Carnival Gardens Man Remanded on Drug Charges

Damien Wilson

Damien George Wilson of Carnival Gardens was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison on Tuesday on multiple drug charges.

The 36yr old was found in possession of ten pounds of Cannabis, following a drugs operation carried out on a property he occupied at Skerritt’s Pasture on 13th November.

Officers attached to the Narcotics Department found the compressed drugs hidden inside a bedroom during a search.

The substance was seized and taken to Police Headquarters. Wilson was later charged with Possession of Cannabis, Possession with intent to Transfer and Being concerned in the supplying of Cannabis.

He appeared before Chief Magistrate Walsh at St. Johns Magistrate’s Court and was remanded to prison until Tuesday 26th November, 2019.




  1. We should welcome foreigners, who are willing to contribute to the development of this country. We don’t need criminals who are intent on destroying the moral fabric of society. This guy is clearly a hardened criminal, who has no respect for our laws. Jail his behind and then deport the bastard the very day his sentence is completed.

    • I think he got into problem with the law before and his lawyer fought his deportation. Hmmmm let’s see what they do this time.

  2. He is Jamaican not from Carnival Gardens. Stop giving our community bad name ANR.

    He is not and never will be a Carnival Gardens man.

    • @ssndra its a community where the so called bougie lived before God was nailed to the cross. Now, its a community where the average man can reside, this genuinely hurts @dessalines because as they come, he or she can’t leave because their income ain’t rising to do so. Remember what goes up must come down.

  3. “enough is enough”

    Why is this cretin still in the country? This ALP government is beyond useless. When is the PM going to impose visa restrictions on Jamaica? We need to stop the flow of criminals into the country now before it’s too late!

    • You are the biggest criminal….so lets start with u first. i guess Antigua born citizens don’t commit crimes. Crime affects us all irrespective of where the perpetrator was born. Stop blaming foreigners and find solutions to the problem. Even if all non nationals are deported u are still gonna have crime in this country and all over the world!

      • @rudeboy4life yes your right, but I can deal with a antiguan and Barbudan destroying this country because they where born here but for you to come from your country seeking a better life and start to destroy where your not from. I think you should have stayed in your country of birth.

        • @Real talk!!….Sad to say but what u saying is pure dunceness and ignorance. Sensible Antiguans that read that crap you wrote must be holding their heads in disgust. smh

  4. What I cant stand is stupidity. I hate hate hate when people think it is okay for an Antiguan born to destroy this country because dem born here.

    I guess Antiguans selling drugs, stealing and O YEA.. RAPING our young sons and daughters etc is A OK because they were born here..but i guess you can deal with that too

  5. Hmmmmm well I know
    Some antiguan that living in Guyana busted for the same crime …this young man did🤔you judgmental ones who talking..I see nothing wrong with him selling God made has so many undercover cops &politicians doing these things.why not go after the killers and thief..wah nah want work for daily bread.

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