Charges Increase at General Post Office

General Post Office

Residents will be paying more for services at the General Post Office (GPO).


This is according to Postmaster Algernon Gomes.


Gomes says the rates currently offered by GPO are not competitive in the changing business environment.


He says, “we as management of the post office met and we reviewed the existing rates and we found that they not at all competitive in the market today hence we approach the PS and the Minister to have these rates revised.”


Some of the new fees include:


Arrival parcels $1.00 to $5.00

Expedited Mail Service, Registered Mail – $5.00

Storage Increase 50c – $15.00 first 10 days $1.00 per day every day thereafter.


Storage increase represents the highest increase in the rates, the senior Postal Officer explained.


“Sometimes we get chair sets, refrigerators, car bumpers, these items and they take up space; so we found it reasonable enough to say okay from 0 to 10days we charge $15 for storage any day after, its $1 per day.


The charges take effect immediately.

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  1. Increasing fees is not the answer for the post office. The Postal Service must change. To thrive in the digital age, when people expect to receive information and deliveries quickly, the Postal Service must enhance and expand service. This can take many forms: New services: ✓ Postal banking and/or expanded financial services, which would address an urgent social need and bring new revenue to the Postal Service, ✓ Licensing and notary services; ✓ Access to high-speed Internet service, that is internet café. The Post Office could be making lots of monies here. As it currently stands, the local post office is almost irrelevant as most persons are opting for FedEx for quicker delivery of mails and for sending and receiving packages they use other courier services guaranteeing quicker and more reliable service. I am actually surprised that over the years the post office haven’t changed to meet the growing and changing demands of the population.

    • @Audley Excellent points.
      Here are some of the initiatives that Barbados are introducing led by the Universal Postal Union

      the development of a postal bank; digitization of postal codes; the introduction of new addressing standards; revenues for data mining; the regulation of the postal market where the most lucrative delivery routes are not saturated; the establishment of a national service fund; and the establishment of a collection agency for all government monetary transactions.

  2. I was not aware that one can use the postal service to send large items like that. That is very strange. They should stop that. Unless the Post Office want to engage in courier services like UPS in the US does for AMAZON. What they also can do is to get in to the money transfer business. So we can send and receive money order via the Post Office.

  3. Britain generates much revenue through postage, especially senting out of packages through the post office.
    Maybe we should equate our cost with theirs?

  4. So if my package arrive today will the $15 charge for first 10 days apply? Will I get the import documents for my package the same day it arrived on island or will I have to wait a day or two after it arrived and still be charged $15 storage fee for days I have to wait for the paperwork.

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