CDC lists Antigua, 4 other C’bean countries as high risk for COVID-19


The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has raised Antigua’s risk assessment to the ‘Level Four: COVID-19 Very High’ category, warning Americans to avoid all travel to the country.

Antigua was among five Caribbean countries, which were given the highest risk assessment, up from their previous Level Three assessment.

The other Caribbean countries are Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, The Bahamas, and the Turks and Caicos Island.

The risk levels were updated on Saturday.

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  1. Its amazing how some countries consider us high risk covid19 territory when we are doing so much better than many.

    • Can’t be trusted

      So this plan to not test or quarantine and let tourists do whatever they please has backfired economically AND is endangering lives

      Now will these dunces actually test everyone that enters the country and appropriately quarantine folks?

  2. Why come to Antigua.Where you would be quarantined for 14 days.See you next year Antigua.Hopefully,the vaccine would cut back on the spreading of the Virus. Folks,just continue to wear your masks,wash hands and physical distance as much as possible.

    • Tourists or white residents of Jolly Harbor, English Harbor and other posh areas.

      They don’t quarantine certain visiting workers and they don’t quarantine high government officials or their families (unless they are trying to avoid being interviewed by police)

      Antigua also doesn’t test the community or most tourists.

      Is it a surprise the country is considered very high risk?

      People are not as stupid as the government officials apparently think.

      Well done Antiguan government. You’ve risked the lives of your citizens and destroyed tourism in one shot with your incompetent and immoral pandemic management

      • The problem is not people in jolly or English Harbour. Try to have a walk in town and give a look at people. How many of them wear mask correctly?? None. So stop saying stupidness. We need tourists and we need people to survive…

        • COVID is coming from people who live or traveled outside of Antigua

          The people in town could wear their masks any old crazy way they choose and it wouldn’t make a difference if the government wasn’t letting people with COVID into the country in the first place

          And those are tourists and residence of posher neighborhoods like Jolly who are bringing the disease into the country and not being tested or quarantined because they fly in on a US or UK passport even though they live in Antigua

          So yeah it you folks and the ineffective government to blame

        • Or at least you think you do

          But you’re not going to get them if the government won’t enact appropriate measures

          There are plenty of other Caribbean islands to choose from.

          Also you wouldn’t need tourists or to sell your citizenship if your government wasn’t full of corrupt crooks only looking to line their own pockets

  3. This is all a part of the vaccine experiment. Listing Antigua as high-risk, and warning tourists not to visit will pressure us to take the vaccine-you know-starve us into submission. They have to see how the vaccine fares in normal, everyday conditions, and we are the test subjects.
    Countries around the world with millions of dollars in their health budget, but Antigua was able to secure twenty thousand doses? All we are hearing is that such and such country “will start” at some future date. What is preventing them from starting to vaccinate their people immediately?
    If scaring us doesn’t work, starving us certainly will.

    • To start I’m a Canadian that travelled to Antigua and spent more time on island than in my own country prior to Covid.
      I chose to comment on Vaccine,anyone? to respond to a few of the topics mentioned in all comments…
      First I’d like to say that I was saddened and confused by the announcement of Antigua being rated level 4 risk…REALLY???
      I watch the numbers globally and I think the people of Antigua have been doing extremely well!
      There are Carribean countries whose numbers have skyrocketed but I don’t see them on this list 🤔
      In regards to the “white people“, “rich people” and “tourist” regardless of colour, status or country, if rules are in place they should apply to all who are entering any country.
      Every single person should be showing proof of a negative Covid test
      If tourists are staying at resorts, they should not be allowed to leave the resort (unfortunate but true)
      Anyone staying within a local community should be subjected to a 14 day mandatory quarantine!!
      Those who visit and don’t adhere obviously have no regard for the Antiguan people or themselves…
      **What happened to the tracking bracelet??**
      Air Canada has its first flight scheduled for December 6th to Antigua (6 previous date changes), right on time, our government will be announcing new lockdown measures tomorrow!
      In regards to the “vaccine” ours are supposed to arrive by the end of next month? Starting with the elderly and essential workers..
      If they can’t even get the facts straight about the virus how can they possibly have an effective vaccine?
      Unfortunately we are all guinea pigs as the world leaders break us down to the point of depression and being submissive
      Antigua..Stay strong, Stay safe!!
      Hope to see you soon ❤️❤️🙏🙏

    • Who feel very safe and comfortable in the US despite the fact the virus is treating through the population

      You very well may be in the same exact position

      Ignorance is bliss.

      • At least our health system is not been overwhelmed and the funerals homes are not getting that much bodies from covid-19. Antigua is doing much better than most countries in controlling the spread of the disease. Many tourist wants to come here and stay longer because stay know that they will be safe.

  4. This is VERY strange. If you look at the criteria the CDC uses to determine a country is very high cat 4 risk, the rates of covid in the population have to be very high and increasing. What is going on here with the government’s dashboard continuously saying Antigua only has very few active cases????? Does the CDC know something the Antigua government is not telling us?

    • How can an accurate rate of infection be determined if hardly anyone is tested?

      In addition to other means of hiding cases

  5. Yeah, sure…. traveling to Antigua is very high risk to Americans… because the Americans will infect each other on the plane ride down!

  6. The CDC probably reads our “enlightened” blogs on the subject of Covid-19. Even a cursory glance at the content of our comments would lead one to conclude that Antigua is indeed a potentially unsafe place to visit.

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