CDC recommends pregnant women get COVID-19 vaccine


(REUTERS) Pregnant women should be vaccinated against COVID-19, based on a new analysis that did not show increased risk for miscarriage, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Wednesday.

The CDC said it has found no safety concerns for pregnant people in either the new analysis or earlier studies. It said miscarriage rates after vaccination were similar to the expected rate. Pregnant women can receive any of the three vaccines given emergency authorization — Pfizer (PFE.N), Moderna (MRNA.O)or Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N).

The agency had not previously recommended pregnant women get vaccinated but had said that they should discuss vaccination with their health care providers.

Sascha Ellington, team lead for the Emergency Preparedness and Response team in CDC’s Division of Reproductive Health, said that vaccine uptake in pregnant women has been low, with only 23% receiving at least one vaccine dose.

“We want to increase that,” Ellington said, noting that the agency was working on strategies to have obstetricians and gynecologists become vaccine providers. “We want women to be protected. We’re not seeing any safety signals and so the benefits of vaccination really do outweigh any potential or unknown risks.”

Pregnancy increases the risk of severe illness from COVID-19, according to the CDC, and COVID-19 during pregnancy increases the risk for preterm birth.

The CDC said it now recommends all people 12 years and older get vaccinated against COVID-19, including people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to get pregnant or might become pregnant in the future.

“We are aware of the myths that have been spreading related to fertility. They are not based on any evidence. There’s no science that backs that up,” Ellington said. “We hope this helps.”

The new guidance comes as cases and hospitalizations have surged across the country in the past month. Some hospitals in Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi have run out of beds, and the outbreak is spreading beyond the epicenter in the U.S. South to Oregon and Washington state.

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  1. What statistics does the “great” CDC have to show people that taking any of the current vaccines is safe for newborns? None, Absolutely none. There is no substitute for time and in this case, TIME IS NOT ON THE BOOKS for any of the vaccine manufacturers. Doctors, nurses, pilots, dentists all must put the proper time in before they can practice legally. In the mean time, people are told up front said professionals are in training so they are aware that they are still in training. They have a choice to see them or go to someone with more experience. All these vaccines are still in training and there is little experience yet govts around the world are forcing us to take it.

    Pfizer has already bullied govts around the world. The company’s negotiators demanded more than the usual indemnity against civil claims filed by citizens who suffer serious adverse events after being inoculated.

    When and if our babies start showing adverse side effects, the govts will then tell us we have zero recourse. Another example of govts not protecting their citizens. All we are to pharmaceutical companies is human experiments. The CDC is getting paid well to prostitute their drugs and so are govts.

    I would never put any of my children or my children’s children at risk or be used as human experiments.

    At the end of the day, no one should be forced into anything especially taking foreign things in our bodies. It’s all about choices, our constitutional rights and our freedoms. If we die as a result, we died because of the choice we made, not because we were forced.

  2. So everyone is going to pretend that they do not notice that they are making this thing up as we go along.

    So why do you think they know what they are talking about?

    Wait if they knew all these things pregnant, children etc getting jab why did they not implement it’s the start. WOKE

  3. Me tired a CDC now. Herbs are for the healing of the nation. It’s either we believe what the word of the Almighty says or we prefer man made solutions. Yes, God gee man wisdom but sometimes man feel dem get um pan dem own and tink dat dem more powerful dan de creator.

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