China Funds The Construction Of 250 Houses in Antigua


China has provided EC$ 100 million to the government of Antigua and Barbuda for the construction of homes.

The agreement was signed at the office of the prime minister this morning.

Housing Minister Maria Browne said the Chinese grant will change the lives of at least 200 people.

The homes will be built at three locations, Prime Minister Browne has said.

The houses will benefit residents in Perry Bay and Booby Alley.

Browne says they will be rental properties which will be”heavily subsidised.”

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    • Rastaman you ask whats the catch. Antigua becoming a conoly of China, straight out of the dictator mouth. I am saying to the people of Antigua and Barbuda wake up your country needs you.

  1. Oh what a friend we have in China. Two hundred and fifty homes for free. I guess now we really can forget and forgive about the WPP.
    “The houses will benefit residents in Perry Bay and Booby Alley”
    The news mentioned Barbuda as well. Don’t know why the Prime Minister still cares about them.

  2. Lawd have mercy.! China again!? So more Chinese to come in return?
    Me a larse me faite in dis yah government now.
    I hope a de indigenous people a go benefit from dem ‘heavily subsidized’ houses and not
    them squatters.
    The again, why stack most of these houses in your constituent?
    Not fair to the other constituencies and other communities.

  3. BANANAS ARE NOT YELLOW WHEN RIPE, they are green.
    China is running Antigua remotely.

    Silently they are teaching their language culture and history to a dumbed down nation without any resistance because of their genious subtlety.

    They display their culture during carnival, periodically they put on productions at the Anglican center.

    The students that learned Chinese are now offering language at T N Kirnon school. In other words little by little the language is coming to fore.

    The Chinese stores, fast food, and supermarkets has displaced Antiguans. Now they are going into hardware stores, mechanic shop and AGRICULTURE.

    They are providing health care, and medical equipment.

    So what is the Antiguan government doing other than signing MOAs and MOUs? Who is really taking care of Antigua the Chinese or the government?

    In a nutshell the Chinese provides infrastructure, security,, health care, utility, entertainment, commerce, education, housing, agriculture, technical support and finance.

    High on the CHALICE …….

    • Antiguans should try and do this for themselves. They haven’t been able to so that is why the Chinese do it. Antigua would rather import all their food rather than grow some of their own. Antigua needs to diversify and stop relying on strictly tourism. Most antiguans don’t like to work hard so don’t be upset when other countries who do work hard come and take over.

      • Sorry but when you generalize you must have facts. And I can tell you the same way as you see people here that do not give their best so too you have the same thing in your country. And actually Antiguans that have migrated have been known to be hard working people where ever they go.

    • What are the Antiguan,s doing ? Ask yourself that Rastaman.It is not the Chinese or the government fault that tons of black people just seem to have no dam Vision,our only vision is to work for another man,put on a Jacket& Tie or a 6inch heel and act like we have arrived..

      • The government duty is to inspire and create opportunities for it’s people.
        It should safe guard the country’s assets and provide security for it’s people.

        A government ought not to out source governance to a foreign power.

        Accepting too many gifts from one source is a national security issue.

        • It is not the government duty to inspire. it is the government duty to ASSIST inspired people in helping them achieve their dreams. If the government inspires, assists, etc then this is just a purely government run state.

        • I hear you Rastaman–in the 21st century the Chinese will just come in and take over by force. I may not be as bright as you are,but i don’t see that happening,really -do you?

  4. Call me cynical but there is no such thing as a free lunch. There’ll be back scratching going on somewhere that’s for sure.

  5. Nothing is for free. We should demand full transparency for all of these LOANS China is giving us. THEY ARE LOANS … ITS NOT OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF THE HEART. We need to know. What are the terms. What happens if these loans are repaid and what incentives are the Chinese getting!!?? Do they get land at a low or no price? Do they get first crack at benefits Antiguans should be getting. In the long run this will be detrimental to our country. China is willing to give loans to Antigua and keep us at their mercy because they know we can never repay and it’s a win for them . Fair Antigua and Barbuda and China is what our national anthem will be. The IMF and any reputable organization won’t lend us money because they know we aren’t good for it. But dear old China keeps us coming back like a dealer will always give drugs to an addict to keep them at his mercy and is so China have us 🙁

  6. Why would the Chinese Colonize Antigua? Is it that easy to colonize a nation in this day and age.. Go to Canada and you will recognize it’s swarm with Chinese and Indian investors.The time is now here that everyone do not have to depend on the great US& Great Britain whose agenda is not to really empower ,but to dictate and keep us under subjection so they can remain the earthly All Mighty.Well that is not what the real ALL MIGHTY say,he say EVERYBADY MUST LIVE AND PROSPER-irrespective of your size color and creed.. Bad mind will never end,to this day some people are still in shock that the UPP did not win the last election..get over it Knight..

  7. Look at the bigger picture, China selling arms in the Caribbean, building ports, roads, airports. They are not employing local people and gradually own more and more. What do they want in exchange? Support in the UN, an influence close to the USA, who knows what else. It doesn’t sound right to me.

  8. I am very happy that China is helping Antigua and Barbuda. Do you see other countries like the U.S. or the EU helping us out in the same way? No.

    The future of the world is Asia and China is at the center of it. If Antiguan’s want to get richer, have better prosperity and enjoy a better life, then we better be smart and have a closer relationship with China and other countries in Asia.

    All countries in the world have foreign relations with other countries, and it is normal for China to be interested in having a good relationship with Antigua. We are a small country and it is also very normal for a larger country like China to help us when we need it – that is normal and also humane.

    Again, look at how little the American and Europeans have given us – barely nothing! We should all get together and send China a big thank you card for their generous contributions, which they didn’t have to make (including the recent visit by their medical hospital ship to Antigua, which helped hundreds of our Antigua citizens).

    Thank you PRC China!

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