CBH Closes Eleven Restaurants



The Central Board of Health wishes to advise the public of the following information, as it pertains to food service establishments inspected in and around St. John’s, between January to April 5th 2019.

As a result of the inspection, 11 food service establishments were asked to immediately discontinue the preparation of food for sale to the general public, to enable cleaning amongst other major food safety issues. The suspected food was disposed of.

The violations found were:
• No food safety training/invalid food handlers badge
• No handwashing station (hands are not washed between task)
• No hot or cold holding device (Food held in the danger zone)
• No personal protective equipment is worn (hair restraints, apron)
• Improper handling of food (issue of cross-contamination)
• Filthy kitchens (walls and floor laden with grease)
• Meats being thawed in baths of stagnant water
• Styrofoam trays which once held raw chicken/meat being used to store ready to eat foods (cucumber,
• Infestation of flies
• Presence of live and dead roaches, rats and mice droppings

Owners and operators of food service establishments are asked to be aware and seek advice from the department so that remedial actions can be taken to correct any faulty practices.

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  1. um….er……NAMES of RESTAURANTS please? The public has to beg for such vital information? Wht kinda half-ass “press release” is this?

  2. A wonder when would we get it right in other countries they would let you know it’s just up to people to make there choice of where to eat. In this 20century will still hiding the faults of dam nastiness

  3. Totally agree-Which Restaurants are these?? However,this is good and hope this will be done frequently,in this way people know they are not eating filth.

  4. This information is so inadequate and misleading. Whilst I am not in for naming and shaming establishments, if the Central Board of Health is truly concerned about the health and welfare of the citizens and there are businesses that are in violation, then we deserve to know. The public deserves the right to know those business establishments that are jeopardizing the health and welfare of its customers. The press release is useless if you cannot name the business. Perhaps what you should have done was to close the business down and give them a week to comply with the standards that you want without issuing such alarming and toothless release. Your release serves the public no good in the long run. Get it right!

  5. If they shut they shut, no longer a risk to the public. Why do you want their names?
    Once open again it will be assumed they now compliant!

    • The reason we want the names is stated in your comment ….we do not want to be *assuming* whether or not the restaurant is now clean …..and some persons may not want to purchase food from these restaurants even after the re-opening.

  6. @JP ,i suppose your last sentence answers the question as to why no names.. Although i to would like the names,i must agree with the comments from the blogger”Audley Edwards. Shut them down at first ,without making it public,check again after a certain period of time,then if not compliant,then names should be issued. It would not be fair to these businesses to have come up to standard and yet lose their customers.

  7. Businesses should be shut down, notice period given for remedial cleaning with re-inspection date, notice placed on/in premises for public viewing/awareness, businesses named in press release.
    How else will the public know and make an informed choice when purchasing food if they are not shut/labelled and named.
    Pure ignorance! CBH get your act together.

  8. I think that it’s fantastic that CBH is out there inspecting and closing down these grubby restaurants. At least one Government department is actually doing something to enforce the law, unlike the police.

  9. This is nonsense u close them down no names published but next day them open like nothing never seen them at multi purpose center in none of the training sessions so plz stop telling us crap

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