Chief Medical Officer Says Recent Sudden Death Cases May Be Tested For The Coronavirus


Chief Medical Officer, Dr Rhonda Sealey-Thomas, says that depending on the circumstances, the residents who died  suddenly may be tested for the new coronavirus.

“We have some cases where persons would have fit the criteria and we would have done samples after they passed away, so yes it all depends. I say to people sometime that not all sudden deaths that happen in Antigua right now relates to COVID,” said Sealey-Thomas.

At least five men have died suddenly over the last ten days; one was in quarantine at the Hawksbill center on April 10.

The man , who was said to be diabetic, was in the process of being discharged from the facility, along with his brother, when he collapsed.

Despite the efforts of the EMS he was later pronounced dead.

The Chief Medical Officer assures that these incidents are being thoroughly investigated and if it is that the deaths are coronavirus related, that information will be made public.

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  1. “I say to people sometime that not all sudden deaths that happen in Antigua right now relates to COVID,” said Sealey-Thomas.

    Shouldn’t you test as you say BEFORE making that announcement?? How can you know if you have not tested for the virus.

    What is this may be tested business? Either you will test or not. I really can’t.

  2. I think anybody that die during this crisis should be tested for covid-19. The number one reason, is to protect funeral home workers. Is it easy to get an acurate result after they die?

  3. Well this article does sound that all these sudden death that been happening. They are not testing them. So now they saying going to. What that mean. When someone just suddenly and we are going through an epidemic crisis is the first thing you do test. We have to think about he might have it and who they came incontact with.. if they actually died from this covid persons out there may be infected.

  4. I would have thought they would have already tested these people, especially the guy at Hawksbill. They should know his cause of death by now.

    They need to test more people anyway. Only 74 tests for 100K population is too low.

    Please follow New Zealand’s lead and eliminate the virus from this island.

  5. Maybe we should put some people with common sense in charge and sideline these medical experts. If we have as much sudden deaths in a 20 day span as we did for an entire year – especially during a pandemic these instances should be flagged immediately and these bodies tested. We cannot afford NOT to be certain whatever the costs. In addition the autopsy results will assist in gathering vital diagnostic data in the race for a cure or vaccine.

    I guess we are waiting on WHO or some white country to issue guidelines on what we should do with sudden deaths in this independent country.

    The Netherlands is counting all non accidental deaths as Covid 19 related – one reason why their death ratio is so high. ALL.

    In Antigua we’re still iffing, guessing, contemplating and surmising.

    • MAYBE TESTED? ( are they going to or not going to be tested? ) MAYBE Is definitely not assuring that such individuals will be tested. Maybe relates to not a definite definite answer if they will be tested. Just be transparent with the nation and it will decrease the doubt of our heath care incompetences

  6. We are wasting valuable time with all this speculation. All of these press conferences and still no solid conclusions. Maybe it’s time for Ms Sealy-Thomas to take off the suit and put on her PPE and be more of a hands on physician. Get out of your ivory tower and back to the patients. Leave the double talk to the politicians and get to work. We need answers!

  7. Y’all Bettas don’t put us pan another lockdown 😑 or y’all guh haffi send the entire army for me …

  8. I am not understanding the CMO , isn’t it that a dead person can’t be tested for Covid 19 ???, since the virus dies also, but possibly an antibody test. That could be the reason for saying that they “ may” be tested.
    Just wondering , as it appears confusing.

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