Change in taxi fare structure for passengers travelling to, from V. C. Bird International

Airport taxi operators June 2020 photo

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  1. This is an unconscionable increase that the taxi operators at the airport have been clamouring for and the Transport Board has now facilitated price gouging. A family of four takes a taxi to the same destination, but has to pay an increased fare. The taxi operators want to now operate like buses where there is a surcharge per passenger. That being the case, lower the individual fare because it cannot be acceptable that passengers are paying a premium fare and are still forced to pay a surcharge based on the number of passengers. The reason taxi fares are high is because the wear and tear on the vehicle, fuel, and number of passenger were factored into the price. The Transport Board changing this policy clearly shows that the General Manager and/or the Board have no appreciation for why the fares were structured as previously done. It is a crying shame!

    • So what happens if the husband and wife with 2 kids are over 13. people have lost their damn mind.I LIVE OVERSEAS AND I DO HAVE THREE KIDS SO I’M SUPPOSED TO PAY 50% OF THE FULL FARE FOR MY THIRD CHILD AND AT MINIMUM IT’S A FRIGGING 5 SEATER VEHICLE. THAT’S ASSININE !!!

    • Family of four (4) with children will still pay the same thing. What use to happen is that up to 7 ‘family’ members all adults use to take a taxi and beat the system. This new modification does not allow for free rides.

    • If they want to drive dollar van, go drive dollar van. It’s a taxi taking one group of passengers to a specific destination. They’re not driving a specific route and picking up passengers as they go. If it’s one or 5, the fare should be the same. The tourists will be better renting a car.

  2. Fair enough! Glad to know that this new amendment is not set in stone, but subject to review in three months.

  3. Ridiculous, taxi was already very expensive.
    I think this rate change from 1-4 to 1-2 will reflect very badly on tourism.

  4. Have taxi drivers & despatchers been trained in how to politely, calmly & sensitively enquire childrens ages?

    Have they been trained in what to do, politely, calmly & sensitively when the parents either refuse to say, or say all are under 13, when maybe one looks like they are older? (Many parents are uncomfortable giving kids ages for safety reasons)

    Have the drivers & dispatchers signed an agreement to practice the above with no chupsing, negative body language, slammed doors & reckless driving as means of showing their frustration if they think they’ve been shorted $?

    I fear this system is a nightmare for tourists who will feel ripped off – fantastic first impression (sarcasm) … they have been through immense hassle from their home to even reach our airport taxi desk.

    Heaven help us all that Minister of Tourism, ABTA, Transport Board & Minister of Finance approved this complexity, seemingly not caring for the tourist experience… No matter 90% of our GDP is tourism related.


  5. Tell me why must I be forced to carry 4pax in my vehicle with bags for the price of one person?Tell me where else in the world this is allowed? When a passenger boards an aircraft do they pay individually?can a child older than two years ride an aircraft for free?if the vehicle God forbid has an accident then the insurance should only pay for the paying passengers? Get real people we are living in a real world.

  6. What shortsightedness!….. but well in sync with their loser-driven mindset. Oppose just for the sake of opposing. How childish!

  7. All Antiguans have to do is boy cut taxi let a friend or family member carry you all to and from the airport.

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