China -Russia -Antigua

Prime Minister Gaston Browne with Chinese President Xi Jinping in China in August 2014.

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China – Taiwan
Russia – Ukraine
Antigua – Barbuda

The leaders of three countries are busy in a takeover bid for the territories which they think are theirs by divine right. It is called colonization.

When one thinks of the state of the countries in their history, this is backsliding into a state which their heroes of the past fought, and freed the countries from regimes which stifled people’s progress. How can colonization be the answer in 2022 when the world is connected by technology and travel as never before. Lies don’t last.

China wants the progressive energy of Taiwan which it has grown from being independent and free, and which would only wither and die under the harsh sun of Chinese dictatorship.

Russia wants to increase its overreach of former territories of the dead Soviet Russia, and to control food production through the wheat of Ukraine.

And in Antigua, control of the beautiful unspoiled island of Barbuda is being invaded with a massive development of the rich and ultra-rich.

Without people consultation, which included the changes to life as Barbudans have known throughout their history, the development of Barbuda has become a death threat to its own Barbuda people.

A population of 1200 persons will be invaded by a super rich settlement of 400+ villas and estates separated by a buffer zone which will create an apartheid plantation atmosphere. Barbudans are assured of ‘jabs’ serving their ultra rich in the mega-rich economic zone.

They will share with other low-wage earners from other Caribbean islands and the Phillipines, who are already in Antigua. Life as the people of Barbuda knew it will be changed totally in one generation.

Colonization is the threat which is once more hovering over the less developed even as the more developed. It is all about the few at the top ensuring their own enrichment by reducing the equity of the people.

Antigua is being wooed by China, and has been for years a base for Russian oligarchs leisure craft and private aircraft.

Could there really be a corrupt trickle down from China and Russia on our politicians and their own Antiguan cultivated petty-oligarchs? CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP

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  1. NATO and it allies really brain wash you people. Who is really interested in having one world order, China, Russia or the United State of America and it allies? Last time I check russia is only trying to protect itself from NATO expansion and Taiwan has strong ties with China historically. I wonder what will happen if Mexico wants back Texas?

    • Seems like the writer watch too much CNN
      Because who would want totally foreign influence right under their nose ???
      Like NATO to Ukraine and America to China???


  2. Just say NO to One World Government.
    What makes these Globalist think that we would want any part of their wet dream. Oh yeah, I forgot… they are dictators and don’t care what you or I think.

  3. You all missing the point, Poor Barbuda, life as they have known it will never be the same, and not by their choice.

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