China Opens Institute To Teach Its Language In Antigua


A new Confucius Institute was opened at the UWI Five Islands Campus on Sunday the 1st December 2019. His Excellency Sir Rodney Williams delivered remarks on this occasion. He said that this Institute, which is already on two campuses of the UWI will play a pivotal role in developing our young people and equipping them for the changes and challenges of the future.

Sir Rodney further stated that there are other countries that have previously embarked on this type of project in Antigua and Barbuda such as the Venezuelan Institute, the British Council, and Les Alliance Francaise and that these initiatives assist the different countries of the world in developing a better understanding of each other’s language, culture and religion while helping to foster world peace.

The Governor General shared that this institute will assist in making our Caribbean nationals more competitive on the world stage. Sir Rodney added that our UWI continues to play its part in educating our Caribbean people, making us more productive citizens and this institute is another step in this direction.

Also addressing the audience was the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Honourable Michael Browne, the Chinese Ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda His Excellency Sun Ang and the President of Zhejianj International Studies University, Professor Dr. Hong Gang.



    • China is the future superpower of the 21st century, its smart for Antigua to have a good friendship with China.

  1. Why do we need to learn Chinese? What’s the hidden agenda here? (don’t tell me it’s a useful language skill to have. Give me other reasons)

    • What good reason is there NOT to learn Chinese? Firstly, China is one of the largest economies in the world, and is poised to be the leading economy in a few years. Secondly, China has significant investments and projects in Antigua. Chinese nationals live in Antigua and Barbuda. Thirdly, Antiguans and Barbudans are offered scholarships on an annual basis to China.

      • I really have to wonder if you have a full understanding of what it is like to live under a communist controlling corrupt regime such as exists in China. China opposes Christianity and Muslim religions and freedom. Do the research and you will see that China has huge Muslim and Christian internment camps where they have taken away their children and are indoctrinating all of them to their way of thinking. Do the research and see how polluted and dirty much of China is to the point where they now have an outbreak of the very contagious Bubonic Plague…we can only hope that it does not come here with all the Chinese pouring into this island. Not least of all the Chinese are very racist and especially so against black people. The “significant projects” you mentioned are nothing more than shoddy construction that have a price tag that can easily be estimated to be more than twice what the actual cost should be and their investments appear to consist of unkempt looking shops selling low quality made in China junk along with a bunch of restaurants. One can guess that the master plan behind their so called excessive sized embassy includes acquiring DWH and using this strategically placed island and (depleting) the seas around it to their own advantage.

      • Wash, I agree on all these points, China is indeed the most important country in the 21st century. It’s smart for us to build a great relationship with them.

        We should be proud that China values our tiny island nation. Do you see the USA donating money to UWI in Antigua?? Nope.

        Now we all we need is visa-free access for Antiguans to enter mainland China.

  2. This is a great leap forward. To be fluent in the language of what may soon be the leading country in the world is an important matter. It’s another example of socialist solidarity at its best. The Antigua government is so forward looking, and is to be commended.

  3. Wonderful news for the caribbean region. It would be a mistake not to move towards a more integrated society, on all levels in the 21st Century. So many countries are already part of this in much the same way European languages are taught in most schools in Europe at primary level of education in the schools.

  4. Under Lester Bird administration, Spanish was going to be our second language. Now under Gaston Browne administration, it seem Chinese might be our second language. It is good to learn another language for doing business and for traveling. What next Mr. GG and Mr. PM??

    • Actually, Chinese of the most widely spoken language in the world today. It’s good for our Antigua youth and citizens to learn it ASAP. Do you know how many countries in the world wished they got money and support from China like we do?

  5. Most people who responding here are completely clueless as to what is coming .! China will invest in your economy but will bring in Chinese works to do the jobs and leaving your citizens without..! Next the monetary investment will come with projects and then the influx of Chinese to fill those positions ..! Antigua beware .!!!

    • Kazakhs are just one of the Turkic Muslim ethnic minorities detained in labor camps in Xinjiang, China. Recently, the plight of ethnic Uighurs in this part of China has gained international attention, with reports of organ harvesting coming to light at a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in September.

      There is inadequate health care, crowding, and almost nonexistent hygiene. Prisoners who were observant Muslims were forced to eat pork, a food that’s considered haram, or forbidden, in Islam.

      There were around 2,500 prisoners at the camp, ranging in age from 13 to 84, and from a variety of backgrounds, all subject to the brutality of the Chinese state.

      They would punish inmates for everything. Anyone who didn’t follow the rules was punished. Those who didn’t learn Chinese properly or who didn’t sing the songs were also punished,” she said.

      Punishments could be anything from being deprived of food to having one’s fingernails ripped out, or worse. There were Medical experiments, forced contraception, and worse

  6. Propaganda at it’s best. If the Chinese and their products were so inferior why almost every household in America and by extension the world has something in it that was “Made in China? China is the economic power house globally? China is not holding a gun to any country’s head and if the consumers globally (including A & B) do not purchase the Chinese made goods/products they would not be here, instead they would just pack up and leave…..How many of you who are opposed to them investing in our bit of paradise has bought their food, goods and services? Those who are opposed of China and the Chinese did not do so when they were building the Stadium and providing assistance to build the new Airport because at that time your party was in governance. Bunch ah Propagandist.

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