Cause Of The Two Sunday Fires Yet To Be Determined


Fire Chief Elvis Weaver says the cause of two fires over the weekend are yet to be determined.

A Yorks family was left homeless on Sunday morning after a fire ripped their two-bedroom home and the cause of the blaze is still unkown.

Weaver says the St. John’s Fire Department received the call at about 8:35 a.m. and quickly responded.

It took firefighters more than a half hour to extinguish the blaze, which also destroyed an 8 x 6-foot storeroom on the same property.

Reports are that the owner was not at home at the time of the fire, and all the contents of the house and storeroom were completely destroyed.

There was electricity attached to the property, but it was not insured, the Fire Chief says.

Weaver says a nearby property, a 24Γ—25 house, sustained heat damage as a result of the fire.

Meanwhile, the large building destroyed by fire the same day on the Blue Waters Main Road is said to be still too dangerous for investigators to enter.

According to Weaver, the cause of the fire is unknown.

The building, which is in the vicinity of North Coast Hardware, appear to still be under construction and is owned by business man Paul Aflak.
The building was 90 percent complete at the time of the fire.

Reportedly, among the items in the building were wines being stored by a local distributor.

Speculation is that these might have contributed to the intensity of the fire, which onlookers say proved too much for firefighters to even attempt to quench.

As a consequence, the fire was left to burn itself out, since repeated attempts to douse it were of no effect.

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  1. I think they should make smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Especially if someone wants to have rental property and rent to others. Also these insurance companies need to make sure that when they are insuring houses that the houses have smoke detectors.

    Let’s us invest in fire extinguishers in the homes.. and get trained on the proper use. Maybe the fire department can hold a couple classes a week to train on fire safety and the use of fire extinguishers. This could be the difference between having fire and smoke damage and losing everything.

  2. Though details of the causes of the fire on the Blue Waters Main Road, many questions come to mind. Did that warehouse receive DCA approval for its construction in the first place. Isn’t there some sort of binding convention that renders illegal the construction of commercial properties right in the heart of residential areas? Who were the ‘experts’ invoΔΊved in the design, procurement and construction of the oddly sited warehouse? Is there a body that oversees the conduct, qualifications licences etc. of contractors and the like? There are so many questions…..

    • Well my good sir it’s commercial and residential … before NorthCoast was built a petition was done and we were told by the chief country planner that the area was for commercial use as well so as u know in Antigua the white man always win … we were also told by NorthCoast it was only going to be a store front and a 1-2 yrs later they now have a lumber yard etc so as far as I concerned as long as u white Arab or of any high color u can do anythjng u want in Antigua because thesee black ass politicians we have here prefer the whiter color and hate their own ..anything for the money anythjng for the Whiteman. ..

      • Try to have a sensible response without bringing race into it, you make yourself sound very uneducated when the only thing you can respond with is remarks about race.

        • ahh please .. give me a break i;m entitled to my opinion and ill always use race in Antigua because that what matters here … greed and color … so go kick rock Mark Joseph and may i say without shoes … and i’m very educated but i’m not blind to see the obvious .. some u all have ur heads up white people ass as far as the sun can shine lol .. have a good day sir ..

          • Don’t worry. The time is fast approaching when he will be singing a different song. People like him are blind and dumb and cannot see what is happening in Antigua. He is ready to take you out because he probably got a discount. These folks are smart. They give us some crumbs, call us their friend, and then we are ready to discredit you for them.

    • Obviously it is a commercial area, it is on a very fast paced road that has access to one of our main roads that happens to be one of Antigua’s busiest roads, friars hill road. Obviously the people of Antigua love the idea of having North Coast Hardware at this location because it is a well visited business. Hence, why other business people has since then now also bought land in the vicinity and are also building businesses there. There were also already pre-existing businesses in this area as well, oasis plants nursery, north shore supermarket, etc. So are you saying business people in Antigua who Start new businesses in new locations and are successful bc of working hard and they are giving many people jobs, and helping to keep this economy running, they Deserve your high-handed racial criticism? Instead of sitting here being critical and complaining why don’t you get off your high horse and go start up a business of your own that can contribute to this economy.

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