CDC director says US hospitals are ‘filled with unvaccinated people’ and warns that some are running out of ventilators and beds


BUSINESS INSIDER: Health-care systems in some parts of the US are in “dire straits” as unvaccinated people fill up hospitals, Rochelle Walensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

Some parts of the US are using “crisis standards of care” and running out of hospital beds, Walensky said.

“That means that we are talking about who is going to get a ventilator, who is going to get an ICU bed,” she said. “Those are not easy discussions to have, and that is not a place we want our healthcare system to ever be.”

She said she worried that people who need treatment for things like car accidents or heart attacks “may not be able to come in and get the proper care.”

“That is why we are working so hard in areas that have high levels of disease” and healthcare systems “in dire straits,” she said.

From September 18 to 24, US hospitals admitted a daily average of nearly 9,000 people with COVID-19, CDC data indicates. The seven-day average peaked at 16,489 in early January.

Walensky said hospitals were filling up with people who hadn’t been vaccinated against the coronavirus. “Our hospitals are filled with unvaccinated people,” she said.

The highly infectious Delta variant continues to spread across the US. Though the variant has caused so-called breakthrough infections among vaccinated people, data suggests that vaccines still protect well against severe COVID-19.

Kaiser Health News reported on Wednesday that an intensive-care unit at a hospital in Montana had so many COVID-19 patients that it was at operating at 160% capacity and was “running out of hallways” to treat people in.

Earlier in September, Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare said hospitals with few beds might have to place patients in conference rooms.

A CDC study earlier this month found that unvaccinated Americans were 11 times as likely to die from COVID-19 as fully vaccinated Americans. Two-thirds of adults in the US have had two doses of a coronavirus vaccine, but 23% haven’t had a first dose, according to CDC data.

President Joe Biden has urged Americans to get vaccinated and has announced plans to mandate vaccination or weekly testing at companies with more than 100 employees.

Daily COVID-19 cases in the US are falling after a surge in late August and early September, CDC data indicates.

Last week, Insider’s Aria Bendix reported on a new model from researchers suggesting that while US COVID-19 cases and deaths aren’t likely to climb between now and March, hospitals may still be strained in states with cold climates or low vaccination rates.

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    • Nope it’s the vaccinated and majority hospitalized are vaccinated too. I’m pretty sure they have vaccinated people piling up in the US hospitals but ofc they will always blame unvaccinated. Sick.

  1. Well, as we just learned from our resurgent CMO, you have 8 weeks after your first dose to die of COVID (or anything that looks similar) and still be counted as “unvaccinated”. Just saying…

  2. The CDC lie nf all this is a part of dem plan fa trick ppl into taking dem poison 🤣🤣🤣🤣 u can fool some the ppl sometime but u can’t fool all da ppl all da time 💯 so nothing else killing ppl no more a jus covid 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 da CDC an the rest of the world leaders are all in league wit big pharma we all kno dis now stop da damn lies so how come a hospital alone ppl a go ga dead frm covid 🤣🤣🤣🤣 liard rass aryu b

      • So let me get this right.
        So the CDC lie
        The Who lie
        The doctors here lie
        The politicians lie (except the ones I support)

        So I should only believe the conspiracy theories on Facebook etc?

        You people need to nominate yourselves for a Darwin award.

        • You forgot the NIH, FBI, NSA and CIA. Today’s conspiracy theories are tomorrow’s “…so it WAS true”. Just look at the hot water Dr Fauci is in now. People have been saying this thing was engineered since last year. He looked in the president’s eyes and said it was natural, all the while scheming with Peter Dazsak to hide the evidence. Look up “Peter McCullough testifies to Texas senate HHS Committee” on Youtube.

  3. Its not about the virus any more only vaccine, all the countries are saying the same thing. You die with covid you need to be vaccinated, when you are vaccinated and die they blame the underlying illness. Mankind has become so loving right now it is ok to die from all other sickness, accidents etc but an abomination to die from covid.
    They don’t want you to die without the vaccine, vaccine saves lives has become another gospel

  4. Trust the science is now the new gospel. No government, politician, WHO, CDC, IMF, World Bank, PAHO, FDA, Bill Gates or Fauci can fox this problem. Mankind has moved so far away from God that we refuse to seriously ask for his intervention. The longer we take to acknowledge God and continue to lean on all these earth systems for help, the worse things will get.

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