China will provide US$2 billion To Assist Caribbean Countries Affected By COVID

President Xi meets Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Browne in 2014


China is to assist Caribbean countries affected by COVID-19.

TIAN Qi, Ambassador of China to Jamaica, says this will take the form of material and technical assistance, sharing of containment experience and treatment solutions, and facilitate commercial purchase of medical materials in China.

In a statement today, he further stated that China will actively expand all-round practical cooperation with Caribbean countries in areas like trade and investment and strengthen communication and coordination in international and regional organisations to elevate relations to a new level.

In order to enforce the existing cooperation on fighting COVID-19 and consolidate the traditional friendship between China and the Caribbean, with the vision of building a community of shared future for mankind, China and Caribbean countries having diplomatic relations with it held a special vice foreign ministers’ meeting on COVID-19 via video link on May 11.

The Chinese ambassador said it was the second time for the two sides to have in-depth exchange over issues including domestic COVID-19 situation and response, China-Caribbean cooperation in fighting the pandemic, and coordination and cooperation in international affairs.

According to him, all participants expressed readiness to enhance cooperation in prevention and control of COVID-19 and jointly uphold global health security.

He further indicated that Caribbean countries expressed objection to politicising, stigmatising and labelling practises under the pretext of the pandemic, and support for World Health Organisation’s leading role in the global response.

Meanwhile, the Chinese ambassador says that his country has been contributing to the global COVID-19 fight, highlighting that Chinese President Xi Jinping told the 73rd session of the World Health Assembly on Monday that China will provide US$2 billion over two years to help with COVID-19 response and with economic and social development in affected countries, especially developing countries.

This is part of a five-point plan which also includes China working with other G20 members to implement the Debt Service Suspension Initiative for the poorest countries.

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  1. Pretty much know this article will set my friend Jeb off. He will be high on China hate. Its like Trump does spit in his mouth and give him energy. Would simply wish to say thanks to our Chinese partners who continue to show concern for us not just verbally but also though their actions. Yes Jeb, like with all things we must ensure we continue to get value from this partnership. Hopefully our other partnerships will grow

    • Tenman, nice to know you missed me…lol. $2billion is an absolute insult. China has cost the world trillions by knowingly allowing the five million in Wuhan to go out into the world and spread it. Nigeria alone is suing China for $200billion and in the meantime they are burning their factories and rounding them up.
      However, let me suggest that you go and spend an extended visit in China. Go and see the filth and experience the racism and communism for yourself. Go and check out the multimillion dollar body parts business in China and investigate carefully exactly where and from whom (live unwilling healthy prisoner donors) the body parts come from…check the internment camps which forcefully house Muslims, Christians and communist/Chinese dissidents; check how they are treated as a commodity and murdered. On your way to China go and check out the African countries especially the ones where China has used debt trap loans to take over all their resources and slaughtering their animals. Ask the Africans how the Chinese treat them either in Africa or China. Ask about the police station/s the Chinese have set up to guard themselves. Ask about the horrific destruction to their environments.
      Perhaps if you lighten your skin before you go you might get a better reception in China but somehow I doubt it and it is very likely that if you defend the Chinese in Africa they will tell you that you are a Caribbean idiot and show you the exit door out of their countries.

    • @Tenman
      Do you or Antiguan have the expertise to check the quality of any product coming from China? The rest of the so-called developed countries are returning products purchased from them because of their poor quality and potential danger to people’s health. I read in the news that European countries and Canada returned millions of dollars in defective PPE’s. Not even African countries are buying these products. China is a washed with their defective products that they cannot market. So now they want to dump them in the Caribbean to create a market and employment for their people.
      We would be foolish to accept products that no one else will buy. If China wanted to help why not make a cash donation? They probably know the people would not see the benefit from cash. But this is another story.
      Are the Chinese talking about loans or grants here? And what is this trade and investments they are talking about? Does Antigua produce any goods to trade with China? And what investments are they talking about? Maybe they are talking about Jamaica as they have already taken over the sea port, thousand of acres of land and the bauxite company. But then it is believed that Jamaica is on track to become China’s first colony in the Caribbean.

  2. On behalf of all the abused ex-colonies of this hemisphere currently trembling in deathly dread of Donald the demon up north, who to this day owes Antigua hundreds of millions of dollars awarded by the WTO but blatantly refuses to pay, I say thanks to China for this generous comsideration.

    • Up North we have the American devil. Around the globe we have the Chinese devil. Take your pick of which devil you want to dance with. Hairlip Gaston Brownie wants his salary to keep coming.

  3. Tenman:How is Gaston treating you these days.You are saying that Trump spit in Jeb’s mouth.So would it be fair to say that Gaston spits in yours.

    • Tuna, one thing about Gaston that can’t be said about Trump, he takes care of his soldiers. We also have a real cause hence are not driven by bitterness. Making A&B a economic powerhouse (to benefit all) is the focus vs Trump’s agenda of playing to persons fears. Anyway Tuna, I see you are still allowing yourself to be the food for sharks . Don’t you tire of making yourself a victim?

      • @Tenman: What economic powerhouse are you referring to.Antigua is not an economic powerhouse.Because Quack of Yida and Gaston say so does not make it so.Anyway big guy stay safe.


    Notice there is no cash component.

    Cash is what the Caribbean countries need.

    Death relief, is a must this is unacceptable.

    No body spends china’s money because there is no money.

    China puts retail value on all their inferior aid and their people so all the work with cheap labor.

    They pay no statutory deductions so the country makes nothing from the illusion aid.

    • Agree with you. Most people believe that China was responsible for this virus that was unleashed on the world and destroyed our people and our economies. Why not instead forgive some of our debt? They are playing us for “fools with their foolishness”. Are they making us sick and then provide loans/grants to buy the medicine from them?

  5. How about US$20 billion on death relief for the Caribbean region and

    The Caribbean will purchase whatever materials they need from China.

    Death relief from China would do more for the region that illusion aid.

    Death relief would cause the western bandits to compete in like form.

  6. This is very interesting though we are greatful for the help why is it material and técnical support. I think half of that money in financial support would have been more helpful to the caribbeans economy since the virus which has its origins in China affected us financially. Besides all of this the article also said that the caribbean denounced politicising ,stigmatising and labbeling the virus basically don’t saying anything about the virus in relations to China and that is the clause of the help. .regardless small island states like the caribbean stand between 2 evils ,I just hope we think before we aimlessly accept

  7. I have read the above article as well as the comments that follow which has left me a bit confused. Whereas the article speaks to “debt. Relief” the comments are making reference to “death relief”. Is this a genuine typo error, insinuation, scarcism, or just “don’t know any better”? Is there something that you know and are trying to tell us?
    Although we should be grateful for the assistance and contributions to our economic recovery we MUST be mindful of China’s imperialism

  8. They own us now. I dreamt of concentration camps all over antigua it looking like its coming true. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


  10. China is putting their emphasis on the Caribbean now.Why ? Because all those countries that got the virus through China will not be buying from them anymore.Just take a look back at France bought all those PPE from China at a high cost, and had to send most of them back because if poor quality. Caribbean officials watch out.

  11. Who is generating all of this anti-China propaganda? It would be good to learn WHO is really behind it.

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