families of limited means.

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    • We should know the terms of the deal before we spew those comments. In life, NOTHING is free. Trade isn’t slavery. Let’s be open minded.

      • SOMETHING was free….. Centuries of African Labor!!! How dare you spew THOSE comments.! Trade WAS slavery and trade can STILL be slavery- Open your mind and think about the plight of other human beings beside yourself.

      • When has the Chinese done anything that doesn’t benefit them. Jamaica is a perfect example of letting the Chinese build things in the Caribbean. They probably own half of the country now.

        • They don’t own us here in Jamaica. . But they have received a parcel land for themselves. What will they do with it .. I can’t answer that. But their presence here has been beneficial.

        • Well that is business… I’m not sure you’ll find any country being generous enough for doing something which would not benefit them. If they do, their own people would complain. That would sound normal in a sense…


  1. Thats nice ….but what is the CHINESE GOVERNMENT GETTING IN RETURN…

    You go i forget where and a few districts in Jamaica have so many chinese businesses there they were even protesting …

    So while they are EAGER to HELP build trust n believe something more is in there FOR them..

  2. The chinese were even caught selling plastic rice and
    Dog meat…
    So while they accepting these AIDES under the guise of “HELPING BARBUDA ” IS THEMSELVES THEY (CHINESE) REALLLY HELPING…..

    Dnt be fool

  3. There is always and ulterior motive when the Chinese are involved in any business; this is just a way for them to get their foot in the door to take over Barbuda, they want land and uninhibited access to resources.

  4. ROBOCAR! …..GO ON THE THE JAMAICAN GLEANER and pull up prior news you idiot!!

    Now see who talking nonaense the truth bun u….go throw urself off devil’s bridge

  5. So we reach the point where we can’t rebuild our own communities after a disaster! Big Chinee brother doing everything for us now. Using Chinese prisoners and all for labour! So all we do is tax people to repay them the so called low cost loans. Better we forget bout independence and sovereignty and declare Antigua and Barbuda a colony of China!

    • I agree swr. All that is needed is for the Barbudans to go back home and rebuild and repair. There was absolutely no reason for compulsory evacuation and when the Chinese rebuild Barbuda with those stack buildings, it will not be for local hard working Barbudans. Those same Chinese will buy them up. Also Barbudans will not be able to afford to go bach home. When will the black people across Africa and all over the world wake up. We exchange real gold all the time for fools gold.

    • If you were suffering like the Barbudans who do not have a home now, you would be commenting
      differently. The Antiguan government must first find out what the deal is. Now Jamaica is doing good things for their people with Chinese assistance

  6. Scriptures says owe no man nothing but to love them. The borrower is servant to the lender. With their money comes their gods.

  7. Let’s not forget culture!!! There’s nothing even remotely resembles the thought of culture, in any high-rise building. What the Chinese are doing, is to introduce to Antigua and Barbuda a form of high-rise projects which plagued the Chicago north and south side in the 70’s, but had to be demolished in the 90’s because of high crime.

    There’s a saying that goes like this; ” everything that sounds like a good idea, is not necessarily a God idea” Be aware of the underlining principles of the Chinese. They’re moving like packman around the world.
    Negotiate with them to rebuild the infrastructure of Antigua and Barbuda; roads, drains, side walks, sewers, and water. I’m tired of dodging pedestrians for lack of proper side walks, and tearing up the front end of my car for the enormously large pot holes in Antigua’s roads. Tourist and investers alike are accustom to properly paved roads. So let’s negotiate those things rather than high-rise project buildings

  8. As a matter of fact, that looks more like a concrete jungle in pristine Paradise. The government would be foolish to accept such an offer

  9. I am so have it with some Antigua &Barbuda ppl always putting politics in the way of development what so wrong with having the Chinese building in Barbuda ? I have liive in NYC for the pass thirty years and the Chinese is part of it that make NYC successful I wish
    Antigua ppl would adopt they work ethic .If t!he Chinese least a spot for any business the same ones who do the construction is the same one who runs the business !! STOP PUT POLITICAL VIEWS IN GETTING BARBUDA BACK ON IT FEET!!

    • The Barbudan people are not and have never been interested in a gross economy. They have preserved a beautiful island and a wonderful way of life because they are not greedy and they value the quality of the life that they have. Why do you think the Antiguan government and the Chinese are so keen to get their hands on Barbuda? It is because they have sold and sullied all of their own resources and now they are looking for more. I hope the Barbudans rise up against this madness as they have in the past and preserve their wonderful community. The Antiguan government has been looking for a way to steal their land for decades – and now with this tragedy that has befallen Barbuda they have seen the resistance weakened and will pounce if they can. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the Barbudans will see the majority of any money given, or that there won’t be a hefty cost to pay for any “charity” received. The Barbudans are wonderful and strong and resilient people and must fight to keep what is theirs. Barbuda is worth much more than the paltry and temporary gold that is being offered. It’s a last little piece of Paradise in the world and should not be sold off for a concrete jungle or cents on the dollar. It may seem like a lot of money being offered, but what they have on that island is priceless. Disgusting that the Antiguan goverment have used a natural disaster to try and creep insidiously on to the island.

  10. The Chinese have gone into Africa and are gobbling up African resources like scavengers. China is severely overpopulated and the citizens of China are now roaming the glibe in search of new settling ground. And si it is that whereever in the world they go they manifest their savenger qualities exploiting and leaving nothing for the native people

    • My question is. Will the people of Barbuda have to now pay high rent to these people. They own their land and house. What about the promise of the land given to your children generation that was promised during the end of slavery, if the Chinese builders take over the land to rebuild. If their intention is to help Barbuda and if,ypu,don’t want to live in high risers and have your own home, then that’s good. But if is to profit and tax people we need to think twice. Make them write out their intention

    • well said cause i live down here in Kenya they gonna own half this country too. DONT DO IT besides which tourist coming to see high rise buildings on a small island

  11. My name is Gerard PatjeI represent a chinese building company, im irish i live in china for over 8 years now ,we dont come bearing gifts as was said in a previous comments but we do come with a solution to create work and homes for the people that were affected and for future familys and yes we make a profit thats what business is all about!

  12. Who in the Caribbean want to live in high rise flats. where will your children play. how will you plant your provisions. Slavery is over, if the government.of Antigua want the island to be happy; this ha the wrong way of going about it. Employ people to build the roads and infrastructure, not high rise buildings. Who exactly are going to live in them. REMEMBER CHINA IS SINKING. DID ANYONE THINK ABOUT THAT. Antigua PRESIDENT, Please look after our people. don’t enslave them. The Chinese are looking for space FOR THEIR PEOPLE. Think very very hard. Buildings are not supposed to be taller than trees. The beauty of the CARUBBEAN is to be able to grow your own fruit and vegetables. have your animals. converse with your neighbours. relax at the beach. Can you do that when ENSLAVED IN HIGH-RISE FLATS. PRIME MINISTER. IF YOU THINK THIS IS PROGRESS, MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL. WHY ARE BLACK PEOPLE CONTINUOUSLY SELLING OUT TO TOM- DICK AND HARRY. PLEASE WAKE UP. SLAVERY IS OVER.

  13. Seems to me like if some barbudan leaders and people are waiting for Godot. In over 50 years they are waiting for all perfect investors and opportunities but this can never be. Don’t know the terms involved here but more investment and change is needed in barbuda.
    The citizens keep leaving for greener pastures because of a lack of opportunity and work. The country cannot stay the same depending on antigua and nothing else.
    Perhaps there is a need for a barbuda council investment committee.
    BTW, wouldn’t the apartments be for people living on the island. That is; barbudans.

  14. De answer is NO. and btw, they should be talking to the people of Barbuda, not the government of Antigua.

    To the people of Barbuda, I say, rebuild your Island as slowly or as quickly as you know how to. You do not need high rises from the Chinese.

    • Why wouldn’t the building be for barbudans. There are no chinese living there. In my opinion, with a population of 1800 , high rise probably means 2 floors.
      If the 2 islands acknowledge that there is a central government which is in antigua, as an investor or otherwise who else would you approach. Common sense. It is then for the central government to discuss the offer or opinions with the barbudans.
      Yes the barbudans can rebuild their island as slowly or as quickly as they want but it does not change the fact that barbuda needs some growth. The population remains the same year after year and there are not enough private job opportunities.
      A population of 5000 is what they should aim for.

  15. Some a unu should be grateful that another country is willing to help rebuild the island.and so wat if they require something in return .. it’s business .. simple barter. U gi mi something… me gi u back something. … it’s only fair. The country was deemed uninhabitable at one point. Like Come on man be thankful

  16. The rebuilding of Barbuda ought not to start with any Chinese City designed and built by them. This ought not to be a hurry job. The first order of business must be a Master Plan. Barbuda is now an empty canvas upon which our people, Antiguans & Barbudans, can create for the world to see, the genius of our people. It is not Chinese high rise we need to prime the pump. The master plan need to pay great attention to the infrastructure development and it must be the Antiguan & Barbudan Workers who must man the equipment and tools to build and show to the world their skills. Such things as an international airport that will take jets arriving from cities of the world landing in Codrington. A deep water Harbour to provide crew ships with anothe prestige destination in the Nation. While these works are being carried out let the Barbudans return to build their homes, their lives, their future. The rebuilding of Barbuda provides us with an opportunity to avoid the collosal mistakes that small states around the world have made in their thirst for economic development. Here we are not pressured with a large number of people so the development must take on board the protection of the environment. Barbuda can host international sport competition such as golf tournaments and sailing completion in the future and should form part of the Master Plan. Barbuda should be declared an Economi Zone, different to a Free Trade Zone. It should provide a set of incentives to foreign and local investors to take risks and invest. Lands for economic development must always be Leasehold. The lands under the Master Plan will never be for sale, save and except to Barbudans building their homes. The redevelopment should not be a rush job but a well thought out plan that may take 20 or more years to complete. Last but not least ideas hereshould be for discussions because what we think and say cannot be cast in stones. We are citizens having interest and making our comments known. Thank you.

    • Well said what are the barbudans to do with high rise buildings the government should not be even entertaining this idea thank the Chinese and bow our from that plan . My plan is a simple one ask the barbudians what they would like their island to look like get them involved in rebuilding it. Dialogue with them Mr. Prime Minister listen for once and do not be too quick to say yes.
      Barbudians speak up have your say.
      Not the Chinese oh God help us in Jesus Name Amen

  17. If I understand clearly, “the Chinise will return with a cost something the next week.” What happen to our local Building and Civil Engineers? Aren’t they bidding for the job? Aren’t they capable of building high rise and hurricane resistant buildings? I saw Chinese building lying flat in Dominica with just the open space there and in some instances the steel frame.

  18. Okay, what am I missing here.
    Isn’t it the chinese who have built various buildings in Antigua? Like the airport and the multipurpose center?
    As far as I can see they did a good job. If its good enough for Antigua why cant they or the italians or anyone else build even 1 building in barbuda? Are we saying that only antiguans and barbudans can build in barbuda?
    I agree that 90+% should go to our own but no variety whatsoever?
    They should be allowed to present their designs and the government and peoples of barbuda take it from there with discussions etc.

  19. Look if the Chinese are so bothered about Barbuda they’d be offering to rebuild individuals homes not try to damage the island with commercialism. This is nothing more than the Antiguan pm trying to use Barbuda to line his pockets

  20. I believe they should sell some of their lands, enough to build better houseing. The right situation could bring them wealth and jobs. They have to be clever about who to sell to.

  21. OMW.. Those high rise buildings are downright Ugly! When offering help to a country, people need to offer something that fits in with the style and culture of the country they are offering aide to. It is not like there is a shortage of land on Barbuda for its citizens. Can you imagine what it would be like living on the upper floors during the windy season, you wont be able to open a window. Keep your style, your traditions and your culture. Be proud of it because its beautiful.

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