Cedar Grove man found Dead at Home


A well-known tailor was discovered dead inside his home on Tuesday, December 6, and the Police are conducting inquiries into the matter.

Reports say that Glenville Thomas, from Cedar Grove, operated a thriving tailor business on New Street, where he sewed for a number of institutions, including banks.

It is unclear, at this time, whether his death was from natural causes.  However, some residents are voicing concern and linking the number of sudden deaths to a phenomenon identified as SADS – or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome – in the United States.

There has been no confirmation of this by the local medical authorities, however.

SOURCE: Real News

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  1. Terrible, Terrible news!

    These dangerous occurrences seem to be happening on a daily basis – SADS now needs to be seriously looked into by our health authorities and government.

    For the sake of yourself, your family and close friends, I urge everyone in Antigua to watch Dr. John Campbell’s PEER REVIEWED EVIDENCE on this serious matter on YouTube titled ‘German Photographs’.

    Dr. John Campell pulls no punches …

    Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is real folks!

    My condolences to the family, friends and close relatives of Mr Glenville Thomas.

    Rest In Peace sir 🙏

  2. Let me leave this here for the peddlers of conspiracy theories:

    “Sudden and unexpected deaths during sleep of young adults were first noted in medical literature in 1917. However, it is extremely likely this event has been happening in adults for centuries.”

    People of all ages have been suddenly dying since the dawn of creation. There is nothing alarming about it. “The circle of life” is what it is called.

    Whoever runs “Real News” need to take a basic course in journalism!

    • Sudden deaths in the past weren’t happening on the scale it is happening now, especially with the young. But, by all means, keep your head in the sand.
      Us, the peddlers of conspiracy theories, are coming up more right that wrong, especially on the con-vid psy-op and particularly on the REAL transfection (gene therapy) agent aka ‘vaccine’ — recognizing that many people recieved placebos.

    • However, not as much as is happening at present @ Wash an’ Basin, the figures are currently going through the roof and increasing – and that’s no conspiracy!

      The denial mostly comes from those who have unfortunately taken the vaccines. So sad, but so so true …

    • I totally agree with you @ Frankly Speaking, however, constructive and honest debates has been FIRMLY shut down by the globalist governments, main stream media, WHO, PAHO, WEF, the Gates Foundation and similar organisations and foundations with an agenda and unhealthy financial interests.

      And admitting they got it so so wrong to the world would be akin to confessing culpability for this horrendous trial on mankind. Simple really @ Frankly Speaking …

  3. And now we have people dying all over. It started in the UK, US, Canada, all over Europe and it is all pointing to the poison so called vaccines that were not fully tested that all the “world health authorities” and idiots in government forced on people. Big pharmas have poisoned people and will do their best to cover it all up.

    For all those naysayers who want to keep burying their heads in the sand or up their asses, you still won’t escape the poison. The rest of you who are interested, you can go the CDC website and VAERS site and read it all for yourself.

    With any luck, a certain few people here will also dead and our nation can be free of the slave masters.

  4. It has been my observation that those who rolled up their sleaves and took the shot, will never support what is now coming to the light. Think of it folks. If they are to accept what we now know from empirical data to be fact, that the poisonous, experimental, mistakenly called “vaccines” jabs are killing people, where does that leave them? In total misery, living with the uncertainty of this already fleeting existence. So, they claim conspiracy theory.
    Hundreds of young, healthy athletes are dropping dead from myocarditis; 80 young, apparently healthy Canadian doctors have died in the last several months after the fourth booster; life insurance companies are reporting a 40% increase in claims; morticians are extracting horrific blood clots from dead bodies; millions across the world have been permanently injured and the list is endless. These things began AFTER the C-19 shots. There are dark days ahead for millions.
    Do we seriously expect this incompetent, inept government, who mandated these poisons to admit that they were wrong? How many scandals linger here, because they do nothing?

    • @Watching, the latest figures on dead Canadian doctors have risen to 93.

      And in other news, singer Rod Steward’s 11 year old son Aiden, rushed to hospital after collapsing at a football match of a suspected heart attack.
      Sadly, children having heart attacks and strokes are becoming a everyday occurrence now — a new phenomenon that began shortly after the roll out of safe and effective jibby jibby jab jab. SMDH

  5. The vaccine is killing people, they want citizens to die before or during pension age.


    • @John Public. The other day I heard a gentleman say that the Antigua and Barbuda government ministers did not take the vaccines. I am wondering how true that is. The nurses who ministered the vaccines need to tell us the truth if the government ministers were ever vaccinated with the real COVID-19 vaccines.

  6. Your pathologist don’t have what is required (equipment) to find out if the vaccines are causing deaths — Further, they’re being paid off worldwide to claim these death are from natural causes. The few that finds the evidence of vaccine causation are being censored and their reputation are being trashed by big money. Too many of the sleeping people have no idea the lengths this cabal is going to keep this culling from being uncovered. Mentally, too many are on the slow boat to China — willing surrendering their rights to liberty and their bodily autonomy over to mad men with nefarious agendas. Y’all actually trust a man that claims the world is over populated, that he is willing to save you with free vaccines.🤣😂😂😂🤣

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