Cejhae Greene and Joella Lloyd have progressed to the semi final round of the 2022 Commonwealth Games


Antigua Barbuda Athletic Association – ABAA:

Great News.. Both Cejhae Greene and Joella Lloyd have progressed to the semi final round of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England.

Greene placed 3rd in heat 9 in a time of 10.16s and advanced based on time, while Lloyd placed 3rd in heat 3 in 11.42s which is an automatic qualification to the semifinals.

The semifinals will be run tomorrow morning starting at 8:10am local time(Antigua Time).



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  1. I’m based in the UK, (sadly not at the games), but watching on my lunch breaks.

    As a 4th generation Antiguan, I’m soooooo proud of our competitors making it through to the semifinals.. Go 🇦🇬 😇🙏

  2. Great news! Cejhae & Joella making us proud and inspiring many school athletes to keep pushing themselves harder.

  3. Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “In the World through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself.” ― Frantz Fanon!

    Congrats to you both!

    Run Cejhae Greene and Joella Lloyd Run! Run like you never did before! Run! Run! Run!

  4. I think if any of these two athletes want to go any further we will have to send them to Jamaica for training. This will mean funding properly with proper top class place to live, in a secured area will be the way to go. Dietary supplements the whole works.
    The other other solution is to hire one of these top Jamaican coaches and bring him to Antigua and put him in charge of our athletic program, like we do with football. The third option is to have a few of the most promising coaches go to Jamaica and spend a year or two understudying the great Jamaican coach. This is where Backa Bailey comes in. Don’t know if we invested in him but Backa Bailey was coach by the great Jamaica coach and should be encouraged to return him and work diligently in our coaching program.
    I am not talking about the liming place presently.
    Also protection for Our female athlete from sexual predators must be put in place.We have one coach now right to the top that have destroyed several and even breed one of our female athlete in the past. This guy was reported by school girls and the investigation reached to the police. Sorry to say in landed in the hands of a police that he was coaching.
    All Sporting organizations, sportsmen and women. Past and present NOC leaders, politicians know of this guys exploits. Yet we promote. “Commonwealth games”. This guy instead of being promoted should be sent packing and send a clear message. There is no time limits for statutory rape.
    We need to immediately build a facility, Gym , etc at Yasco. The same speed we build Sir Novel secondary. The same speed we need proper changing rooms and a proper facility for our athletes and coaches.

    • @Frankly Speaking…
      …some good points, and some serious allegations!
      So, what you’re alleging speaks to Larry Nasser, the former USA Olympic Coach who’s now spending decades in prison!

      Then, where is Dean Jonas, Chet Greene, Samantha Marshall, Cutie Benjamin, Dr. Rodney Williams, Daryll Matthew on these allegations?
      If you know, and you seem to speak, as one who’s in the know, then they MUST know too!

      Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA’s #Larry_Nasser….Hmmmmmnnnn : #Jumbee_Picknee, gotta rattle Mami_Wata and #Papa_Elegbas bones on this one 🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴A Cold Case!

  5. Ras Smood ask any of the names you mentioned and bet you if they are honest they all call one person. Mark you they will all say it is alleged , which is true. However, have they taken out the time to investigate. I know my allegations are serious so ask the police that was training At Yasco about 10- 15 years ago as a middle distance runner who had investigated. Then ask him who was his trainer. Go to the ministry of sports up Cassada gardens and find out which of the top males official has a child or children with a past athletes. Now do the maths. Once this coach got held in PR along with a number of other Caribbean coaches. They were leaving a store and the alam went off. They were carried into a room and searched very embarrassing. Mr.Antigua was found with little girl panties in his crutch. The others were set free. He had to pay for the panties and a a fine for stealing to prevent getting arrested. Lots of business do the same here now. The other coaches believed he was interfering with the young athletes and also believed that he stole those panties to give to the little girl or girls.
    Commonwealth games here we come.

    • @Frankly Speaking…This person must be the Jesus which is worshipped.
      Where is #Pontius & his crew?

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