CHINA: A country that disrespects another country equals no respect for the citizens 

This is what the Chinese embassy will look like when completed in October

Letter to the Editor:

A country that disrespects another country equals no respect for the citizens 


Some time ago the Chinese managed to acquire 5 acres of prime land supposedly to build an embassy.  The finished product looks more like a walled in military barracks that does not in any way whatsoever reflect their host country or the region…to sum it up, it looks like a very ugly and unfriendly/intimidating sore thumb. 


Of course we can only imagine what goes on behind that wall because it would appear that the Antiguan people as a whole are definitely not welcome. 


To cap it off there are electric wires on top of the wall which are apparently a death trap for the bird life and possibly any human who they think might try to climb over that unsightly wall.  It should be noted that not even WIOC fuel truck is allowed inside and has to deliver the fuel from the outside through a small hole in “the wall”!


China, besides their well-documented crimes against humanity in China, is also known to be extremely racist against foreigners and in particular the black race. 


One does not see any mixing or socializing between the newly arrived Chinese and locals in Antigua.  We only serve the purpose to shop in their stores and eat their food.


To come into a foreign country that is not communist or an extension of China in any way and erect a daunting Beijing architecture development with a double layer electric fence and excessive cameras can be considered nothing less than an insult to their host country and the people who live here in our westernized democratic society.


It is way past time for Antiguans (and the politicians who claim to care about the people/country) to wake up to what China is doing here and the message they are sending; that message being that we want your lands, your ports of entry, your marine resources and your, vital to the China agenda, location…


But, we do not want any Caribbean people.  China has bribed and loan trapped these islands, as per Africa, into what they consider are getting to the point of complete submission. 


If the Govt. really think that they are “friends” with the Chinese they need to think again because if they did not have a position of power to be able to dole out ad nauseam our resources they would join the rest of us and be considered akin to nothing more than a floor mat.  As for the issue of slavery it is documented that China is known to enslave their own people and also from their neighbours; some of which are sent here to do the menial work on their double/triple priced (shelf life maybe 4 years) loan trap projects.  It is highly unlikely that this virtually unpaid labour is reflected in the costs we, the people have to pay whether by cash or land.  It would appear from the silence on the issue that Chinese forced labour versus trans-Atlantic slavery is condoned by the government.


Lest we forget, the Corona Virus came out of China.  They sent the five million back into the outside world knowing full well what the consequences would be.  China needs to pay back the world the trillions in costs that have been the result for this intentional act. 


Hong Kong that used to be free and very successful under British control has become a communist totalitarian hellhole and China is doing its utmost to gain control over independent and democratic (successful) Taiwan. 


If there are people here who really think Chinese oppression and crimes against humanity and the environment cannot come to this part of the world they need to think again.  Go and take a good look at the so called embassy and take in and understand the insult and disrespect for their host country…it doesn’t take rocket science to imagine what is happening inside this complex.  Get the message, open your mouths, unify and do something about ridding this country from this impending threat to our freedom and culture.

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  1. Very cerebral and lucid article.

    People around the world seem to forget the fact that china is an aggressive communist dictatorship, a global thug and nothing more.
    China needs to be declared an enemy of every sovereign country and government and treated accordingly.

  2. Read news and get factcheck before you speak!
    Ask the local senior who just paid a visit to the Chinese Embassy what they were doing behind. Ask the neighbours of Chinese shopkeepers in downtown if they sociliaze with them at all.
    This piece is not only insulting the Chinese but also local people and is intended to invite hatred by spreading irresponsible vicious rumours.
    Antiguanewsroom should never have published it.

    • Really? Ask the Uyghurs being held as slaves in china their opinion. Ask the millions killed in the various purges in china their thoughts about china.
      China is a nuclear-armed terrorist threat to the entire globe and must be treated as such.
      To think differently of this terrorist nation is pure ignorance.

    • Antigua New Room does not care. As far as they are concerned, they are promoting Free Speech without any standard. Or if they have standards, they are very very low.

    • You sir/madam are very ignorant of the “facts” you spoke about. To consider opinions based off of data “hateful,” means you are naïve and/or ignorant of what really transpires globally concerning China. Do your due diligence before you storm the comments section blasting the OP for speaking truth.

  3. This’s so ridiculous! You can’t force ppl do anything. Ppl are different. When you put all Chiney in one type you r being racist rn. Going out and socializing are totally their own decisions . As long as ppl all mind their business is cool.
    Btw maybe you haven’t seen Chiney going out, joke on you. Cause we saw a lot.

    • You can’t force people to do anything? Ask the freedom loving patriots who protested at Tiananmen square how kind and loving these communist terrorists are.
      Of course they’re kindly now on Antigua, china has no military on Antigua…yet.

      What’s wrong with you people?

    • “You can force ppl to do anything”?

      Wanna bet I can force to do anything by shoving an AK47 in your face like chinese tradition? Wanna bet??

  4. Please do not trust the reports about China in the Anglo-Saxon media. Please know more about China and get in touch with the Chinese people. They are not like what this article describes. I has just read from the Xpress that recently an senior group has just been invited to visit the new embassy. And they were given a very warm reception, “royalty”.

  5. According to my contacts with local Chinese, they are all friendly, hardworking and kind. And I often drive by the new Chinese embassy. However, the security in our country is OK, but to be fair, the diplomatic institution is a special thing. It looks like a burg, with high wall, but in fact, diplomatic institutions need safety, It is not discrimination or disrespect against Antigua and Barbuda, it is just a common international practice, not only in Antigua and Barbuda, but also in any country in the world. Besides, there is an old embassy not far from it. The people over there are very friendly. I applied for chinse visa before.

  6. How do I feel that the author of this article maybe racist? Does anyone feel the same way? We can not simply make such a conclusion like this. It’s horrible. Is it appropriate or wise to publish such an article on this news portal?

      • No worse than America’s record. How many Native Americans killed, How many Africans, Japanese by 2 atomic bombs. How many killed in their wars in the middle east? How many people are incarcerated in the US. How many countries has the US invaded since WWII? Crime rate in the US compared to China? And if I remember correctly the US Air Force and Navy bases here were no less fortified or secured. Same for their consulate here. Bunch of hypocrisy and nonsense in this article and in some readers letters here

        • Does america still hold slaves as china does currently? China holds Uyghurs in slave labor camps, this is widely known fact. Child labor is prevalent as well.
          WW2 you say? Please research the rape of Nanking and tell me that the US or the rest of the world shouldn’t have intervened.
          Crime in the US vs. China? Couldn’t agree with you more, I wish the US had china’s death penalty, public beatings and horrible prisons versus the lenient “justice” system we have here, the posh prisons and etc.

      • What do you think 400 years of slavery was? A joyful time?
        And that was not done by the Chinese.
        But you don’t have an issue with the British for having enslaved you and your ancestors for centuries

  7. The Art of War is #SHADOWED by, The Art of Deception.

    The Art of War has being and still is a manual, in the Chinese Culture to indoctrinate, infiltrate and discriminate.

    When anyone visit a #Chinatown which they establish anywhere they infiltrate, how many people that look like the majority of Caribbean people are employed in these towns?

    Habits speak volumes!

    • Exactly correct!
      Do you expect a con man to be mean to you or is he going to try to be your friend?

      The chinese are serpents and they must be fought at every turn.

      Please don’t fall for their deceptive con game.

  8. I am still trying to figure out if it was the Chinese who brought our ancestors in chains here, stripped them of their humanity, their culture, their names, raped and pillaged their women, forced their religion on them, hanged many, used their labour to build their country. I am confused.

    • Slavers did what “confuses” you 300 years ago, china will do the same in Antigua and worldwide in the near future if we allow it.

    • Don’t be. I have not read any history book of China colonizing Africa. But I did read about China trading with Africa.

      • @From the sideline
        The new mode of colonization is not the same as three hundred years ago. Now you behave like a friend bearing gifts when all you really want are the natural resources. The colonists in the past didn’t bear gifts, they just taught you their patriotic songs, undereducated you and took your resources to build their own countries. Talk about trading with Africa. What is Africa trading but their raw natural resources and buying the finished products. Has anything changed? We as Black Countries lack enlightened leadership. When a leader can say bring your money and colonize us.

        • Makes no sense trying to educate you about the cruel things done by the slave masters for over 300 years

  9. The Chinese are here to take over. The Chinese businesses are financed by the Chinese government, so how can a poor Antiguan business in the same area survive. We are now behaving like we do not know that China is a dictatorship government. In the war between Russia and Ukraine China support Russia.
    The Great Wall around the Chinese embassy is planning ahead. When the full take over take place and the economically enslaved rebels the Great Wall is their for protection. Can you imagine a company naming itself Western imperialist. Please readers use your dictionaries and look up what Western Imperialist mean. Then ask ourselves why are we doing business with these people. Asked our government to go no further and make in an election agenda. Then vote for the party that support your view of protection of our lands and sovereignty.

    • The good news is that china is horribly overextended financially. Their largest real estate developer, Evergrande is on the bring of insolvency. Due to their harsh covid restrictions the US and many other countries are “reshoring” manufacturing further damaging china’s economy.

  10. The writer of this article is to be commended for pointing out what some of us are seeing but don’t want to acknowledge.
    My fellow Antiguans, my dear people. Please stop and think. Can the Chinese do what they have been doing here without compliance from the local government? Who gave them 5 acres to build an embassy? Was that person rewarded financially without our knowledge? Who allows the Chinese to set up their own kingdom in Antigua without having to show one ounce of respect to the local people. Are they well rewarded for this? They know that our local leaders are greedy and easy. The Chinese do not get one lot of land unless they pay for it. Who gets the money they pay? We all know about the suggestion made to the Chinese to recolonize the locals. Who made this suggestion?
    Take a long hard look at that building. That looks like an embassy to you? Why are we so dumb, writing all the nonsense here supporting the Chinese. You are the same people who will say “arwe nuh bin know” when you wake up one morning and realize Carnival and Independence Day done. When that happens, and it will if we continue to be so deaf and blind. When that happens, we will suffer a tremendous hurt that will cause all our children to run away from us.
    We have to be the dumbest, most ignorant, greedy set of people around. As long as we get ‘wan dalla’, it’s OK?

    People, wake up!!!!

    See what your leaders are doing to you. Daily, Antigua is being surrounded by investors and fortune hunters who come here and take advantage of the many acres of land they get in exchange for the filthy lucre that they cross the palms of our leaders with, and the shiney beads they put around our people’s neck.
    This benign delegation that visited the embassy, no one can doubt they were treated royally. And they lapped it up and declared everything was good. But did they get to see the bunkers beneath the building?

    And who is at fault for selling out the people? Who is it that don’t give a rats ass what happens to us because he believes when the shit hits the fan, he can jump on a plane with his family and retire to Dubai where he has your money in banks there.
    Why are we so reluctant to throw blame where it should go? Now is no time for politics. This is serious business. We are all going to be affected. We have to agree that we have been “sold” to the Chinese. Our greedy leader has sold us to the Chinese, and they have paid for and accepted the ‘product’, no questions asked.

  11. I saw an interview on the Guyanese news of a Chinese man working in the gold mines in Guyana. He was asked why he was in Guyana, and he replied that he is there to make money to send to China and the third and forth world countries have a lot of natural resources that China doesn’t have.
    Don’t forget how the Africans were treated during the outbreak of covid in China. Not everyone who smiles with you is your friend.

  12. A lot of Chinese believe they are superior to black people just like all other races do. Somebody should ask some Chinese why they always cough when a black person crosses their paths. Some black people are too darn naive. And this includes a lot of our leaders.

    • Every race believes that they are superior to the black race. Somehow history went wrong for the black race. Because when we look at African Kings and Queens, they once dominated the entire world. The Richest man that ever lived was an African by the name of Mansa Musa

      • Africans are still rich, the richest continent in the world but they don’t know what to do with their wealth. I read an article which mentioned the possibility of starvation because of the war in Ukraine. The writer wanted to know why can’t wheat be grown in Africa when they have so much fertile land and the right climate in some countries.

  13. Yes the Chinese have given us health clinics, a cultural centre and a stadium. I am not even sure these gifts are really free as they have built the terminal building at the airport and are building the port with Chinese labour and the government has to pay for them with interest. Have they opened a company in Antigua to transfer technology to Antigua and employ and train Antiguans? Of course not. Just projects where Antigua’s resources are transferred to China and they can employ their own people.

    • So you’re saying that while the chinese have made efforts to “help” it’s come at great cost.

      Imagine my surprise at hearing that!

      For God’s sake, resist the chinese invasion of your nation for your family’s future and for the sovereignty of your nation and it’s future.

    • For that reason, they have given many scholarships to Antiguans to get FREE University Education. For that reason, many Antiguans can now brag that they speak Chinese. They not only give us a fish, but they teach us to fish

        • Like how speaking English was go the Brits when they owned us?
          No wonder we don’t even know our native African languages. We are totally uprooted from our ancestors. A multi-lingual individual has many advantages when communicating with other cultures. That is why we teach our children a second language at school. Spanish or French are the languages of choice lately. But having a large Spanish society here seem to be very practical. Translators make good money.

  14. Time to call out your politicians. The Chinese do not give themselves all these bounties. It is the politician who does. That is where the blame lies. And the one in chief is presenting himself again for leadership of this soon to belong to the Chinese country, if the people don’t do something fast, and you all are planning to put him back there? This is unbelievable. It is not natural.

    I AM CONVINCED THAT ANTIGUA IS UNDER SOME DEMONIC SPELL. Beelzebub has cast some evil spell on the people and they are walking to the ballot boxes like zombies.


    • Some Antiguans are the most politically dunce people I have ever met. They are so docile. When they look around their filthy country, they see paradise.


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