Cell phones stolen during recent break-in of DIGICEL store are found in cells at Her Majesty’s Prison; Police are investigating


Police are investigating how three of the phones stolen from the DIGICEL Market Street branch last weekend ended up at Her Majesty’s Prison.

REAL News is reliably informed that these cell phones were found in the cells of inmates on August 9.

Acting on a tip-off, reports say, officers visited the prison at about 1 p.m. on Tuesday. And, during a joint operation that included prison officers and personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), they conducted a search in cells No. 1, 4 and 12.

In the course of that search, the officers came across four cellular phones, which were taken to CID pending further investigation.

It was subsequently discovered that three of the phones had been stolen in the break-in of the DIGICEL store on Monday, August 8.

An inside source is claiming that break-ins at both the DIGICEL and FLOW stores were perpetrated by inmates who broke out of the prison, committed the offences, and then returned to the Coronation Road institution.

However, this claim has not been substantiated by the Police.

It was reported earlier this week that the downtown stores of DICIGEL and FLOW, the country’s top Internet and mobile-service providers, were vandalized, broken into, and robbed of a number of display phones.

Reportedly, a security guard posted at the FLOW store witnessed a man damaging the entry door at the DIGICEL premises after he heard the alarm there going off.

After checking and seeing that a male – dark in complexion, slimly built, about 6 feet in height, and wearing a black clothing – was kicking in the door on the western side of the building, the FLOW guard reportedly telephoned the Police.

This incident and the robbery at the neighbouring FLOW store remain under investigation.

Law-enforcement officers recently conducted a raid at Her Majesty’s Prison and found a significant quantity of contraband items –

including cell phones, food and cooking utensils – that were confiscated.

The raid appears to have been spurred by a viral video that showed a bag of unknown items being hoisted, by a rope, over the prison walls.

It is widely believed that the items found in the Prison could not have been smuggled in without the assistance of guards and other prison personnel – although they have denied any collusion.

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  1. Those phones did run from Market Street to the Prison,pole vaulted the wall into the cells.How could those cell phones ended up behind the walls of 1735? Joke of the year so far,much more to come.Lol

  2. So if they can leave the jail and go break into those two establishments, it stands to reason that they could have done the same previously and committed others crimes, even go by their woman for a little subben and return to the prison like nothing happened.

    • Well…. 😂….. Something like that did happen a couple of years ago

      But yeah you really can’t make this stuff up!

  3. Ask the husband and the wife.
    You would be surprised how much prison officers make getting paid by relatives to take goods into the prison foe their loved ones.
    Then again, who blames them?
    They are hardly getting any proper salary anyway.
    Everybody must nyam.


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    • You like to regurgitate the same manure every day, using different pseudonym, so I will remind you of the following.

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