Children found after mysterious disappearance


Police are investigating what led to the disappearance of three children who went missing from their Fitches Creek home Friday evening.

The children aged 5, 6 and 11 were reportedly found in bushes a distance away from their home around 11:30 pm, just about six hours after they went missing.

According to state media, the minors are the children of Police Constable Nijah St. Rose, who was among those searching frantically for the children last night.

No reason was given for what caused the children leave their home but a medical examination reportedly revealed they were not physically harmed.



  1. The children are old enough to say what happened. Let us the public knows what the children have to say.

    • Ah ya business wha de pikney an dem say. Wha men ya nah gwan go mind ya own business and mek people pikney lone.

    • I agree with you Wadadli Girl. Once it’s in the newspaper, enquiring minds want to know why, when, where and how.

  2. Chups, back in the day that was called going to play. By 11:30 pm we woulda done hab fire and so lol

    • This coming from a paid alp troll. I said wha tf I said anna aru f*ing business wga da pikney an dem say dat aru fu de social worker fu know.

    • Anon 1st:You have the answers to all and sundry.They can vote.My hope they vote to oust your Gaston Browne led ABLP.

    • Wonder of it was or kids would u wan dem business all ova in da media? Some of aru needs fu stfu and mind aru own god damn business and gwan go mind aru own pikney

  3. Nijah St Rose is a feels he’s some kinda badman cop along with Brandon “Pussy eye” Thomas who both work in minor offences department at St John’s police station. Wouldn’t surprise me if those kids were being abused

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