Cejhae Greene: Disappointed but never defeated


The Office of the Prime Minister tweeted: “Immensely proud of how you’ve represented your team and your country. We are all proud of you.”

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China tweeted support: “Great applause for our A&B friends who have fought to the best of their abilities in the Olympic spirit in Tokyo! Faster, higher, stronger–Together!”


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  1. Cejae & the other Antiguans have carried our nation’s flag with distinction. We are all proud of you guys. Failing to reach to next level in the Olympics is just the beginning of looking at new strategies for any other future success

  2. All is not lost Bloody Bloke. There’s a young man in the 400M Hurdles who is expected to medal. He come from Newfield, Antigua. The name is Rai Benjamin. He’s an Antiguan who will fly the American whose flag he will fly when he medals. I think I know firsthand why Rai and his family had to make the tough decisions.

    I’m hearing the young man Cjae Green crying out for help, Blood Bloke. Do you? Not sure if the PM heard that either. We just had the Jamaican girls running 1 2 3 and has been successful in many Athletic events. Remember the names Bolt, Ottey and Veronica Campbell. They’re getting something right administratively. They’re recognizing talents from youth in the schools. Many have come to these United States for College, some kind of connection is maintained , they are all always representing Jamaica.

    I’m suggesting Antigua negotiate with Sandals for however many rooms possible and invite sports administrators, technical directors and coaches from Jamaica for a week or two to help figure out how Cjae, Ms Lloyd and others might be helped. Get up and do something, Antigua and Barbuda. Talking to the Jamaicans is a good start.

    • I am in total agreement with you GEORGE MOORE. No one becomes a world athlete overnight. You have to identify the talent early and then it takes years of proper training and nutrition etc to hone that person into a world class performer. Yes, you can find someone with natural talent and ability but the training and other assistance are what will take them to the world class level. All the major sporting powers in the world do that and until the government and sport administrators in this country realize that our athletes will never get to that level. To be the best in the world at anything does not happen overnight. Sir Viv’s cricketing prowess started at the small field on the street where he was born. Further training and the honing of his skills made him one of the greatest cricketers ever. We need to groom and support our athletes from an early age if we want to shine on the world stage

      • A absolutely Sir. I must let you know that I had a very cordial response from PM Brown who promised he’s working with Jamaica to see how our athletes in Antigua might be helped. I appreciate his efforts. We have to help those kids.

    • @George Moore…understanding your sentiments, and concerns:

      A…take the management of the entire, the whole process from under the control of the Government and privatize it.
      The government can become a sponsor along with private grants, donations, sponsorship, scholarships etc.

      B…tek wey de management fram dem politicians!

      C…please! Please! Please! If our athletes are gonna grow into the next phase, please no more government control. It’s the “one step forward, two steps backwards” syndrome.

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