Chaneil Imhoff responds: Over the last few weeks, information pertaining to my personal life has been circulating on social media


Over the last few weeks, information pertaining to my personal life has been circulating on social media. I will not address that issue as it remains private.

However, I wish to call out the unabashed misogyny by two men.

Last week, the “George for St. George” Facebook Page posted screenshots of now-deleted posts with a caption that sought to paint me in a most unflattering and derogatory manner.

Similarly, on Thursday July 22, 2021, on Observer Radio’s programme, “The Snake Pit”, the host, in response to a Tweet posted during a Dadli Politics Twitter Space, said, “Tell Chaneil Imhoff to go look bout she husband and leave me alone”.

The vicious personal attacks are indicative of the ways in which women in politics have been treated historically.

Moreover, it is a glaring example of the different standards to which men and women are held in the political space. These behaviours, if left unchecked, will only serve to maintain the divisiveness in our politics and retard our nation’s advancement.

It is incumbent upon the political organization with which these two men are aligned and function at the highest levels to condemn their actions publicly and to distance themselves from their comments.

Political violence, like domestic violence, is a scourge which must be rooted out of our society. Women’s voices must never be silenced in our society particularly given that we comprise more than 50% of our population and invariably, are the backbone and core workers in political parties! Respect for, and inclusion of, women in politics and decision making must be a goal to which any serious political party or aspirant is committed and must be underpinned by good public deeds.

I am grateful to all those who have reached out and shown their love, encouragement and support and I will continue to fight for what I believe in. I have lived, loved, and lost just like you have and together, we can still make meaningful change for a better Antigua and Barbuda!

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  1. This is the correct approach to take, young lady. You are right to keep your private life private and maintain a dignified silence. Do not let anyone prescribe to you that your personal life is a matter for all and sundry. Yo owe no one in the public an explanation of anything!

    The attacks of these two men reveal more about their personal insecurity than it does about your private life. It clearly demonstrates that you were correct to leave their ranks as they have no respect nor appreciation for the talents of young people, especially when they are female.

    Keep your head up, and keep a positive meditation at all times. I wish you every blessing as you press on.

  2. This is how you do it! This young woman is in a class by herself. Serpent and George Whener should be ashamed of themselves and stop throwing stones when UPP is a big, stinking glass house.

    Make sure that you behave the same way over Magic, the convicted child molester and Sheffield Bowen, the murderer.

    And as for their so-called feminist Chairperson and other women in the Party like Shawn Nicholas, Cleon Athill, Gladys Pottter and Jacqui Quinn, your silence on this matter speaks volumes and I hope that the people can see that.

    Keep on pressing on Chaneil! We are rooting for you!

  3. You forget the nastiness you put on Facebook not too long ago on the same subject. Your memory short.
    Your attitude towards the UPP and the members is not unexpected. This is how you pay them back after they let you do what you want in the party saying how you young and bright. Especially the leader. Now they getting it back from you.
    You are a very ungrateful young woman. The DNA will find you out soon. Just like your husband did. I think you need some help with your mental problems. I am glad we won’t have to deal with you up here because the UPP would not get one vote from me or my family if they had put you up here. They don’t know you. We know you.
    Now go and get some help. You need it bad

  4. If she was told: “Tell Chaneil Imhoff to go look bout she husband and leave me alone” what is wrong with that?

    Gal, just go away and stop you crying.

    If you business was brought into the public space then deal with that.


    • Ah she interfere wid he fus. Telling him Winston haffu be rolling in he grave. Get out the kitchen if yuh if yuh cyah tek heat, gal.You aint all dat. Too full ah yuhself. Yuh tek on the wrong man.

  5. Can we not equate criticism and personal attacks on women in the political field to misogyny without exploring other options first? Chaneil, this response is no doubt well-written but what you are not going to do is paint yourself as a victim of vitriolic attacks due to your womanhood when we’ve been hearing that goat inna the Prime Minister’s garden. Even one of your critics mentioned made a song poking fun at the Prime Minister making such a claim which the PM denied. However, the PM went on the radio and started throwing back stones saying how goat “nyam dung” other people’s crops. This is just the nature of politics. Lisa Hanna of Jamaica said, “Politics is a blood sport.” Get ready for the battle, young lady. I’m not saying you won’t encounter misogyny but this isn’t it.

  6. It’s all a part of the political game. You haven’t started to fight yet. If you don’t want anything to be said of you as a woman, then act right. You hurt a whole human being with your actions and now because you are reminded of it you want to play the gender game. Get over your self!!

    • What did she do to gentle Mr. Imhoff?

      I wouldn’t categorise this as misogyny; our typical political nastiness, yes.

      Well written but not sure this is the right approach. You may have to churn out one of these every month until election.

  7. Yeah, I’m sorry but you can’t pull the woman card here. Equal rights for women means you too have to take your blows in the dirty game of politics. When you move your life into the public square you have to take the criticism that comes along the way, especially if the allegations made by your husband are true, then it speaks to your character and good judgment, all fair game in politics. And dont tell me “you would never say that about a man” because people have the worst things to say, true or not, about the sex lives of male politicians, for example the PM. “You playing ball, take rubbers,” as old people say

  8. Serpent does need to watch his mouth though. I heard him refer to MP Maria Browne as “little girl”. No comment from UPP women’s forum on that.

    Serpent seems to think he can just be himself. He better present a better version of himself for our votes.

    The on air antics and stooping low is not what we want in Parliament. Ah nuh dat we done have?

    But, who has the cahones and ability to rein him in? And if nobody has the fortitude to do that, why should we trust them with nation running?

    • DAN please educate me. When you compare the ages of Serpent and Maria Browne isn’t she a ‘little girl’ to him? Perhaps he should have said instead ‘little lady’. She is also a ‘little girl’ or ‘little lady’ to her husband. I know you are seeing something derogatory in the term ‘little girl’ but I beg to differ.

      • Well well look how you are defending you party and their misogynist bs. Im sure if this was coming from ABLP you would be singing from a different hymn sheet. Once again Tabor you are letting your party affiliation and bias turn you into a 🤡

        • @JB, if people can vote for Gaston Brown with that mouth, then why can’t they vote for Serpent? I know that me and my family are voting for Serpent.

  9. As for me and my house I am raising my sons to respect women and my daughters to respect themselves. Focus on balancing their mind,body and soul first and foremost because no one can help anyone if they can’t help themselves.

    How will this young woman, a mother an entrepreneur, make a meaningful change when she is lost in a whirlwind and can’t stand ten toes deep? I’m no Saint but the word Character = What you do when no one is watching. I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, you have been weighed, measured and found wanting in the court of public opinion, continue to wear your scarlet letter with pride and be thankful you live in a progressive society because elsewhere, according to Biblical law, you would have been taken to a public square and stoned until dead.

  10. GW that looser hasn’t accomplished s thing in life, both he s the snake living a nasty life.
    He need fuh go repent and tell he wife bout the teacher at Skerritts Pasture
    He seem to lub teachers

  11. I was listening to the Snake Pit Show a few nights ago. This lady looking now for notoriety texted into the show and said something to Serpent. He retaliated that was his right so to do. So now you crying like a baby. Politics is a game. There are no rules applied. If you cannot stand the heat get the heck out of the Political Kitchen.

    • This was not a few nights ago. This was last night and I was also listening and this is a flase statement. Nobody texted in anything, his response was based on social media comments that were not of a personal nature.

    • What exactly are they to be commenting about? Play ball take rubbers!!! Stop poking MEN thinking they WONT POKE BACK. This equates to females thinking they can tear slap in a man because he is “supposed” to walk away without hitting back and when that doesn’t happen you bawl woe is me. Girl sit it out or grow some

  12. Love of Politics and the belief Politrickians can make you become diabolically insane. When you are on my side, you can and do anything and I will say you are right. But sane people in Wadadli knows how some men does be abusive to women. “They lub to cuss woman baddd”.

  13. Welcome to the real world of politics. We want to know all there is to know about you, so we can vote for somebody without skeletans in their closet. In the world of politics your life will become an open book. As the former American President (Harry Truman) once said, IF YOU CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT, GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!!

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