China providing one billion dollars in loans for purchasing COVID vaccines


Cabinet Notes: The Cabinet articulated a clear vaccination policy in light of the announcements that two US pharmaceutical firms have announced the successful trials of the Covid-19 vaccine.

China, Russia and Cuba have also announced successes.

China has set aside more than US$1 billion dollars for loans to Latin American and Caribbean countries that can be utilized to purchase their vaccine.

The Cabinet recalled that Antigua and Barbuda has paid a sum towards an initial supply of 20,000 doses of vaccines to be acquired through PAHO/WHO.

The Cabinet agreed that among the first volunteers to receive the vaccine will be those First Responders, teachers and doctors, elected officials, and others who serve the public.

The Ministry of Health has arranged to hold a Press Conference shortly that will be peopled by doctors, nurses, experts who can be clear about this and other vaccines.

They will open themselves to questioning by the press.

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  1. We don’t want no CHINESE vaccine!! We want Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccines. No Chinese or Russian vaccines! We not taking that.

  2. This article says that the Chinese loan is to buy “their vaccine”. Why we can’t use the loan money to buy other fully tested vaccines? Why it has to be only theirs?

  3. Those who are suggesting taking/borrowing China’s money to buy USA vaccines have some nerve. (1) Is the USA offering loans to less developed countries to buy their vaccine? (2) Does anyone think that if USA was to lend monies to same they wouldn’t have stipulations that the money has to be used to purchase theirs? Always some conspiracy theories…..Wasn’t it the USA who used a vaccine on the Tuskegee Airmen of their own country to give them syphilis? Sure the GoD narh fource nonbaddy fuh tek um. Unu backside dat!

    • Well, you can be the first to take the Chinese vaccine that has not been fully tested but is being given to the Chinese population anyway. It is merely a matter of health and safety. Why would anyone voluntarily take a vaccine that has not been properly tested for side effects? Even Dr. Fauci has said he will only take a vaccine once he has reviewed the safety data and is satisfied that it is safe. The US and UK vaccines are far better tested. Just saying.

  4. Will be given to the first responders? After the first responders is it going to be everbody? I can remember God give man a free will. He didnt give government the ability or authority to think for you and me. Things done by force or bullying is not acceptable .Them want to own the lands, want to own your face from your nose to your mouth with mask, now they want to own your arm to inject you. We did not sign any contract for that . I want 5000 more strong minded people who are not gullible and willing, they use social distancing to keep us a part but we are growing in numbers, mankind was not designed to be apart. Him that try to save his life by taking those vaccines shall lose it. The vaccine is not going to be the saviour people. When them say peace and safety its destruction. Alot of people are starving, homeless, sick. where was the love all those time? Did God save them now? They having a change of heart. I havent seen money spent to eradicate poverty, and other sickness and challenging issues of life, but now they are too concerned to get everybody vaccinated. To be too concerned is a fake concern. They don’t care about us, it is all scripted.Fear has plagued my people mind for too long that their spirit is not alert of the principlalities in high places that governs our affairs but want to control us entirely. Fear not my people, Fear not . God is in the midst he is going to do a new thing

  5. Why should we borrow a loan from china when the virus came from china??? what shit yall telling me here?
    that should be given to the world for free.

    • I totally agree. It is an insulting slap in the face. One can only hope that (the usual) corruption does not take place with the politicians in the Caribbean and the getting poorer tax payers get left with more useless debt. We need to sue China for the huge financial losses the corona virus has caused; NOT take more 75% mark-up overpriced loans for shoddy projects (apparently the DWH had substandard issues in the rain) and end up giving them our ports of entry and land as pay back. China gives nothing and we owe China nothing. They owe us and the rest of the world for their diabolically evil ‘plandemic’ sent out into the world to kill and bankrupt countries.

  6. Gaston has sold off Antigua to China in the form of borrowed money aka loans which he will never pay back.

    When they come to Antigua for payment, we will tell them go knock on Gaston doors. He never represented Antigua and its citizens.

    All he and his cronies care about is creative enrichment, those were his words.

  7. Yes, dear comrades in China, you are being challenged to share this vaccine with the poor of the earth. Give it freely to all developing countries as a sign of true solidarity and fraternity. The PM and his wife and family must be the first ones to take the vaccine, following by the Governor General and Lady Williams, and all of the Cabinet, as well as every member of the House and Senate, from both parties. That will put the nation at ease. Following in their footsteps, we will all line up to receive this great gift. Thank you brothers and sisters in China. We are saying thank you in advance.

  8. Chinese citizens have not taken any vaccine. In fact, I don’t even think it is legal to force someone to take a vaccination. Regarding loans, yes, China is always the first to provide and offer loans. Most people see it as Antigua being sold to China, but in reality. China is seeking friendship and recognition with allies and other nations. This is why China provides loans to developing country, considering China was once a developing and still is a developing Country. USA, Canada, UK, hardly provides loans to developing countries. UK, especially I believe should be the first to offer loans. Domestically, I, as an Antiguan citizen is very disappointed with the way the Gaston Browne administration handled the pandemic and also relating to matters on island. Roads, Corruption, Conspiracies, after he leaves office. He will be forced to sell all his businesses or by default become a ghost owner as no one would want to support. Even a 24 hours gas station.

  9. @ Concerned Antigua
    Thanks for the video post.
    I said to myself at times i am hearing people have covid in Antigua i havent seen anything unusual, like i see or hear on the media, watching international news. Sometimes it looks like some of the cases are manufactured. All they will say alot of people asymptomatic. I dont know none of the persons that have covid. When we get the news it just say someone have covid, we dont know who man/woman , what, where, when they get it from. The media have infiltrated alot of people minds, just like when we were kids and watching Jaws movie, the moment people go to the beach we think about sharks

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