Certified and inspected tours allowed to continue excursions to offshore islands


The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has instituted new guidelines as it pertains to use of the offshore islands.

Certified & inspected tours are allowed to continue their scheduled excursions however Private leisure crafts utilizing the islands for party and private events are prohibited from operating.


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  1. Only the revenue/covid are allowed on offshore islands…..U locals/retards dunno how to behave so ur grounded and allowance has been taken away untill further notice……

    • Hey, person calling others retards. You made some spelling mistakes. (you* don’t know* you’re)

      Anyway, based on you calling Antiguans “empty headed” in the other thread, it’s safe to say that you’re probably a garbage human being.

      All the best in your future endeavours,


      • Ur probably old since u don’t know modern text like u (you) ur (you’re) 😉 thanks for the corrections though

    • I agree with “This place is a messed up place ” I think they’re being very generous in describing them . Sometimes what I want to say about my people probably won’t be printed . And here comes another fool trying to correct you with spelling now he’s your English teacher . Millions of people write that way for short including me and so what if you did make a mistake what a idiot !

  2. Antiguan’s knows everything about Trump and what is going on in america ,but seems blind in their own country . There is a two tier system when it comes to locals and tourist with the protocols and also with the elitist whites that have connections in Antigua. One person complains about the cabinet decision and less than 24 hours it was reverse. I hope the same cabinet that is looking about the crowded public buses will take into consideration the plight of the operators ,knowing to have a lot of over head expenses. Seems like white tourist can’t have covid,only black locals. This is pure racism in a black society ,where white tourist can enjoy our beaches on holidays but locals have to leave at 1 PM. Resident returning home are been told to quarantine but tourist can enjoy their full vacation without have to. We are not only minorities in our country of birth ,but also second class citizen .SMDH.

    • I am on your side I am a white woman who is poor. There are many people who are suffering and this is not about colour. There are corrupt elite black people all over the world. Antigua’s government included. Why do you think the government wants the border to remain open? Why do they lie about Covid infections? The government need to show the world and tourists that they have Covid under control. You are not a second class Antiguan. I loved Antigua in my youth but now it has become an island full of corruption and greed. I understand the lousy rules. If you have money you have freedom. Life is unfair for so many so have a generous forgiving heart and love those who are near you x

  3. That’s what the government is calling us not me bro not meeee. The people at the controls the people we the “retards”… Ever watch the movie with Jim Carrey called liar liar? If the government couldn’t lie that’s how they would talk… Thanks Happy New Year wishing u the same .

  4. These islands belong to all of Antigua and are not for the use of only certified businesses. This cowtowing to the rich, expat families and big business needs to stop

  5. Congratulations to Rolston Benjamin and Cynthia.Both of you has hit the nail right on the head..Your articles are really the truth of what goes on in this Country
    call Antigua.I could not have said it better..Let’s meet at the polls on election day.We need a big change in this country.Let us free our minds from mental slavery.

    • So you really think the other party any better than the current adminstration. What kind of weed you smoking.

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