Chinese business removes ‘racist’ dolls


Chinese-owned XPZ International Trading Ltd removed dolls it’s shelves that were deemed racist by members of the public.

The business said in a Facebook post, “I’m sorry that the dolls sold in our supermarket have brought bad feelings to our friends.We have moved it out of the shelf at the first time.”.

The black and brown dolls all had angry or crying faces, and several people took to social media expressing displeasure and offence.

However, the business insisted “we don’t have any racist mean. We live on the same earth, We are brothers and sisters. We are a big family. We are working hard for life together.”.

“We sincerely apologize to all our friends,We respect every people living on this beautiful island.”, it added.

“Those dolls were purchased from last year. We purchased about 20 and now we still have about 10”, a Cashier Supervisor told state media.



      • The sooner we realize that everything is politics, the better off we all wouod be. There is some “policy” that allowed the owners to bring this insult into the country. Who make policies? Politicians. Which country has the most stake in our economy? China. Who allowed it? Our politicians.

  1. Kudos to the owner for not only removing the dolls, but for issuing a seemingly heartfelt apology. “To err is human…” Yes we are all connected and created by the same God. The sooner we recognize this, the sooner we can treat each other with love, respect and dignity.

    • We live in a black country and I am almost sure they were not selling them to demean us. You ever stop to think they were more than likely trying to appease to the general population here. No different if there were selling yellow dolls in their country, selling white dolls in Europe or brown dolls in India. In America they sell both black and white dolls to market to the general populous.

      Once and for all we need to stop this racist bullshit on our island. I don’t think for one second they were selling them out disrespect us. Maybe think about us black people going to China and selling black dolls and yellow dolls. You think they would be offended by you selling black dolls? I may be speculating but I am willing to bet, you would sell more yellow dolls in their country than black ones.

      It’s time we stop all this racist bullshit.

      • I agree with your sentiments. I think they made a sincere error in judgement. That’s all. Based on their apology, it seems that they are sincerely sorry for that lapse in judgement.

        • This should never have been an issue. But I guess if they were only selling white dolls, that would be called racist too.

          It high time we put this colour bullshit behind us. All ah we is one. Don’t let our island go the same way as dem big countries. We don’t need that shit here. Let’s move past the colour crap and get along.

          • The insult is not the ethnity of the doll, it’s the expression on their faces….I think you missed the point of the public’s outrage

          • We should start by getting rid of the Red and Blue colors. Since we are one Antigua we should not be decided by party colors. It’s ok to have opposition, but in both camps you should see people wearing what ever color that they choose and be listening to what they are saying in the betterment of our one Country. Let’s start there with the colors and soon white black yellow or brown dolls won’t matter.

  2. Let the authorities now get the Chinese store opposite Digital to remove all of those sexually explicit rasta souvenirs that are on their shelves and are also found around.. Nasty and disrespectful.

    • That’s right. Get those crazy sexually explicit rasta souvenirs off the shelf and into the fire. Nasty wickedness, totally disrespectful. Shame shame shame. Get that crap off the shelf. Now. Boycott that store until they get rid of that nonsense!

  3. Do not sell anything Black.Throw away all the BLACK HAIR DYES,BLACK PAINTS.Then again,if you were to throw away all those Black Dyes.What would the Politicians do?Have you ever seen their hair.Some of those guys are over 70 plus.Them hair blacker than a new born.A WHA DEM A USE?Could it be Black Dye.JUST FOR MEN?LOL

  4. Yet still the peaking lot of the said supermarket always full. Yet still there are “black customers” inside not only the supermarket but the store on lower Redcliff Street. You people are just follow fashion and still refuse to support the local village shops.

  5. What a effn joke. What a bunch of chupitness. People getting offended by a stupid doll? Is how ah we get so soft? Look like we a get like dem 1st world country and ebryting likka ting a offend we.

    Grow up an stop act like a likka poil pickney.

  6. I saw pictures of the doll and they are derogatory, stereotypes and bad for children’s self esteem.There is much be to said about how the institution of slavery has its lasting effect on how people of all culture and walks of life still believes in those demonization of my people. They are not your friend and they come from the Lowest cast of their society and wants to disrespect my people in their own Country 🇦🇬❤️🇦🇬

  7. Which is worse Racism or CLASSISM.The last time I checked.They are both existing in Antigua,today.It has nothing to do with dolls of any color.It has everything to do with us Humans.In my opinion,a doll cannot be racist.If in this case the Chinese business cannot sell black dolls.Can a black business in Antigua sell White and or Asian Dolls? I am not a fan of the Chinese.We cannot speak out against something.While we are still doing it.

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