CBH apologizes for major graduation embarrassment


The Central Board of Health is the premier health regulatory agency responsible for Human and Environmental Health, which is mandated by the Public Health Ordinance Cap. 353 of 1955.

Our mission is to improve, preserve, strengthen and protect the health, environment and well-being of the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

On Tuesday June 28′ 2022, a Senior Public Health Inspector within the department interrupted the Antigua Girls High School’s Graduation Ceremony that was being held at the Spring Gardens Moravian Church citing a breach of Covid-19 protocols i.e. the lack of social distancing.

This is not in keeping with the revised protocols.

The Central Board of Health would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to His Excellency the Governor General; Sir Rodney Williams, the dignitaries, principal, members of staff, graduates, students, parents, guardians and well-wishers who were in attendance at the graduation ceremony and witnessed the ordeal.

The Ministry of Health and by extension the Public Health Inspectorate strongly condemns this behaviour, and wishes to indicate that the actions displayed do not reflect in any way, shape or form, the collective behaviour and attitude of the department. We assure you that this will not happen again.

We look forward to continuing in the pursuit to ensure that Public Health is maintained in Antigua and Barbuda.

Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted, and we thank the public for their continued corporation and support over the years.

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  1. While at it please make sure that when travelling doesn’t feel she can sit in an airport restaurant, not buying anything, and on top of that insist that she need to get things for free and to top it off threatening to come back in official capacity and do the damage. Very unpleasant individual.

  2. While at it please make sure that Mrs. Martin when travelling doesn’t feel she can sit in an airport restaurant, not buying anything, and on top of that insist that she need to get things for free and to top it off threatening to come back in official capacity and do the damage. Very unpleasant individual.

  3. So a Health official, seeing protocols not being observed, attempting to correct the situation is to be dragged over the coals for ‘doing the right thing’?
    If we are to keep our numbers to a low level then we need to observe ALL protocols. Imagine that it was only after the intervention by the Health Official that persons were exhorted to wear their face masks. Spring Gardens is not the best ventilated building. It is always hot in there when people are gathered.
    I, for one, commend the officer, I do not know who she or he is but their actions are to be commended.
    I would like to think that the Governor General, himself a medical practitioner, would have been one to insist that persons inside don their face masks. What is the point of putting protocols in place to prevent the spread of a disease only to condone the ignoring of the said protocol?
    I will say right now, I am expecting a spike in the Covid-19 positive result numbers in the weeks following every Carnival fete. I do not take any satisfaction in saying that, but it will happen. Vaccine hesitancy and people’s desire to have a good time, regardless, is going to impact us negatively.

  4. That Senior Health Inspector did not get the updated memo with the NEW PRADACALS. It never ceases to amaze me. In those Government run entities the left hands never know what the right hands are doing. This is an embarrassment for the Ministry of Health.

      • You should know,who I am. Ask your Mama about me,Guyanese.I used to step over you.While you were sleeping on the floor.You just messed with the wrong person.

  5. That’s such a disgrace. Whay happen to all the fetes all over Antigua.Let the chidren enjoy their moment,they work hard for it.

  6. I think the wording of the letter is queer
    It almost sounds like emile floyd was found performing some kind of lude act in public
    He did go overboard, but tell me has the law been updated? Let the Central Board of Health provide the reference document to support this letter cause last time I checked, covid was still a reportable dangerous infectious disease, masks are madatory only in healthcare facilities, persons who enter Antigua without the vaccine, must quarantine for 2 weeks and sportsmen must test if not vaccinated.
    Bet you some of the people at that function should have been in quarantine. Bet you sportmen who are unvaccinated dont test. Bet you doctors dont report cases that are positive that have no symptoms. Just to be current for July 1, I will check again.

  7. Leave the office alone ,please don’t discipline him , send him to AOL to in force that all the protocols are observed. Then to all the fetes and carnival shows. Let him ensure that the Mikes are sanitized after every act . Make sure that every temperature is checked at the entrances. Then to the beach. Finally send him to every election campaign meeting. Put him at the airport to make sure no monkey pox get into this country. His new job title is chief enforcement officer.

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