China To Fund Media Center At UWI Five Islands

Pictured here (from left to right) E.P Chet Greene, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof Stafford Griffith, UWI Five Islands, Prime Minister Gaston Browne, and H.E Amb. Sun Ang.

Earlier today, Prime Minister The Hon. Gaston Browne signed two agreements with The People’s Republic of China and the Embassy of China.

PM Browne, along with Professor Stafford Griffith, Interim Principal for The UWI Five Islands Campus signed an agreement with the Embassy of China for their donation of USD$250,000 to the Campus for a Media Center.

PM Browne further signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with H.E Ambassador Sun Ang, China’s Ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda, totaling 80 Million Renminbi.



  1. When Gaston & China are done with us, every Antigua family will owe their first born child to China. And when we cannot pay, China will take over all of the assets of Antigua. We will become indentured servants to China by virtue of debt. We will become a colony again, but this time the Master will be China, not Britain.

    • Hope you have had a look at what they say is an embassy. Dread to think what their real plans are for those huge buildings…A command center to control the island perhaps! Their containers are not subject to search so they can do and setup whatever they please…..Wake Up Antigua!

  2. Why Gaston Browne is looking so miserable and untidy in the above picture.You are the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.Dress accordingly when you are representing the Nation in those photo ops.Looking as if you just crawled out of a hole.Come on man.

    • You too jealous. The man looking good. He is a man of the people, not the servant of the elite. Thank God this man is at the helm. We are a blessed people. Come on man.

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