CCTV shows woman being struck by vehicle




  1. Damnit I would've never hit that poor lady. As a driver always anticipate always anticipate . That driver should not be driving .Their reactionary skills are very slow no pun intended but to even get of their car.

    OMG wow . The driver 🤔 took their Merry old time to get out I would’ve sprung out in a micro second . As a driver YOU CAN’T JUST PRESS N GO ITS NOT A OPEN FIELD , you always have to anticipate a child running out to the street , an animal or someone like her who dicides to suddenly cross . YES I TOTALLY BLAME THE DRIVER many times I’ve dealt with similar .

  2. The smaller car stopped so why did they press the gas pedal that heavy when they couldn’t have passed the other car . The woman actually crossed close to the small car which had stopped .

  3. The driver may have had a knee-jerk reaction while their foot was on the accelerator. I remember checking my rear-view mirror thrice before reversing and I still hit someone that suddenly appeared behind the vehicle while reversing. Accidents happen, I pray the victim has a speedy recovery.

  4. The jaywalker learned a hard lesson. More of that will continue to happen because people think roads make for walking not cars.

  5. This lady was on the phone and without even looking she stepped on the accelerator. I have no doubt that’s what happened. How could you press the gas whilst stop and without looking move out. She was on the phone. Now that type of pain never goes away, later on as she gets older this is going to give her problems. Thank God for that CCTV and I would expect compensation because this is well likely to affect me later on. Get medical and then let the Courts decide. Wish both parties all the best.

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