Children 12 and above to be vaccinated with Pfizer donated to Antigua from the U.S


Cabinet Notes:

The Cabinet has received assurances that 66,000 doses of mixed American-produced vaccines will arrive Antigua’s shores in a few weeks.

Among the batches will be the Pfizer vaccine.


It is the intention of the Cabinet to ensure that as many students, age 12 and older in 4th and 5th Forms, receive the vaccine; the new Delta strain of Covid-19 is capable of infecting children.


In order to create a safe environment in school, and to reduce the disruptions which arise whenever a Covid-19 case is detected in a student within his/her classroom, as many twelve to 17-year-old youth will be vaccinated.


The precise start date cannot be determined until the vaccine arrival dates are known, and efficient systems worked out to enable vaccinations at school plants.

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  1. Lol Gaston is following the US every move lol just last week I heard on CNN they gonna try vaccine children 12 and up lol look ya

  2. Here comes the Myocarditis and Pericarditis in children in Antigua. People, your heart tissue cannot regenerate.Your children, if they survive, will have PERMANENT heart damage. The Pfizer vaccine was tailored to the original Wuhan strain..that particular stain is LONG GONE.

    Are y’all paying attention to what’s happening in Israel with the Pfizer vaccine? What is being called break thru cases was once called vaccine failure. They are getting ready to give the Israeli people a third shot, in less than a year, because of the vaccinated are catching covid and being hospitalized, and some are DYING. The boosters won’t work either, because the virus will keep mutating.

    In the US, the hospitals are instructed not to count the vaccinated that are being treated, thats why you’re hearing in the news that 95% of covid patients are unvaccinated. It’s controlled propaganda. There is NO evidence that the Delta strain is more DEADLY… more transmissible yes, but NOT more virulent.

    • Where are you getting this information from?

      “In the US, the hospitals are instructed not to count the vaccinated that are being treated, thats why you’re hearing in the news that 95% of covid patients are unvaccinated. It’s controlled propaganda”

        • apologies i think i read your comment wrong, i thought you were talking about developing heart problems from the vaccine, but after rereading you meant from the virus.

          • No, I meant from the vaccines. You read it right the first time. The Pfizer vaccine can cause Myocarditis. Myocarditis can damage the heart muscle.lf that happens the damage is permanent.

      • Gaston leave our children alone. Their bodies are still developing and these are experimental vaccines. The vaccine is mutating in vaccinated people and creating variants. It was just announced that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has lost some of its efficacy after six months. Is the government prepared to purchase this vaccine every year to revaccinate the children? Don’t use our children as experiments for Pfizer and big Pharma.

    • Can you please site some sources for the information you just wrote? How can you possibly say that vaccines result in permanent heart damage? And where has that original COVID strain gone? Where are US hospitals instructed not to count the vaccinated? The CDC explicitly reports the number of breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths.

      Breakthrough cases are not vaccine failure, it was never going to prevent you from contracting the virus, it is to make infection far less likely and far less deadly if it does happen. Please look at the data from UK which is very promising that this is exactly the case. They have vaccinated 70% with 1 shot and 80% with 2, and the current wave is reaching toward the same number of infections as the previous wave but A QUARTER the hospital admissions. This just means that our doctors and nurses are not overwhelmed with patients and we have more time to begin coexisting with the virus without a lot more people dying because the beds are full.

      While I do not believe that vaccines are some miracle or that they will solve the whole problem (there is still a health crisis regardless of covid), they are an excellent tool to help our immune systems adapt quickly to this new environmental condition without being overwhelmed.

      The ironic part is that all of these big companies and governments who many say are trying to force the vaccine on us are actually STOPPING us from getting vaccinated by protecting their patents and making sure that they put their profits above people. If bill gates really wanted to inject you with vaccines he would be trying to waive patents give them away for free, but no, he’s making sure his friends get their payout after our investment. We cannot fight their oppression and exploitation with fake news, please. We need to be smarter than this.

      • I’m under no obligation to provide you with any sources. Whoever, I’ll advise you to research what Myocarditis does to the heart muscle…and you might want to ask Google if muscle tissue can regenerate.

        • ” no obligation to provide sources” aka You don’t have any credible source, you pulled the information from your arse or you are just repeating hearsay.

          • No, I pulled it out of YOUR arse. Pfizer vaccine causing Myocarditis is hearsay? So why did Pfizer have to add that little problem to its list of adverse events? People like you want ready made info. Go and read shit for yourself jackass!

      • @Explain yourself – Sugarapple is giving you facts. It was actually reported on the media when they started rolling out Pfizer in the 12 to 16 age group – I saw it on CBS but they did shut if down after a day or two.

        But when you want real news, you have to stop watching TV and read the news. They will have information available but they know that most people do NOT read and the TV controls the propaganda they want out there.

        But that information is also on the CDC website, see link below:

    • You are accusing others of propaganda? Read your own post and you will see the height of propaganda! What a load of garbage and fear-mongering.

      • If you can scientifically refute anything I have said, I will gladly retract my comment. I’ll wait for your evidence, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • If what you are saying is correct, the hospitals and pharmaceutical companies would never want the public to know as this would put an end to their vaccine push. The truth always come out in the end. Hope ⎌by then it is not too late.

      • Correct, that’s why it’s not in the news. Only insiders let’s out a secret here and there. There is a court case to be heard soon where a CDC whistle blower said that 45,000 people died within the first 3 days of the Pfizer vaccine and the CDC buried the data. These things will not be heard on the main stream media… and the media will say it’s a “conspiracy theory”.

  3. Here we go again, I am TOTALLY CONFUSED, every day is something new. What will be next. When will these dam copy cats think for themselves and stop following the bigger countries that are far above us

  4. @ Explain Yourself: Maybe you should try doing some research on your own instead of asking someone for an explanation. If you don’t even understand that when there is a new variant, that it means the original virus has mutated into a different genomic sequence… then I cannot possible make you understand anything. But I’ll say again, Myocarditis can damage the heart muscle… and heart tissue DOES NOT REGENERATE… hence permanently damage. This particular adverse event has been added to the Pfizer’s package insert.

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