CDC Moves Antigua & Barbuda To Level 2 On Its Travel Advisory As Coronavirus Infections Increase Again


REAL NEWS: The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has given Antigua and Barbuda a Level 2 Travel Health Notice rating on its recent advisory.

The country’s COVID-19 infections have been on an increase since July, coinciding with an influx of tourists.

In its August 16 publication, the CDC says that US travelers should exercise increased caution if travelling to Antigua and Barbuda due to the prevalence of the disease.  The new rating indicates a moderate level of infections in this country.

However, it says that the risk of contracting the virus and developing severe symptoms may be lower if persons are fully vaccinated with an FDA-authorized vaccine.

Meanwhile, in a June 14 article, the CDC had reported that Antigua and Barbuda was among the world’s safest destinations.

Back then, the article published in the Caribbean Journal had indicated that “Antigua and Barbuda has continued its model tourism reopening with a new designation by the US CDC as a ‘low-risk’ destination.”

The country had been moved to Level 1, the lowest risk level, before the cases began to increase.


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  1. The UPP must be jumping for joy. As much as I despise the ALP, the undermining approach by the UPP in helping the country managing this virus means they will NEVER get my vote.

    • @ . You with that little dot have nothing to say or to contribute . What does UPP have to do with the CDC rating
      Doe the dot represent how small your brain is .
      You always make some of the most asinine comments on this platform.
      If it doesn’t rain tomorrow will a political party be responsible ?

      • The person is basically expressing that the UPP should look out for the country first at this trying times with COVID. But not play a political game by keep undermining the governments effort on fighting COVID. The person does not agree with the UPP wishes of the airport and cruise port be shut down to curtail the governments income so that salary can not be paid and for workers to be hungry and angry…..

  2. UPP …Hope All UPP and Their Members rot in Hell. All UPP Executives including CHARLES TABOR are vaccinated but encouraging Antiguans NOT to take the vaccine. Now this is the result of UPP IRRESPONSIBLE ACTIONS.

  3. This is the results of the UPP encouraging Antiguans not to take the vaccine. UPP looking for votes but You will never win one seat in 2023.

  4. Why politics must be mentioned in everything. The bottom line is the variants are at our shores…some ppl have let their guards down…if we all take personal responsibility for our actions where the virus is concerned things might be a bit better. Stop bringing politics in where it doesnt fit, this virus is gonna be around for longer than expected.

  5. i think there is not suprise here, we knew it was coming. We are following the guidelines of the CDC only wanting to test and quanantine the unvaccinated persons while the vaccinated ones are free to spread it. Only differences, the USA can have 100,000 cases per day and they do not have any rating of themselves. However, we merely reach 100 active cases and we gone to level 2.

    Let us now proceed with the testing of the unvaccinated workers every 2 weeks and see if we dont reach to level 4+.

    We know what really works but yet we implement polices to put vaccination rather than to stop the spread of the virus – how smart.

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